7 predmetov- "lifeguard" for your hairstyle
 Ahead of an important day. You leave the house and feel like a queen, well, at least a princess. Stylish outfit, make-up and good, of course, the perfect haircut or styling. But the weather is unpredictable, and in life in general is everyone. The result - in the mirror shows us the beauty in stylish outfits, make-up and with the best - the crow's nest on his head ... Murphy's Law has not been canceled if the important work ahead, an important meeting or appointment dreams, something sure to go wrong! What to do? The decision - to carry a set of "first aid", 7 predmetov- "lifeguard" for your hair.

1. Invisible and gum

They occupy a purse very little space, but can easily "revive" any, even the most hopeless hair. With their help, you can make an elegant ponytail, stylish and relaxed, and the beam - with the appropriate life experience and hairdressing skills - something even more complex and sophisticated (the good, workshops on creating spectacular online hairstyles enough).

2. Hair products in the format of "travel"

This may be a mini-vials shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, styling tools or probes. Pre-reserved for their important days, and they will be able to solve even the most "unsolvable" problems.

3. Universal hair accessory

One, or more, the mood and situation. It can be pretty barrette or crab that rapidly converts collapsed in spectacular curls hairstyle. Or the rim or hair dressing that will draw not only the hair, but also give additional charm. Or a nice clip or invisible with sequins, which will be removed from the face of place disheveled strands or "sagging bang."

 7 predmetov- "lifeguard" for your hairstyle

4. styling tools

This is an option for "advanced". No, we certainly do not suggest you equip a hairdryer and three different brushes for beautiful styling. Chances are, even your capacious handbag such mockery is not allow ... But if to be a really important, playoff or if threatening weather deteriorates, or if you want to just friends at a party in their appearance, but there is still a long time, then you will definitely come in handy hairdryer in mini-format road or wireless straightener or curling iron.

5. Comb comb

Without her in the important matter of "saving" hairstyles you can not manage - both without a doctor in the emergency room team! It will help to create a retro bouffant, if the amount of hair lost; smooth and untangle the hair if from the curls and curls remained "mess" on the head. And of course, comb will help to create any style you are able to do, and to establish accurately.

6. Dry Shampoo

If your hair is prone to fat, and wash your hair at the end of the day you just do not have time, it is, in fact, does not mean that the world would end, and the surrounding will be amazed at your untidy appearance. It only means that your mood will be spoiled and self-confidence is shaken. Why do you need these difficulties? Let your handbag takes pride of place a small pack of dry shampoo!

 7 predmetov- "lifeguard" for your hairstyle

7. Silk scarf or shawl

This is generally an invaluable accessory. First, it protects you from the cold and wind (if not creating a warm, at least speaking physical barrier to the weather). Secondly, it can be easily converted to the original hair dressing. Thirdly, it can help to hide from prying eyes completely hopeless hair; enough to tie it on his head as a turban or bandanas. Fourth, it even as a necklace or a belt can be used. The main thing - to have magical knowledge of how to do the most attractive! And last but not least: under it, even take place in a bag is not necessary - it is still on the neck or head is.

You will, of course, does not necessarily carry with them the seven "rescuers" - choose the ones that will be convenient for you, and be irresistible!
Author: Elena Timofeeva