In a fashion - bang! What bang do you need?
 Stylists say that, in principle, there are no women who bangs would be absolutely contraindicated. But still, every time we doubt do it or not. How many hours spent in Photoshop to priladit his photo hairstyle Mireille Mathieu or "hedgehog" Shineyd O'Conor, hoping to understand what is needed fringe. How many hours looking at myself in the mirror to decide the same: to cut. How many tips from her friends listened and magazines to once again ask: I need it?

So, you need a bang, if you:

1.   Want to look younger. Bangs really young, and not only because it hides some wrinkles on the forehead.

2.   Do you want to be unique. Bangs able to emphasize individuality, look around - the same chёlok almost non-existent. One and the same haircut on different hair looks completely differently.

3.   Do you want to be playful, sometimes fervent, sometimes humorous and not serious.

4.   Want to be a thoughtful, romantic and dreamy.

5.   Want to be businesslike and serious.

6.   Do you want me to be unpredictable, attractive and sexy.

And you absolutely do not need a bang in one case only: if you already have.

We have a month to try all the bang!

I suggest an experiment. An interesting and enjoyable. Within a month we will try on different bangs, and hence the various images.

The fact that the fringe has two obvious advantages, allows me to quickly and easily. First, fringe grows quickly, allowing for a month to try many things. And secondly, bangs can be cut by yourself, without resorting to the services of a hairdresser. This, of course, will not be so masterfully, but do everything gently and naturally modern girl quite capable. So, let's not waste time talking, to take action.

Day 1. Bang like Claudia Schiffer

Best option for the cowards and those who have never wow did not cut. Something is almost impossible to mess up, so after a little instruction down to business!

 In a fashion - bang! What bang do you need?

How to make:

1.   Separate the strands that will be cut off. To do this, the central parting from the crown to the forehead. On this line, select a point approximately in the middle parting. If your hair is thin, it is possible to take a point closer to the forehead. If your hair is enough, let the point be in the middle parting. From this point of swipe a comb or by hand to ear, thus separating the two strands of bangs.

2.   Cut strands symmetrically about the line over the lip.

3.   The edges of the strands should be natural for each strand of the need to "sharpen". There are several ways to do this. But the easiest to do it at home - so. Takes a lock and make the edge like a brush. What a large angle will be able to do it - the better. Do not be afraid to cut too much: first, locks and so long; secondly, it is sufficient to leave a few of the original length of hair, and cut shorter than the others to achieve the effect of naturalness.

How to pack:

1.   In slightly damp hair, rub the foam to create volume.

2.   Take a round brush and hair dryer. Screw locks bang inside!

3.   Fingers fold bangs back, fix with varnish.

Day 4. Straight and long

The length remains the same, changes shape. The individual strands of bangs more isolated, more geometric. Permission is granted to add color (highlight some strands of a lighter shade).

 In a fashion - bang! What bang do you need?

How to make:

1.   Trim the bangs (cut off of 0, 5 - 1, 5 cm).

2.   It is necessary to "split" bang for the strands (8-10 and will be sufficient). If the hand is only the scissors, the easiest way to do this: take every strand and strizhёm angle. The greater the difference will be achieved between the lesser and greater length - the more pronounced will be locks.

How to pack:

1.   Apply mousse to almost dry hair.

2.   Dry strong jet of air

3.   The individual strands flatten ironing, you can rub in some strands of wax and put his fingers.

Day 8. Asymmetry like Victoria Beckham

You start to get used to the fact that you now have a fringe? It's time to get a bit cocky. The length of your bangs are now allowing these experiments.

 In a fashion - bang! What bang do you need?

How to make:

1.   Take the central part of the bangs, side locks do not touch.

2.   Make a general asymmetrical slant on the whole bang.

3.   Profiling strands as in the previous embodiment. The bolder you do it - the more convincing is the asymmetry.

How to pack:

1.   Required mousse for volume at the roots.

2.   Round brush and hairdryer lift at the roots.

3.   The individual strands flatten ironing, you can rub in some strands of wax and put his fingers.

Day 12 th. Open your eyes

Well, not so terribly cut? It's time to shorten the bangs, opening his gaze.

