Beach wave hair
 Beach wave called loose long hair, slightly tousled and wavy, sometimes with a bleached strands. These are after the sea water and the sun. But it turns out you can not go to an expensive resort to demonstrate the beach wave on itself.

On the streets and in the offices Beach wave - current hairstyle for the summer. Read tips on how to make the beach a wave, without going to the sea.

It is believed that the "beach wave" style introduced Gisele Bundchen. But she has such a wave from nature. Still would! She grew up on Brazilian beaches. It just washes your hair dries it. Clarification and natural undulations at Giselle.

 Beach wave hair

In other popularizers hairstyles became girl enjoys surfing. They spend half of my life with wet hair by the ocean water and under strong sunshine. Here's a wave and try to learn to do.

 Beach wave hair

Beach Wave Summer 2013

This season, Beach wave - it's more relaxed curls than in previous seasons. Stylists now calling not to focus on the word "wave", and do exactly beach hair, that is kind of disheveled in the wind and a little stuck together by strands of sea water. Another difference: "Beach Wave" in 2013 - a dry hair, that is not necessary to create the illusion of wet hair. This season, the hair can be more dull, and even dirty - this is the trend.

 Beach wave hair

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You will not believe, but it's even easier than it seems. Especially if the hair themselves become a little curly, with humidity. More in 2001 it was created the first product styling 'under the beach wave. " It Surf Spray from the company Bumble and bumble. At first, few paid attention to such a product. But by 2010, sprays, gels, mousses and creams for the beach the waves were the majority of manufacturers of styling tools. And in 2013, the beach wave spray you can buy even a modest cosmetic shop.

 Beach wave hair

Spray Surf Spray by Bumble and bumble, pasta Organix Moroccan Surf Paste, Line L'Oréal EverStyle Texture Series (dry shampoo, spray, cream), spray Sachajuan Ocean Mist.

What are the products of beach waves? Most often it sprays feels like micellar water, slightly oily, and virtually odorless. As part of the - sea salt or sea water. Salt keeps good heat styling, that is why the sea and the sun - a natural component beach wave. But the heat and the salt can be found not only on the beach. In addition, the salt acts as a dry hair shampoo, it crystallizes on the hair, thickening them and adding volume.

Suitable whether dietary salt?

Yes! The sea water is, of course, the best solution. But you can use ordinary table salt (sodium), to produce a simple spray beach wave. Per liter of water is necessary to add 1 or 2 teaspoons of edible salt. Use warm water! Stir well and pack in a bottle with a sprayer.

Dangerous if the salt?

Indeed, the salt can harm the hair, but the main thing - the skin. No wonder dermatologists advised to immediately take a shower of fresh water when you get out of the pool with sea water or sea. Salt dries the skin, can cause irritation. If you feel itchy scalp after application of the salt spray, this means that such a product does not fit you. However, that is no reason to abandon the fashionable beach wave. There texturizing sprays without salt content. This, for example, dry oil or waxes.

 Beach wave hair

Dry Oil Loreal Haircare Dry Oil, dry oil Nuxe, wax Touch of Gloss wax from Shu Uemura.

How to make a beach wave in 2013

This will require a curling iron with a diameter of 2, 5 or 3 cm of hair thickening spray (for volume), spray sea wave. It will take hairstyle is not more than 5 minutes.

Stylists say that making the beach the wave would be like to simulate what happens to the hair on the coast. That is, confuse them with your fingers, and then pull to spread. There's even a tip: Add a little bit of suntan lotion on the tips, as a lotion on the beach can get to the hair. In addition, this product will give a little shine. But it takes a few drops of the product!

Dry hair should not be too directional jet of air, and with a nozzle-Diffusers. It follows the flow of air, which are on the beach.

Step-by-step instruction:

1. Apply the spray volume to dry hair.

2. Dry the hair dryer in different directions and with a nozzle-Diffusers.

3. If desired, apply a spray-on clarifying the individual strands of hair. This product acts as lemon juice with vodka, that is, the sun will accelerate the fading of hair, giving them a kind of natural dyeing.

4. Screw the small locks on forceps diameter of 2, 5 - 3 cm.

5. On top of the curls, apply salt spray for beach waves, touching hands with the hair.
Author: Julia Shestakova