Makeup disasters, or cnova error makeup
 Makeup can not only discover and transform a woman, but, oddly enough, spoil the appearance. Therein lies, perhaps, the position of the opponents of makeup. After all, there is enough not the most successful examples. Remind yourself again, what are the basic mistakes meykapa daily.

Too plucked eyebrows
Leah Akhedzhakova heroine in the movie "Office Romance" saying that "the brow should be thin as a thread" ... No, no and again no! Do not listen to such advice. Firstly, this is not true and is not fashionable. And secondly, it is not beautiful and not even good for health.

Girls, too carried away plucking eyebrows, often suffer from the fact that the hair does not grow again with the same density, and forced himself to draw new eyebrows, or to use dubious means for the growth of eyebrows. And is it necessary? A compelling example of life - eyebrow Anastasia Volochkova, who constantly have to draw it again, and it does not always look natural.

 Makeup disasters, or cnova error makeup
Girls too plucked eyebrows, which have to draw them again, and often not very good.

 Makeup disasters, or cnova error makeup
And it is - the result of "naked" eyebrows, accounting dorisovyvat.

 Makeup disasters, or cnova error makeup
May God forgive us famous dancer, but her experiments with the eyebrows do not allow her to have a natural natural eyebrows and draw so that it looked natural in any light is sometimes very difficult.

How to avoid.   The simplest advice in the form of eyebrows: a look at your natural shape and simply remove the hairs that are knocked out, puff up and do not fit into the general shape of the eyebrows. All! There is nothing else to do. The rest of the correction can be carried out with the help of make-up (to tint or color to lighten eyebrow comb and secure in the right direction). Now in vogue naturalness. But with age, eyebrows become less dense, it is a fact, and that over the years to preserve the beauty of the eyebrows, they should not be subjected to too stiff correction in his youth, and even more so with the help of a shaving razor.

Too painted eyebrows
Again eyebrows. Needless outlined deliberately drawn (even his, thick) - they can turn any girl into a hideous beauty of individuals. Unless, of course, the glory of Marilyn Manson is not stirs your blood. Whether or not you take on the role of an Indian dancer. But even if you are not so extreme, the error is a common burden the eyebrows. Too dark and massive eyebrows create a strict and angry grimace. It repels and often does not correspond to our image.

 Makeup disasters, or cnova error makeup

How to avoid.   Choose eyebrow tints, fall in tune with the natural color of your eyebrows, or a lighter shade. Put makeup on her eyebrows gentle movements to maximize the color was in the balance, it was not absorbed into the skin under the eyebrows.

Too long nails
There are women who claim that the nails of 30 mm it did not interfere with anything to do. Are you ready to believe? But it's not just the practical side of the issue. Long nails - it is a completely different way: a grotesque, theater, unladylike. I doubt that the attractive woman just need this effect. In addition, men second, that they have long nails attached to the claws and it is extremely difficult to abstract from them and to accept a woman "in all its glory." They still imagine the bloody night of violence scene. It's funny, but it's true.

 Makeup disasters, or cnova error makeup

How to avoid.   You need to cut your nails regularly, and if you like bills and accrued nails, their length should not be too extreme. Gel and acrylic nails also require regular maintenance! The health of the nail does not speak their length, and their well-groomed appearance.

Too sharp color transitions
Situations where you need a clear border colors, everyday makeup virtually none. This may be necessary in the theater or art makeup. Probably, many remember the "fatal" error Alla Pugacheva, she "painted over" brown tone, chin and neck, hiding the fullness of the face and the so-called "double chin" but forgotten in this shade of color transition border. Spectacular stunt turned into the exposure. Any hard lines do not look natural (perhaps with the exception of a clear boundary of the lips, and then it is really necessary when using contrasting lipstick). Especially it is necessary to monitor the smooth transition of colors of blush and shadow.

 Makeup disasters, or cnova error makeup

How to avoid.   Buy good brushes and sponzhiki makeup. Do not forget to cash each color shade shadows, and not just "painting." Most experiment with mixing colors. For example, if too dark blush, try them before applying the mix with tone basis (if liquid) or powder. The same can be done with a lipstick and shadows. If you are trying to "sculpt" your face shape to help tone, you will need not only light tone and the dark, you need more and semitone (it can be bought separately and can be obtained by blending).

Too dark lip liner
Known Error. Watching these lips unnatural and extremely unsympathetic. The purpose of the stroke on the lips - not just better to keep the lipstick and adjust the shape of the lips. Another goal - to make lips natural, as if "their", not painted.

 Makeup disasters, or cnova error makeup

How to avoid.   The rule is simple: the color of the liner lip has to be either the same as the lipstick or the same, what is the natural color of your lips. There is no third!

Too ostentatious lip augmentation
If the color of the pencil sorted, then another error, also associated with the liner for lips - this path is not the place. In the desire to augment the lips, we often make the stroke is too far from the edge of the lips. Of course, the liner may adjust the shape of the lips, they just increased, but only slightly.

How to avoid.   Council is this: if you would like to help increase lip liner, you can rely only on the thickness of the line. Apply liner to line catches the edge of the lips and the skin a little. A visually enlarge the lips will light tone of lipstick or gloss (all shades of nude).

Too much tanning
Girls often overdoing with an artificial tan. And go to such persons orange, confusing others and not recognizing her reflection in the mirror. With an artificial tan to be very careful, especially on the face.

 Makeup disasters, or cnova error makeup

How to avoid.   The golden rule is: the smaller the better! Tanning are not immediate, so it makes sense to wait at least 24 hours after a single application, while a tan will not be shown, to be sure, what tone turns. Only then do the following coating. Use proven tools, for example, I like tanning Clinique, Garnier and Dove, they still did not let me.

Do not look for makeup, it will completely change your face. It's impossible. And if possible, it will make a theatrical make-up, look mask separate from your face. We even have a make-up is a term «makeup cake», can be translated literally "make-up like a cake," a phrase clearly expresses imperfections and absurdity makeup mask. Meykap should only emphasize your features, to identify personality to hide some imperfections, but not completely change the look, it's not his best. This is the problem of plastic surgery or psychologist.
Author: Olga Larsen