Anna Kompaniets: "Every woman is beautiful in its own way! "
 A beautiful woman always attracts attention. Create compelling, beautiful and desired image - the dream of every one of us. How to realize it? - All the answers to this seemingly rhetorical question knows Anna Kompaniets - Professional cosmetics make-up artist, charming woman, and simply beautiful.

Natalia Bartukova:   Hello Anna! Glad to meet you!

Anna Kompaniets:   Good afternoon!

Anna, to be beautiful - a lot of favorites, or can be a great any woman? What do I need to do?

I believe that every woman is beautiful in its own way. But in order to constantly look good and attractive, it is necessary to take care of their appearance. In addition, the need to accept yourself for who you really are. A skin care and the right makeup just helps to highlight and emphasize the strengths and hide facial imperfections seem to you.

Today is a very fashionable magazine for "young lady." On the bright glossy pages arranged master classes in make-up, popularize children's cosmetics. What do you think, what age is ideal for creating the first make-up, and when using the beauty-funds is better to wait?

Good question. I think that girls in early adolescence and look great without makeup. Young skin has no flaws, it is recommended only to moisturize. Of course, now on the shelves of stores you can find lots of children's cosmetics, I would recommend using it only on occasion, and after the application thoroughly clean the face.

The optimal age for the realization of the first make-up can be called 15 - 16 years. Still, when creating the image, use a minimum of makeup to make the girl gave naturalness and tenderness, excess decoration material adds only insolence and pretentiousness. Always remove makeup before going to bed, or clogged pores that leads to acne and pimples.

 Anna Kompaniets: "Every woman is beautiful in its own way! "

How to prepare your face for makeup application?

I think we all know that it is a healthy, well-groomed face skin is the foundation of beauty without makeup. In order to have smooth skin, needs daily care of the face, which is held twice a day.

Immediately prior to applying makeup is necessary to purify the skin. If you do make-up in the morning, then wash with a special tool, suitable for your skin type. Gels, lotions remove excess sebum, open the pores, clean them. After washing, wipe the skin tonic that refreshes the skin, closes pores and prepare the skin for the application of the cream. Never miss a step of toning. Next, apply the cream, depending on the time of day and the needs of your skin. Allow the cream to absorb, remove its excess with a napkin, wait 20 minutes and then you can begin to make-up.

How long lasts a perfect make-up? Are the recommended period between the application of, for example, the base and face lotions; other cosmetics?

Time perfect makeup? - It's hard to say, it all depends on the means and methods. Imagine, for example, I make every day a simple make-up for 20 minutes, not counting the steps of cleaning and applying the cream. Professional make-up can last from one to two hours, depending on the equipment used for the make-up, the characteristics of the client's correction of facial contours.
Timeframe there, I'm a bit mentioned above. After applying the cream to the application of a tonal framework for make-up or base must pass at least 20 - 30 minutes. Also, do not apply layer upon layer of mascara to the eyelashes, paint over one eye lashes, apply mascara to the eyelashes, the second eye, thus giving the first coat to dry, after which you can apply a second layer.

How to make a persistent?

To create a stable, there are special makeup base and a foundation. Their use is aligned skin relief, hide small defects of the skin, make-up goes smoother, easier to apply foundation. Each base is basically a silicone, which helps level the surface of the skin and ensures the durability of makeup. The second component is a pigment database, it can be colored, pearl. Color base you can still adjust the shape of the face.

What distinguishes the daily make-up of the festive, ceremonial? Why make-up for special occasions are best left to a professional?

The preference is given to everyday makeup understated colors, welcome natural natural shades. Daytime makeup is more reserved, it does not take much time at his performance.

 Anna Kompaniets: "Every woman is beautiful in its own way! "

Holiday make-up requires more attention and effort, while by day he is distinguished by its intensity. For this you can use make-up shimmering, pearl, persistent shadow, which in everyday life is not always appropriate to use.
Feature evening makeup - his professional performance. If you are going to an important event, a wedding, a party professional master trust, which will create a harmonious way. Performing ceremonial make-up artists will emphasize your strengths, correct oval face, strengthen the natural beauty, focusing not only on the color of eyes, hair, and taking into account the style of clothes, manicures and your wishes.

 Anna Kompaniets: "Every woman is beautiful in its own way! "

Which of the current trends of beauty today would advise you to include in the image of our readers?

Already that year in a row in a trend all sorts of variations on the theme of "shooter." In the fall of 2014 deserve special attention thick arrows.
Besides gold color is relevant in a given period, it is gaining popularity Gold - brown smoky eyes. In addition, the proposed make-up views can be done in your favorite combination of bright colors.

Wine has lipstick that season does not leave beauticians modern girls who follow fashion. Dark lips, painted in deep cherry or aubergine colors, perfectly combined with different facial skin tones, you only need to choose the right shade of his. When applying lipstick wine, remember the rule that the only focus of the lip make-up, eye shadows nyudovyh use of colors and ink.

Do you have a formula for beauty, what is it manifested?

Defined by the formula of beauty I have not. The most important thing - to be confident, to find a raisin and present it properly.

Anna, thank you for the interesting and informative interview!

All the best! Be beautiful!
Author: Natalia Bartukova