Fashionable hair with his hands: beam
 Despite the fact that most fashionable haircut autumn of 2009 was the "Bob" on the catwalk could see a lot of beautiful and interesting ideas for long and not very hair. We have already talked about the various techniques of weaving braids. Today I would like to offer other options for trend hairstyles autumn-winter season - beam.

At the peak of the popularity of smooth hair pulled back in a bundle. On the runways could be seen as a classical performance, and modernistic. If you want to try something extraordinary, then here are some creative ideas.

Option 1: Free beam.   This is a fairly democratic hairstyle and at the same time, it is easy to make at home. Inflict to start on hair serum for hair to add shine to them. Next, take a comb and comb your hair back. Putting them in one hand. Another at this time weaken the tension of hair in front and sprinkled with lacquer. Now, tying a ponytail. Height absolutely any. And then a lot of options. For example, you can at the time of the last tying gum back to the Law does not stretch the hair - you will get a hanging beam as Zac Posen on the show. Of course, it does not necessarily make it to the top, though ....

 Fashionable hair with his hands: beam

Option 2: Twisted beam.   Such a beam could be seen on the show Fashion House Lorick. It is important to remember that before making such a hairstyle, do not wash your hair at least one day (a good option when the head is dirty, and already late).
Let's start with the fact that zacheshite hair back and put some any means for fixing (best hair wax or gel).

Further variants are possible - you can divide the hair into locks, and you can not do that. So, after you combed your hair back, tying a ponytail at the nape or slightly below. Well fix the hair in this position.

Now take the hair of the tail and begins to twist like a rope. Weaving should be sufficiently tight. Firmly holding the hair entwine them around the base of the tail and fasten properly invisible. The more you take, the better. You must be sure that the hair does not fall apart. At the end sprinkle with hair lacquer.

You can also divide the hair from the tail of 2 or more pieces. Just twist, and then - fantasize. Can be wrapped around the base in different directions, twist together, etc.

 Fashionable hair with his hands: beam

Option 3: The beam from the side.   So, will wash and dry your hair. Then, if you wish, you can cheat them slightly. Then do enough deep side parting. Then comb the hair on the side and tying a ponytail. We produce strands around the face. Now wrap the hair around the base of the tail, as in the classical beam and fix invisible.

By the way, a deep parting and classical beam will be in fashion next spring. Therefore, the girl fills her hand.

 Fashionable hair with his hands: beam

Despite the fact that in fashion smoothly cleaned hair in a bun, you can always dream up and do what you would like. Most often, the beams are starting to make the tail, and by adjusting the height, you can create a variety of hairstyles.

 Fashionable hair with his hands: beam

Author: Vera Karabutova