The long and voluminous hair is back in fashion: a few tips to help
 You admire the hair of Hollywood stars on the red carpet? And, of course, you want the same. How to make the daily walk to work or school with long, voluminous curls, and do not seek the help of a hairdresser, as well as things traumatic hair, such as hair dryers and curling?

Wavy hair dominated the last week of fashion, where collections were demonstrated for the season Spring-2012. Wavy long, wavy hair short, in the style of the 30s and 40s ...

 The long and voluminous hair is back in fashion: a few tips to help
Luca Luca, Spring-2012 New York Fashion Week

At all times it was believed that wavy hair more feminine and sexy. But they spend so much time, if its natural wave nature is not an award!

So our task: to make hair look voluminous, healthy, at the same time were long and beautiful wave.

Tongs and hair dryers - things are good, but a wave of their application holds no more than 12-hours. And what to do the next day? Go with straight hair? Or every day to harass her hair heat exposure?

No. We will do this. Abandon hairdryers and tongs at all! My hair at night before going to bed clean damp hair cheat curls on his finger and anchoring pins. And we go to bed. The next morning, we need only to remove the pins and shake his head - chic curls without damage to the hair ready!

 The long and voluminous hair is back in fashion: a few tips to help
   By the way, this trick is increasingly practiced and professional stylists. For example, Christian Wood, barber, who has 12 years of working with celebrities, said: "I often work with the star of the show X Factor Tulisa. Sometimes a photo shoot last up to three days. On the first day I can make her curls using forceps (on washed and dried hair). But we have no time to do it every day. And then come to the aid of pins. Tulisov at night makes a natural curls on a slightly damp hair. The next morning I did not have to do anything, I just tease her hair at the roots. " And the hair is healthy and great styling!

 The long and voluminous hair is back in fashion: a few tips to help
 More and save!
Beauty, of course, requires sacrifice. But when you can save, then from that very few people will refuse. So. Christian Wood insists to permanently abandon the forceps and hair dryers. A benefit not only for the health of the hair, but also for the wallet. I do not know whether it was true, but he said that electricity bills come much smaller.

A little bit funny, but also nice. Although, when I began to do yourself such a wave, I realized that now I will spend money on a variety of hairpins, prischepochki, curlers and more.

Dry shampoo to help!
So, Christian Wood says that the first day of using forceps, in the second - a wave with the fingers and hairpins, and the third ... It is possible to wash your hair? No, the less you do, the better. But for revitalizing hair master urges dry shampoo.

"Dry shampoo is one of my favorite foods," - says the hairdresser of the stars. "I wonder why so few people use it." We have some fun again a little, because he said again about the economy. And electricity and hot water. Oh, those Brits!

 The long and voluminous hair is back in fashion: a few tips to help
Show Anna Sui, Spring 2012. The wave curls using clothespins in action!

But in promoting a healthy grain of dry shampoo is. Indeed, it is possible, without resorting to thermal stress effects, restore hair vitality and purity. Dry shampoo absorbs particles accumulated sebum dries the hair roots. Only need to use it properly. It is important to carefully apply dry shampoo, and not only at the roots, and the entire length. It is better to do it in the individual strands. Hair will be refunded the amount is very easy!

 The long and voluminous hair is back in fashion: a few tips to help
Another way to do the wave without a hair dryer and curling - to braid hair in a pigtail. Perhaps the fact that Kate Moss regularly use this method, you make sure that this method works, and not just fun all schoolgirls. Braids you can do as you like, at least one, at least two, at least ten. From this and will depend on the size of the wave.

Essential tips
And now what we need to know that the locks are always obtained and on any hair.

- The better the condition of the hair, the better the hair, so do not forget about the proper care. To do this, use a shampoo suitable for your hair once a week, use a healing balm or homemade masks.
- Trim the ends every 2-3 months.
- Avoid daily exposure to heat hair dryer and tongs, learn how to wash your hair the night before, and do not give up dry shampoo.
- After washing your hair, apply a smoothing cream, to the tips.
- Hair should dry 80 percent before you braid them into braids or twist braids curling. If you do it on wet hair, they can be damaged, and do not have time to dry.
 The long and voluminous hair is back in fashion: a few tips to help
 - If you do perm on dry hair in the morning, first make curls, then sprinkle with styling spray and then a couple of minutes, heat curls hair dryer (no need for a long time!), And wait for 10-15 minutes, until doing makeup.
- Combing natural curls after curling is not necessary, just shake your hair.
- It is better to do a little bouffant hair roots.
- For sustainable results before leaving the house sprinkle curls with hairspray.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin