The truth about hair extensions. Part 1
 Christine Iss - hairstylist from Los Angeles-based interior Warren-Tricomi. It specializes in hair extensions - her "job" you could see, for example, on the head of Lauren Conrad. Despite the great demand, Christine found some time to answer questions of concern to most women to think about lengthening his curls.

How do you choose the right technology capacity among so many available on the market?

One particular technique does not fit everyone. For example, some people have very curly hair, and they fit the small plates, for example, Great Lengths, because curly hair tend to gather in small groups and locks. Individual pad will be a continuation of those curls. If the same technology applied to Great Lengths hair straight, it will be immediately noticeable: they will look like spaghetti, ie shape groups. So, Great Lengths are more suitable for curly hair, because they themselves form curls, while straight hair every hair is in itself.

The most important point - is to consult with your hairdresser for exactly what you need, because there are many options. I think you do not want to entrust your hair specialist who will sell you a certain technology because it receives a percentage of sales. You need to find a hairdresser who says: "This is the right technology for you", even if he does not sell it.

What questions need to ask your hairdresser for those who want to do hair extensions?

When you syadite in a chair, you have right to ask: "What are you building technology can offer me and which ones are suitable for my hair?" It's the best question. And if you begin to suspect that they just want to sell you what they have, not caring about the outcome, do not hesitate to go to this salon. However it is inconvenient, you have to do it, because the capacity - not a cheap procedure. Capacity - this is no joke. It can stay from one week to six months. This is a big and a waste of time and money if they make you all wrong. I would also advise you to consult with a few stylists to get a few opinions.

What advice would you give to women who want to make their own capacity? I'm not sure it's a good idea, but still ...

I always say: try to trim your own bangs or hair dye shading means. I do not mind, do some things on their own. But when it comes to building and persistent staining, keep in mind that you have to live with them for several months. This is not just a fun experiment, everything is much more serious. Not for nothing in the salons of the procedure costs money and takes time. This is not a simple process.

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Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina