Make "no makeup": step by step guide
 Instagram is full of self celebrities without makeup. At least they say they do not do make-up before shooting. And millions of girls around the world are beginning to complex, because it does not have such perfect skin, lips and eyelashes like Miranda Kerr, Beyonce and Cara Cara Delevingne.

And it is not necessary from complexes. In fact, the star stylists spend a lot of effort to create a make-up "without makeup". And that's how they do it.

 Make "no makeup": step by step guide

 Make "no makeup": step by step guide

Step № 1. Give up foundation

As a rule, when it comes to natural makeup, makeup artists cosmetic brands insist that success depends on the smooth and youthful skin. And this is achieved with the help of tone products. However, this is not true. Practitioners celebrity makeup artists on the other hand, are advised to skip the application of tonal framework. Instead, you should focus on the preparation of the skin with a mild exfoliant - it smooths the skin and add a natural brightness.

Finalize the skin for makeup should be oil-free sunscreen on the basis of a matte finish. This will be the soil makeup.

Step № 2. Concealer

Here on this tone means you can not refuse! Use the concealer (correction fluid) with a brush. A good product will hide any defects and redness. Dark circles mask clapping movements with fingertips. One of the biggest mistakes - excessive use of correction fluid on a large plot eye. In fact, you only need to close the dark area under the eyes. How to find it? Tilt the person down and look at yourself in the mirror from under his brows, you immediately see the "bags" that require masking.

Finish step with the adjustment of translucent powder. She put on the T-zone, and proceed to the make-up eyes and lips.

 Make "no makeup": step by step guide

Step № 3. Cream eyeshadow

Choose a shade that is closest to your own skin tone. Apply a cream shadow on the entire eyelid, it will remove the redness or blueness will create the effect of wide-open eyes and sleep. Shade the product from the lash line up to the eyebrows. If the shadows will have a slight flicker - this is acceptable, and even desirable for a cheerful look.

Step № 4. highlighter

One touch, you can instantly clear and open eyes. This shade lighter shade in the inner corner of each eye. We do natural makeup, so the color choice is important, as a highlighter shade suit (or cream applied with a damp brush) shade of champagne with a delicate shimmer of light.

 Make "no makeup": step by step guide

Step № 5. Eyelashes - up

Shoots up further open eye lashes, eyelash perm therefore required! As for mascara, you need to add only one layer of the product with a brush, well separated and curls lashes (this is usually curved crescent-shaped brush).

Step № 6. Brow - natural

Eyebrow pencil painting is not necessary, you only need to brush for eyebrows and gel. Comb the brows upward, using eyebrow gel (colorless or natural brown color).

Step № 7. Cream Blush

For a natural look is better to use cream blush. They give the skin a natural glow effect healthy and moisturized skin. Cream blush can be applied with your fingers or a synthetic brush. Apply a spot of rouge on the most protruding point of the cheekbones and then blend back and up to the hairline, while maintaining the highest intensity of color in front. His face immediately becomes younger and glowing. If in doubt, exactly where to apply blush, watch her: the look of the cheeks immediately after a small fitness or jogging. This is a clue how to go should blush if your goal is a natural way.

 Make "no makeup": step by step guide

Step № 8. Illumination

Complete cheekbones flare - emphasize the highest point of the cheek. It is better to opt for this creamy highlighter pink color or transparent veil.

Step № 9. Lips - in natural color

The most natural effect on the lips create a toning balm in a tube or a stick. These products have an optimal amount of color and very easy to apply: just need to squeeze out a product from a tube directly to lips and it is not necessary to allocate an additional product. If the product is in a pencil or a Stick - then use it even easier. Toning balms give a slight glow, make the lips a little plump and fresh.

 Make "no makeup": step by step guide

Author: Vasilisa Cousin