 In a fashion - bang! What bang do you need?

How to make:

1.   Bangs cut off the nose to the line, can be a little lower if you are afraid of radical changes. Not all but only the central part. The side strands is not touch. Is that a little "refresh" slants. This is useful if you want to achieve the effect of "clear strands."

2.   To create the illusion of volume, you can use this technique. All hair must be the same length, then they will be very natural to form a volume of the "ball". Upper hair is shorter than those under them. Imagine that you are doing "hedgehog", just long. The principle is similar.

How to pack:

1.   Need mousse, straight brush and hair dryer.

<>  The individual strands of varnish and simulate hands.

Day 16 th. Long and straight

Hair grow a bit, and we have added the experience of a home haircut. This fringe - an opportunity to show what we have learned over the two weeks of experiments. Much depends on the accuracy and perseverance.

 In a fashion - bang! What bang do you need?

How to make:

1.   We need a straight line. A clear and smooth. Up to about the nose.

2.   If you have enough skills to do something good like the volume of "vice versa." That is now the top hair is longer than the lower. This is an optional item, but it is desirable.

How to pack:

1.   Dry hair.

2.   For straightening utjuzhkom use. Not bad trim individual strands have just before you leave home: the effect of direct and perfectly clear strands will be strengthened. Do this after each installation.

3.   Fix the nail fixation light.

Day 20 th. Bangs semicircle

This fringe looks very impressive! However, some skill is required. The line is not straight bangs, and semicircle. It is important to stand symmetry, then you will achieve the desired effect.

 In a fashion - bang! What bang do you need?

How to make:

1.   This fringe should be sufficiently thick so the department to bang a little closer to the top of hair.

2.   Start cutting from the center to the edges, and not vice versa. This will help to achieve symmetry.

3.   Once a line is made, it can be a little "sharpen" locks. The angle should be done very little to line semicircle remained clear.

How to pack:

1.   Laying can be different. One of the options - just straightening utjuzhkom.

2.   The second option - to use a round brush and a hair dryer, just to make the form more bulk.

3.   If you use the tongs and heated hair rollers, you can make a bang famous Mireille Mathieu.

Day 24 th. Bangs a la Brigitte Bardot

It is thick and neat bangs. Line - a straight or semi-circular (not only now a semi-circle around his face, but on the contrary, like a smile).

 In a fashion - bang! What bang do you need?

How to make:

1.   As in the previous version, swifts from the center to the edges.

2.   For pomp and fervently do the effect of "ball" that is, the hair on top is shorter than the bottom.

How to pack:

1.   Looking mousse, round brush and hair dryer.

2. Fix a nail.

Day 28 th. Briefly and clearly

We are brave enough to cut is really a lot.

 In a fashion - bang! What bang do you need?

How to make:

1.   We cut to the middle of the forehead.

2.   "Sharpens" the ends of the individual pryadok.

How to pack:

1.   On wet hair Apply some lotion for styling.

2.   Sushim round brush and a hairdryer.

3.   Wax highlight some strands.

Day 31 minutes. Perky creative mess

In fact, it will have to work on. There is just no need to clear lines, work on diversity and asymmetry. Do not be amiss to freshen up the color of a bang. You can make a bold highlights some of the strands, or restricted coloring shampoo.

 In a fashion - bang! What bang do you need?

How to make:

1.   A little trim the ends, and do profiling.

2.   Make a "step": some locks can be made significantly shorter than the others. This will give the hair volume and playful way.

How to pack:

1.   Styling Spray.

2.   The individual strands and curl utjuzhkom flatten out.

3.   Place the strands of his hands lock.

Species chёlok much more than what I offered. Not bad for creativity, right? And most importantly, that this experiment can continue chёlkami time! And at what point to stop - you decide.
Author: Julia Gnedina