ALLA Shilin, an endocrinologist, a nutritionist, an expert brand Herbalife, answered questions
 Dear readers MyCharm! This is an interview with a nutritionist Alla Shilina we were only the answers to your questions sent to the site two weeks ago.
Learn how to lose weight to leave, how to lose weight after 40, what is the correct diet, which vitamins should be in our diets, and more.

Tusya: What vitamins should always be in your diet every day and in what quantities?

  Responsible Alla Shilin: Vitamins take an important part in metabolic processes. A common cause of vitamin deficiencies (lack of receipt of vitamins in the body) may be a lack of economic opportunities and well balanced feed, or a consequence of improper food storage and preparation. The daily requirement for the most important vitamins:
- B1 - 1, 3 - 2, 6 mg
- B2 - 1, 5 - 3 0 mg
- Pantothenic acid - 4 - 7 mg
- Niacin - 15-19 mg
- B6 - 1, 5 - 3 0 mg
- Biotin - 30-100 mg
- Folic acid - 180-200 mg
- B12 - 3 g
- C - 50-70 mcg
- A - 1000 mcg
- A - 5 g or 200 IU (international units)
- E - 15 IU for men and 12 IU for women
- K - 0, 2 - 0, 3 g
I recommend you to use a variety of multivitamin complexes consisting of essential vitamins and minerals. They help maintain an optimal balance of essential substances in the daily dietary ration.

Lada: Hello, this question. How justified is the principle not to eat after 18.00, or do not eat. This is useful? Why, then, in the history of all peoples have dinner, and quite dense. Menu of restaurants and cafes is also said that the dinner should be. Or, now thought to be necessary for life to dinner?

A. W .:   The last meal should be 3-4 hours before bedtime, contain at least 22 grams of protein. Refusing dinner should not be, because for the body to be a big break in the supply of nutrients, there can be problems with the gall bladder. Bile ejection occurs only on food intake. A long break in food intake can cause stagnation of bile in the gall bladder, which will contribute to the development of gallstones

Christine: Say, male and female principles of weight loss are different? My husband weighs almost 12 ° kg just can not lose weight. I have obtained, and he - no. Maybe men somehow it's different work? Do you consider sex a client when giving advice on losing weight?

A. W .: To reduce the weight of males is necessary to determine the level of testosterone in the blood. After 30 years in men is a gradual decline in testosterone, which contributes to weight gain. Hypocaloric diet can be assigned only after the hormonal examination. Also it is important to calculate the amount of protein in the diet. In males, muscle mass is greater, therefore, a need for higher protein

Wali: Tell me, if during a strict diets or fasting take vitamin complex, then the damage to the body, too, will? Or you can help yourself, and to lose weight, and not to destroy the body?

A. W .: To lose weight and not to "destroy" the body uses protein shakes. In these functional foods contain all the necessary body vitamins and minerals, and that is very important proteins, useful carbohydrates, polyunsaturated fatty acids in a balanced composition. This is all that is needed for the proper weight reduction.

Ulyana: Hello! I girlfriend advised diet, the so-called "for the lazy". Diet is: drink before each meal for 2 cups of water and after a meal does not consume all of the liquid and thus can eat anything. So a friend she lost 6 kg somewhere for 2 weeks. I wanted to ask whether it is possible to lose weight because, given the fact that I am taking hormone preperaty, and how long you can stay on this diet? Thanks in advance.

A. W .: The use of water before a meal helps to fill his stomach - it will reduce the amount of food intake and, therefore, energy intake. Maximum loss of adipose tissue in women for the week should not exceed usually 0, 5 kg (per month - 2 kg). To reduce weight quickly can be due to body water and muscle tissue. In such cases, the weight quickly returned, but due to the water and fat tissue. Hormonal drugs (KOC) slows down the process of weight loss, even when using all modern recommendations.

Simontessa: I too can not understand how to lose weight. There has always been slim, and there were no such problems. Accustomed to eat what I want, no restrictions. And now 43 year year sedentary work raszhirela creepy. I can not do anything. I can withstand only one day of fasting and all - many diets I can not understand, accustomed all his life to eat as much. Sport has never worked, do not understand how they have to deal with. Prompt, may be true, a specialist is needed if no willpower or motivation of the person are not?

A. W .: After age 40, women really difficult to lose weight, especially if they are in childhood and adolescence were not engaged in sport do not have enough muscle mass. The ideal option for you would be a functional food, it is balanced in protein, fats and carbohydrates, has a sufficient amount of vitamins, trace elements and minerals, low kalorazh. Cooking need only 2 minutes. When properly selected portions of a functional food is a decrease of fat tissue while preserving the muscle, which is very important for the normal functioning of the body.

Lena: Summer soon, I want to look not shameful .  And so I am currently 14 years old, height 177 weight 73 pounds 8 .  Please do not be surprised, I have a heavy bone and a wide + I have been playing tennis three times a week for 3 years and I have a mountain of muscle and look like I'm not completely bad .  But still my silhouette reminiscent of a certain fullness .  Feet thick especially in the inner thigh, butt creepy sticks (do not know what to do with it), and tum there, but a little .  When I sit on a diet, I expect a better result, and eventually pluck .  And again, all over again .  I like a squirrel in a wheel, in front of which a nut, run, and can not reach .  Mom me in this regard does not support push into my meal, asked me to prepare my same enemies, and if you tell her about it a couple of days and forget all over again .  And I'm tired that I tease, I'm a sensitive person, but I can stand up, the truth is that they were right and I was very sad .  I want to ask you for advice .  Maybe I should see a dietitian in person or go to a clinic Bormental? Already fully despaired .  I hope for you . 

