The oil cleansing of hair: it works!
 Love for olive oil I brought from Italy. It is there everywhere in sauces, salad dressings, it is used for frying and in general generously sprinkle them most dishes adorning wealthy Italian tables. And even a bottle of olive oil in the bathroom is certainly worth every second Italian. It is used for hair. I tried this recipe for the famous Italian beauty, and I helped!

While you read this article, do yourself a simple Italian dish - Bruschetta. Take toast bread, pour the olive oil, add on top of fresh tomatoes, cheese and basil. Sit back and listen about the usefulness of the Italian secret. The secret to healthy hair.

I came to Italy, and I was lucky enough to stay with the most typical of the Italian housewives. She said, without ceasing, and also non-stop cooking. She wanted to feed me, ask. And when she touched my dry, bleached strands of hair, wrinkled and handed me a small bottle of olive oil when I was heading to the bathroom.

The famous recipe

The recipe has been extremely simple. And many know about it. It is called the oil wrap, oil treatment and oil purification. Some blogs I've seen the name of the method: Oil Pre-Shampoo . As the name implies, this oil treatment hair before applying shampoo.

How it works

A bit of theory. Shampoos contain surface agents that remove dirt, impurities and oils from the hair, leaving them clean. But when the hair is too clean, there are problems.

Sebum - oil obtained from the sebaceous glands, - a natural moisturizer. Sebum forms a protective layer on the hair, prevents the evaporation of water, thereby helping to keep hair moisturized, soft and healthy.

The protective barrier is needed to keep the moisture inside the hair. When water comes in contact with the hair, it swells and fills. And dries hair as it were "blown away." This is called hydro-fatigue. The phenomenon is extremely undesirable hair causes the hair to become weak, dry and prone to breakage.

Pre-treatment of hair oil (before shampoo) makes hair greasy, and in this case, this is what you need. Because additional oil reduces the amount of water which absorbs the hair during washing. This also ensures that an amount of oil remains on the hair and makes them soft and moisturized. Some oils, such as coconut, can reduce the loss of protein, which is very important for any type of hair, because proteins make hair strong and healthy.

How to?

If the study usefulness of the oil pre-wash your hair you much clarified, it remains to find out how to do it right to get all the benefits for the hair.

What kind of oil.   Not any oil suitable for the procedure. It should be one that is able to penetrate deep into the hair. This olive or coconut.
 The oil cleansing of hair: it works!

How long will it take.   You should be aware that oil will take some time to start to "work". From 4 to 8 hours - that's how much oil is needed for treatment. Therefore, if you are used to wash my hair in the morning, the oil treatment should be done at night.

How much oil is necessary. All depends on the length of hair, and hair type (oily, dry, normal). If your hair is oily, it may be enough a few drops. If - dry, then you will find the right amount of experimentation. The main thing - you do not need to oil flows from the hair, they should be only slightly damp to the touch.

Warm oil or cold?   Question is correct, because there are a lot of recipes for hot oil treatment. Heat the oil facilitates the uniform distribution of the product. However, the classic recipe does not involve heating the oil. Because very high temperatures dried hair. You need only a little heat the oil until slightly warm, but not hot state. And the best way to operate: put the oil, cover the hair wrap, then a warm towel (to reheat coil or battery). Warm towel enough to facilitate the penetration of oil into the hair.

How often resort to the Oil Pre-Shampoo?   Much depends on the condition of the hair. Normal hair rather than once a month. Dry recommend more frequent oil treatment as long as the hair is not normal. And the Italians are doing this procedure is not often, but whenever notice that your hair feel worse (became dry, split or brittle).

My experience

My hair, though greasy by nature, but after years of highlighting become unruly, lifeless, dry at the ends. Add to this a summer holiday in the hot sun without a hat. In general, I was very useful this Italian recipe. And I came to the beaches of the Mediterranean with a completely healthy hair. I applied recipe every day for a week. Now, cut the frequency of the procedure up to 1 every 10 days. No side effects were noticed, and did not spend the extra money on expensive salon restoration and hair care. Although, frankly, that virgin olive oil is not cheap, but the advantage is that it can be used not only for beauty recipes.

If your hair there have been some problems, I advise before run for keratin treatments in the salon, try the classic olive recipe. Harm will not be exact.

Information for skeptics

And this passage for those who do not trust home recipes and cosmetics uses mostly expensive and time-tested brands. The idea Oil Pre-Shampoo and close this manufacturer. Oil capsules - a popular remedy for hair. The composition - vegetable oil, vitamins. By the way, the size of the capsule dictates how much oil you need, if you're looking for an alternative to home in the form of olive oil. Pictures from pouring oil on the hair - not quite reflect the essence of the method.

L'oreal Professional produces a series of oils for hair Serie Nature Huile Richesse Pre-Shampoo Oil for Dry Hair, the French brand has Phyto oil capsules Pre-Shampoo - Huile Dales Pre-Shampoo Intense Hydrating Oil Treatment, almost all brands of professional hair and They offer similar products. Thus, the method and recognized in the people, and professionals.

 The oil cleansing of hair: it works!

 The oil cleansing of hair: it works!

Author: Tamara