Master-class "Hairstyles of the Egyptian-style braids"
 While visiting recently returned from Egypt relatives, view album brought her photos from a holiday. My eyes instantly identifies the total number of single images - a photo of her daughter with a truly masterpiece of hairdressing art, Egyptian braids.

A little bit about the history of weaving in the Egyptian style
Ancient Egyptians braided hair in tight braids and use them to do different hairstyles. This not only protects your head from the sun, but also to create original style. Wearing hairstyles such as the Egyptians themselves believed to bring good luck and scare away evil spirits.

Hairstyles of the ancient Egyptians reflects the unique philosophy of the African people. In the process of weaving, filled with special meaning, barber, which could only be "enlightened" and harmonious people read positive spell. It was believed that it helped not to scare away the good spirits.

In particular braided and stacked African braids were also sorcerers and shamans. The most luxurious of long hairstyles, laid on a special braids wore, of course, the Pharaoh.

At the crossroads of cultures
Currently braiding in the Egyptian style is firmly established in the fashion. It is believed that the owner of this hairstyle is an extraordinary personality.

Hair can be made only with long and thick hair. Thus, the hair was made of our daughter's cousin.

Also, when creating hairstyles in the Egyptian style can be used a variety of materials - animal hair, vegetable fiber. It can be any length pigtails braid using both strands three and four or five. Thus the fibers may be single or multiple colors.

As a rule, full hair is made of two hundred - three hundred braids. Their creation hairdresser can spend from eight to fifteen hours, depending on the total amount of work.

The Egyptian style of performance can also do the weaving and short hair, creating at the same time form a short hairstyle.

Our workshop
We invite you to tour our makeshift hair salon, and if you, like me, love to mess with the hair and create something new, join and try!

• The first stage - "Weaving the rim"
Use a small comb hair should be divided into two parts horizontally, having a clear line. If you want to hide a bit of protruding ears (the next blooming of hair), it is necessary to perform this division is just above the ears.

 Master-class "Hairstyles of the Egyptian-style braids"

Seat the person so that it was convenient to him and you start making braid, using the technique of weaving known me since childhood called "dragon", thus forming a ring out of it.

 Master-class "Hairstyles of the Egyptian-style braids"

Performing so pigtail, masking it with the parting, it is necessary to fix the invisible color.

 Master-class "Hairstyles of the Egyptian-style braids"

Now you can start weaving the so-called "Egyptian braids."

• The second stage - "Weaving Egyptian braids"
Number braids depends on the thickness and density of hair. Since my daughter's hair is still not as thick braids we came out not so much.

To start you need to weave with a fine comb to divide the hair vertically. The remaining hair is better to fix the rubber band or clamp, so that they do not interfere in the process of weaving.

 Master-class "Hairstyles of the Egyptian-style braids"

Then you need to divide the left strand of hair also horizontally. From the resulting weave of the braid. You can doplesti it to the end, then do not have to fix the hair rubber band, but you can not dopletat then gum still need. In this case it is better to use the thinnest gum thickness they should be almost as large as those used in banks for ligation banknotes. Thus, it is necessary to braid braids over the entire surface of the head. We get three - four braids (vertically) in each row.

 Master-class "Hairstyles of the Egyptian-style braids"

Zapletal this way better freshly washed hair and gently nedosushennye that subsequently allow you to untwist the hair gradually, as we did. This hair is slightly wavy as permed. I must say that if you are planning to go this way, it is better not to comb much as because of this hair will be too fluffy, and you will be like a lion pyshnogrivogo.

 Master-class "Hairstyles of the Egyptian-style braids"

Options hairstyles made by the above technique :

- Hair "rim"
Once you wake up, Unbraid all pigtails and lightly comb the hair, fan or just their hands.

- Hair «Wavy waterfall"
After the haircut "rim" slightly podnadoest you can untwist all the hair. Thus it is better again, not combing her hair, and only slightly fluff their hands.

- Hair "ponytail"
After the first stage of the weaving will be done, gather the remaining hair into a ponytail and secure it with a rubber band.

 Master-class "Hairstyles of the Egyptian-style braids"

- Hair "bundle"
After the first stage of the weaving is complete, secure the remaining hair in a ponytail elastic. Then screw the hair at the base of the tail and secure with pins. In the resulting bundle of hair, wear a special gum that completely cover her hair and decorate. Such gum we buy for dance, so in our house a lot of them: there is even a gum variety of colors, this time we decided to take a neutral, suitable to all, black gum.

 Master-class "Hairstyles of the Egyptian-style braids"

 Master-class "Hairstyles of the Egyptian-style braids"

As a result, my daughter and I came to the conclusion that this method of weaving is very convenient, and can be a base to create multiple hairstyles, just need to untwist the hair gradually, or you can show a little imagination and build something special, after putting in elaborate braids figure. In addition, in hot weather it is very comfortable to walk with braided pigtails in the Egyptian style!
Author: Stella Allates