Why powder for hair?
 Not so long ago appeared on store shelves this product - powder hair, or powder for hair. What is the innovation? The product is similar to a dry shampoo, but are prestaylingovym means.

What's new?   The product has full title - Texturizing Hair Powder (texturing powder for hair). On the surface - dry powder as a dry shampoo or talc. Apply it to dry hair should be.

 Why powder for hair?
Volume and matte powder for hair Schwarzkopf OSiS Dust It Mattifying Volumizing HAIR Powder Thickening

Intended for thin hair without volume, and to facilitate stacking. Formula powders hair created in such a way that they absorb the oil, increase the thickness of the hair volume is added at the hair roots. Powder hair improves the adhesion between the hair, making styling more resistant, even without styling tools and even the wind.

But be careful - if excess hair product heavier, observed the opposite effect. Apply from the roots towards the end, but only the short to mid-length.

 Why powder for hair?
Texturizing Hair Powder True Grip Texturizing Powder by L'Oreal Professional / Volume Maker Invisible Texturizing Powder from Shu Uemura Art of Hair. Invisible Powder volume hair with a brush, refreshing styling, blow-dry for a long time helps to keep.

However, do not confuse hair powder dry shampoo. Powder is not capable of making clean dirty hair, fatty - dry. Powder will absorb a little fat, but will never be as effective as a dry shampoo.

In contrast to the dry shampoo, hair powder suitable for any hair color (dry shampoo is better to choose your shade - there are shampoos for light or dark hair), it is completely invisible on the hair, it is not necessary to comb out.

The thinner your hair - the better the results you will get. It is true, a product designed specifically to holders of fine hair, finally felt pyshnovolosymi beauties. If you have thick hair - that, unfortunately, this product is not for you, your hair it will do nothing.

Where to begin?   The main advice - start with a small amount. Even for very long hair. Add powder, you always have time, but it will bring the excess discomfort - hair will become heavy and dirty looking.

Powder hair will remain on the hair until the next washing, so do not like the results have to be corrected only through shampooing. But there is and the benefits of the product. For powdered hair disappears from the hair during the day, which means that the installation will be kept for as long as you need it.

How to apply?   Here is a quick tutorial how to use texturing powder on the hair of medium length.

Step 1.   It turns sprinkled powder is not very wide strands (3-4 cm wide), the hair roots. First try a number as if you were salt to food - that is, just a tiny pinch of each strand.

 Why powder for hair?

It will take time, we must act carefully and quickly? To avoid spilling too much powder.

Step 2.   Massage your scalp. First, lean face down, then tilt your head back and massage in this position. Do not touch all the hair, massage the scalp only. Then lift the roots a little bit, too, with your fingers and massage.

 Why powder for hair?

You have to see a good amount, and touch the hair is much thicker than usual.

STEP 3.   Straighten your hair with your fingers so that you would like to bed. Then fix hairspray. Powder itself does not fix her hair. It helps varnish stronger grasp hair as the hair stick together better. Therefore styling tool you need.

 Why powder for hair?

After that, you can feel confident, because you do not have to be distracted by something to fix her hair. Surprisingly, such a modest bottle of powder can actually be attributed to products that are changing lives. With him no worries about laying all day, and a great amount until the next washing.

Powder hair in action demonstrated blogger Kate Brian (k8bryan).
Author: Julia Gnedina