A. W .: I understand your problem. You need to conduct research bioimpedance body composition (for determining the amount of fat, muscle and active cell mass and water). Depending on the obtained results of the study to determine the coach in the daily food energy intake, may revise the load on certain muscle groups. If you live in Moscow, I am ready to hold you for free bioimpedance study as the first step to solving your problems.

Julia: Hello! Tell me, please, some vitamins. I saw earlier Nutrilite, Complivit. I like it. But come summer whether to drink vitamins in the summer, when many around the vegetables, greens?

A. W .: Unfortunately, even in the summer we do not get a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, vitamin complexes must be used in the summer. As an option - Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex from Herbalife, consisting of 22 essential vitamins and minerals.

Larissa: I want to lose weight before the holiday. Advise anything, any diet or tips on how to lose weight in a week before the holiday? Thank you!

A. W .: If you are overweight, then the problem is not one week. But if you really want to lose weight in a short period, I suggest the use of unloading days. 1 - meat diet (70 grams of lean meat boiled five times a day, 100-150 grams of vegetables 5 times a day, the liquid to 1 to 5 liters per day). 2 - malic diet (300 gram apple 5-6 times a day, the liquid 1, 5-2, 0 liters per day). As another option for weight loss - use protein shakes in 2 hours per day. They can continue the cocktail reception on vacation back slim and beautiful.

Val: Tell me, why my stomach so big? Eat right, not fat, and belly - on the sixth month of pregnancy. How is it removed? Can I use a diet? Sport does not help, I run in the morning - and still belly ((((

A. W .: Abdominal obesity is a predictor of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Typically, this type of obesity occurs in women after 40 years. Using only low calorie diet is unlikely to achieve a stable positive effect. Pay attention to diet with partial substitution of food for functional food. This low-calorie, balanced proteins, fats and carbohydrates foods rich in vitamins and trace elements. Using this diet allows you to lose weight at the expense of body fat while maintaining muscle even with moderate exercise.

Sunflower: Hello! Tell me, can lose the menstrual cycle of the diet. I tried the Japanese, then the diet Larisa Dolina. The results were, weight reduced, but the female problems began. And we are now with the husband plan children. Could there be a problem with the cycle of hormones and diets? Thank you!

A. W .: The weight and amount of adipose tissue is important for the normal menstrual cycle. There is such a thing as a critical mass of the body, at which begins the menstrual cycle, and can stop. The ovaries produce the female hormone estradiol, and adipose tissue formed another female hormone - estrone. Both of these hormones are necessary for normal female body of its functioning. Significant weight loss, including the reduction of adipose tissue, can lead to disruption of the menstrual cycle.

Larissa: Hello! My mother is diabetic. Tell me, can we just proper nutrition and special diet to cope with this condition. Medications are very expensive, whether there are cases where just good food was enough to live a normal life?

A. W .: In the treatment of diabetes low-carb diet in the first place. If you are on a diet can not compensate for carbohydrate metabolism, appointed hypoglycemic agents. All diabetics are provided with medicines free of charge. If your family has a blood relatives with type 2 diabetes, diabetes prevention will be a normal weight and dietary restrictions "simple" carbohydrates.

Galina: Hello! Tell me please! And how do you feel about unloading days and starvation. Now write about it so much, it's bad. but I really losing weight only when not eating, fast day, or sit at the bottom of the discharge. Only then I see how the kilos go away. Why is that? It turns out, the effect of fasting to eat! why is it bad if the only way to lose weight?

I approve of days unloading and therapeutic fasting.
The purpose of fasting days - a reduction in weight.
In fasting wider problem and they must be carried out under the supervision of a specialist.

Basilissa: Tell me, what you need to consider when trying to lose weight after the age of 40? I am 43 years old, are overweight, do not like the fat on the abdomen, on the sides. And no, they do not go away. I read that this is the age. And women, too, with peers around the abdomen and weight. This is - the property age, can no longer return to their youthful shape?

A. W .: The older a woman is, the more difficult to lose fat tissue while preserving muscle. Preserving muscle tissue - a prerequisite in the process of proper weight loss. For this purpose, women over forty years of ideal diet for a system with a partial substitution of food for functional food. For example, in Formula 1 shake from Herbalife. Preserving muscle mass provides a good form of the body, the skin while reducing the weight does not sag, all pulled in a natural way.

Julia: Hello! Please tell me how you feel about the standard body mass index, they do normally? I do not feel thick, but misses the weight standards for some reason. I have extra weight, it turns out. But I do not feel it!

A. W .: Body mass index, I believe inaccurate in determining the degree of obesity. In the normal index of the human body may include an increased amount of adipose tissue, and low - muscular.
A more accurate assessment of the degree of obesity is to determine the percentage of body weight by bioimpedance study of body composition.

Tatiana: Hello, Alla! What do you think about the preparations on the basis of sibutramine in Merida, Reduxine and others?
The effect is certainly there, but how it is harmful and what organs are affected in the use of these drugs? Thank you in advance for your reply!

A. W .: Sibutramine reduces appetite. Preparations based on sibutramine indicated in patients with obesity and eating disorders (for emotion-type). This increased appetite associated with a stressful situation. Side effects of these drugs may be increased heart note, which limits their use in people with high heart rate (tachycardia).

Thank Alla Shilin for the detailed and comprehensive answers! Thank you Herbalife for their help in organizing the interview!