There were gray hair? Your new hair care program
 Even if the gray hair - is not your problem, you will benefit from this material, to meet the problem head-on.

When to expect the first gray hair

As a rule, 30 years - the age when women may notice the appearance of the first gray hairs. This is affected by many factors, and more in this issue individually. However, there are objective reasons.

Women stepped 30-year milestone, the melanocytes begin to slow production metanina. First, the trend concerns only a few hair follicles, so there are some gray hairs. Rare gray hairs are not immediately noticeable, and for some time the woman may not even suspect that the head is beginning to turn gray. Gray or white are most noticeable on dark hair, brunette so fast to notice them, and the surrounding mistakenly believe that a woman with dark hair is turning gray, and often before the blonde.

But, over time, some gray hairs are becoming more frequent, and gradually spread over the entire scalp.

 There were gray hair? Your new hair care program

How to change the appearance of gray hair

The disappearance of melanin from the hair leads to changes in their structure, and accordingly, changing and properties of hair. But these changes are not the same for everyone. If you have gray hairs highly pigmented hair, the disappearance of pigment leads to more radical changes. That is, brunettes feel the change in the properties of the hair more noticeable than blonde hair without a gray hair that did not differ a lot of pigment.

As mentioned above, the cells that produce melanin, called melanocytes. Melanin - a substance responsible for the pigment in our skin and hair. There are three forms of melanin, which gives hair brown, black or red shades. Depending on the proportions and concentrations of these substances acquire its natural hair color.

Further color gives hair melanin and certain physical properties, such as elasticity and strength. It also protects the hair from bad environmental impacts, and even ultraviolet radiation, preventing damage to the hair protein.

It turns out that losing hair color, we are losing more and habitual properties. That is why we have gray hair so frustrating. After all, to paint it is not so difficult. It is more difficult to return the hair (at least partially) lost elasticity, shine, liveliness.

Gray hair may differ significantly in their properties from normal (they may be thicker, twisted, puff and so forth.). The cuticle of gray hair is often stronger than pigmented hair, making it difficult for the chemical treatment. It is important to know if there is a solution to dye my hair. Because gray usually requires longer times and staining mandatory pre-processing, which is to open the cuticle, to allow dye to penetrate into the hair effectively.

The most important feature of all the gray hair can be called the vulnerability to damage from sunlight. The absence of its natural protection against UV rays (melanin) makes the hair is very sensitive to mechanical degradation from ultraviolet radiation. The result - a broken hair, split ends appear, the hair begins to curl, entangled, damaged cuticles. The surface of the hair may even lose their natural protection, which will allow to penetrate too much water and bring irreparable harm.

Do not forget that gray hair may turn yellow from the sun due to the oxidation process.

 There were gray hair? Your new hair care program

How to compensate for the loss of melanin

Save the situation can only special care that should be different from what you had before the appearance of gray hair. Remember a few simple rules to gray look noble and do not spoil your life:

1. Air conditioning And again air-conditioning. Your gray hair need more moisture than pigmented hair. Therefore, the best "friends" must be oil, balsams and hair conditioners deep action. Try wrapping oil (oil + honey left on the hair for a few minutes), or buy a good conditioning agent to the protein. If a lot of gray hair, and they are hard to tame, try every day to put on your hair leave-in conditioner for hair - this is one of the best solutions for moisturizing and softening brittle gray hair.

2. Staining . As you have seen, the paint should remain on hair longer than usual to allow better penetration of dyes. Some hair stylists recommend the use of hydrogen peroxide solution to the hair before coloring to prepare the cuticle. But care should be taken not to destroy the hair.

3. Klarifaing . If gray hair covers more than 35% of the head, about 1 time per month will require a so-called klarifaing shampoo (clarifying) or rinsing with a solution of vinegar. It removes mineral accumulation in the hair, which can cause discoloration, unpleasant yellowness.

 There were gray hair? Your new hair care program

4. Protection from heat . Heat permissive on gray hair. Therefore, the purchase means thermoprotective important if you use hot styling.

5. Protection from the sun . Do not neglect the whole arsenal of tools that are designed to protect the hair from UV rays. Wear hats, scarves, caps, when you are in the open sun. Do not forget to protect your hair and while swimming in the sea or in the outdoor pool. Buy tools for styling or conditioning that contain UV-absorbing components (such as cinnamidopropyltrimonium chloride or octyl methoxy cinnamate), reduce the negative impact on the mechanical properties of the hair from the sun. Such agents also reduce the yellowing of gray hair.

 There were gray hair? Your new hair care program

Author: Tamara