We solve the problem of dry scalp
 Peeling, itching, dryness of the scalp - these symptoms are familiar to many. Someone saved a new shampoo or mask, and someone still can not find a solution. We offer to act in several directions: to find the right makeup, try a new diet change daily care.

Recognize dry scalp is sometimes not so easy. But there are some symptoms that should alert you:

- One of the signs of dryness of the scalp - tingling and irritation after hair coloring. If you do not pay attention to it, over time will lead to dry skin dandruff, inflammation, unhealthy hair follicles and even hair loss.

- For normal skin of the head is enough for washing and conditioning, not to feel dry. If it is not - the skin is dry and needs extra care and moisturizing.

- If you have dry skin of the body and face, then most likely you have dry skin and scalp.

The dryness of the scalp is similar to a so-called psoriasis, scalp dandruff or dry. Therefore, if these tips do not help, it means that you have to go to a dermatologist or trihologu, the reason may not be dry. By the way, sometimes caused by dandruff or scalp too oily or too dry, so dry it is necessary to do something about it as quickly as possible so that it is not turned into some intractable chronic condition (dandruff, eczema, dermatitis).

Power against dry scalp

Let's start with diet. Vitamin-rich food or vitamin supplements are necessary. Especially in the summer, because in the warm season, the hair is growing more rapidly, and hence - they need more help. For good growth of hair in the diet (or additives) should be present biotin, silicon, vitamins B, C and E, iron, omega-3 fatty acids.

If you have a dry scalp, the diet must be present in a large amount of fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids. Vegan in this case can be a cause dryness of the scalp. If you stick to vegan-style food, you should think especially where you will receive the protein and iron for healthy hair and scalp.

 We solve the problem of dry scalp

Hormones affect

The excess of the hormone testosterone in women is the cause of many problems: acne, alopecia, including dry scalp. But those who take oral contraceptives may be quiet for your hormones, because contraceptives are balancing levels of hormones, including testosterone. If it's not hormones reasonable solution might be to check the thyroid gland.

Another error - conducting coloring, perm, hair treatment during PMS, and in the critical days. These days should be careful to carry out all operations with the hair. And if you have to go to staining or perm to 24 hours before taking a deep conditioning hair and scalp to maintain the pH level.

Peeling scalp

Sometimes it is not shelled particles scalp mistaken for dandruff. As a result, women are starting to buy dandruff shampoos and balms that do not solve the problem.

The scalp also needs to peeling the skin of the body and face. You can add a few spoonfuls of sugar shampoo him to help get rid of dead skin cells. When washing such shampoo should carefully massage the scalp, not nails and fingertips, so as not to damage the skin and does not aggravate problems with the scalp (injury, peeling and so on.). For those who have scalp shelled heavily, it may be advisable to use once a week shampoo with salicylic acid.

 We solve the problem of dry scalp


What is the main dermatologists give advice, if there are a dry skin? Correct: hydration, hydration and again. This recommendation is maintained and scalp. Many of us use air conditioning only on the ends of the hair, and massaged his scalp, fearing worsening hair and fat ends. But those who have dry scalp, it may be advisable, at least occasionally, apply moisturizing conditioner not only hair but also the scalp. If you are using leave-in conditioner, you can add a drop of oil for extra moisture.

Hair dryer dries the scalp and hair. Any advice: finish blow drying to the hair became very dry. It can also cause dryness frequent and repeated use of shampoo. Rules that should be applied twice a shampoo on the hair during washing, existed in the 1950s, when people washed their hair once a week, and the quality of the shampoo was quite different. Currently, only a small amount of shampoo and one application during washing.

If the dryness of the scalp can not cope air conditioning, the moisture will help oils . Normal skin itself produces enough sebum, which is naturally hydrated. If the skin oils produces enough, it leads to dry. Why oil? They remain on the skin longer than creams or lotions are therefore a good solution for the treatment of dry skin. The most effective and available oils for wetting scalp include jojoba oil, cod liver oil, coconut oil, some mineral oil.

 We solve the problem of dry scalp

The problem remains: how to moisturize the scalp so that it does not lead to fat hair?   It's easier than it seems. Wet your hair, so they will absorb less oil. Then take a cotton ball soaked in oil, and apply directly to the scalp. Proceed areas, keep the tampon concerned only the scalp, not the hair. Leave the oil for a few minutes on the scalp. Then, should wash your hair with shampoo as usual and rinse thoroughly head.

If you often additionally moisturizes the scalp various oils, then choose to use shampoos with astringent ingredients such as tea tree oil, citrus oil, rosemary and chamomile. This will help remove the fat from the hair follicles. Moreover, once or twice a month, you can use shampoo "klarifaing", which is very well cope with the excess fat on the roots of the hair.

When oil scalp treatment should also minimize the use of different styling tools. They will very quickly build up on the scalp and prevent treatment.
Author: Tamara