Long layered haircuts Spring 2011
 You have long hair? Then, of course, the new season is still relevant braids, knots and tails. Or maybe a haircut? Take the time to give! The length will remain the same, because we offer multilevel haircuts for long and very long hair. Dare to try on a new image this spring?

Layered haircuts create the illusion of volume and lots of hair, and know this girl with thin hair. And men say that women with similar haircuts look very sexy. In addition, long layered hairstyles allow to make packing as simple and fast! You can not even afraid of a romantic night at the other, because the owners of a haircut in the morning sometimes simply close comb hair comb.

In the season of Spring 2011 is allowed to "play" with textures and asymmetry.

Soft Asymmetry
Bored boring tail that hangs limply on his shoulders and did not transfer your personality? Wearing a permanent hairstyle, really, it does not improve the structure of hair. And any hair stylist will tell you that the solution can be layered asymmetrical haircut. This is a very easy way to save long, but at the same time get rid of split ends and long pilings.

If you are working or studying, you also have to like asymmetrical haircut when the locks do not interfere with work and do not confuse others. You can simply wash and dry your hair like that, and you can cheat a little strands on a round brush or heated rollers. Look for new products in spring 2011 by the world's best salons:

 Long layered haircuts Spring 2011
Convict Cutters salons hairstyles and Affinage Hair Salon

 Long layered haircuts Spring 2011
Hairstyles salon Affinage Hair Salon and Goldwell

Textured asymmetry
If long locks cascading will seem simple, it is necessary to add a novelty: a new shade + fringe + non-standard installation. In addition, it is a way to add hair care. After staining or color lamination has long ceased to be a torture for hair. Now it is saving treatment and care. Even paint modern salon brands are deprived of ammonia, and always accompanied strengthens the hair structure and composition of balms.

A new texture will give a modern means for styling. If the wax - that have more contoured and geometric strands if mousse - the soft and wavy, and so on. Do not forget to try the shampoos and balms-conditioners of the new generation, who are both styling tools, they facilitate installation. Eksperimetriruem:

 Long layered haircuts Spring 2011
Great Lengths salon hairstyles and Ferber

 Long layered haircuts Spring 2011
Framesi salons and hairstyles Moving Hair

If you are brave enough, take a haircut with the effect of short hair. To do this, you have to say goodbye to a little a lot of hair, especially in the fringe and in the upper layers. The lower layers of the length of leave. The main thing - make sure not to remove hair above the ears and temples, it has not turned hairstyles a la punk. Still, we are making hairstyles for modern working women, but not for neformalki.

And over the laying here have to work hard if you decide to remove a lot of hair on top. Otherwise - just drying your hair with a flat brush and a good mousse.

 Long layered haircuts Spring 2011
hairstyles and salons Essensuals Bonomini

 Long layered haircuts Spring 2011
Hairstyles salon Hair Machine and Vladimir Tarasyuk
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Author: Julia Shestakova