Beauty Secrets from Kira Plastinina
 This girl delights, surprises and inspires! Many of her peers want to be like her, she is a fan of her talents. Now Cyrus became more and leading the project NIVEA «Perfect Date." Especially for his admirers Cyrus shares her beauty secrets.

Cyrus than rukovodstvueshsya, choosing cosmetics: cosmetologist recommendations, advice girlfriends or advertising?
My own experience - the best advisor. I already know what my skin that suits me and what does not. To listen cosmetologist its recommendations, but the final choice rely on their personal experiences.

Cyrus, a daily skin care for you more pleasure and a responsible attitude to their appearance?
Like any other girl, I always like to look after themselves. But I can not say that I somehow especially hard doing it. But the immutable rules for me, of course. For example, when I shot, it is important to carefully remove them after all the makeup to skin a rest and quiet sleep.

You are by nature an experimenter or stick to any one of the brand?
I am constantly in their sympathies. When I checked the brand and already know what it is right for me, I can use its products for a long time. Of course, it happens that after a while there is a feeling as if the skin "was used," and then the makeup should change.

It so happens that I want to try something new, because like, for example, packaging. Generally, you pay attention to the packaging?
No, for me, more important than the quality of what's inside the jar. Beautiful healthy skin - the main decoration of the girl.

Earlier looked more cosmetics ... the ladies, let's say. Now there are a lot of lines for young girls. A more vivid. You as a designer pay attention to product design, fonts, color combination?
Of course, youth cosmetics are often framed more clearly, juicy, sometimes even defiant. This is normal, because the products are for the young to reflect our spirit, mood, our perception of life. This is a new packaging line NIVEA Pure Effect I like. Soft and comfortable shape. And the colors create a feeling of cleanliness.

You have no desire to create their own cosmetic line?
I have a line of perfume! (Laughs.) So far, there are two flavor, one called "Kira", the second - "18". If we talk about the whole cosmetic line, the time for that has not come yet. I am a serious and responsible attitude to everything I do, and until you feel ready to go into a completely new area for me. Fashion design - this is my hobby that fascinates me 100%.

And if some worthy, respected brand will appeal to you with the request to create a design for them?
Package design? I am pleased to be tried ... I was always very interested to participate in creative projects. The main thing that they had a lot of space for creativity.

How does your face care when traveling?
During migration, especially in the summer, the skin dries out much. So I start it actively moisturize to help relive stress and flight change in climate. And, of course, cleaning. This is very important. At the airport, and everywhere, where a lot of people - a lot of bacteria and germs.

How do you use the time?
Wet wipes for cleansing the face. Always carry a bag.

How to look good after a long flight?
We should get some sleep. I have lately flights for 11-12 hours, because I fly from America to Moscow and back. To look good, I put or render only make up before the plane landed.

Who taught you the secrets of beauty?
My grandmother opened me a lot of their secrets, learned long ago, a time-tested secrets of natural care products. My mother helped me get acquainted with the right makeup. But I myself am learning a lot.

What was your first cosmetic product?
When I was very young, I was presented with a set of color cosmetics in the form of a bear cub. There has been and lipstick and shadows. Of course, I still do not know how to use it, but I really like the look and smell of these funds. This set is for me a symbol of adulthood.

And before you use decorative cosmetics?
I kept my mother's lipstick red lipstick, it was so exciting! Although I did not go it. I was always interested to adorn themselves. I remember I was very small and I was a short hair cut, and I wanted to I had a big fluffy braid. Then the grandmother wove me braid the coolest of the thread, and I am very happy. The result was a chic hair accessory handmade.

Your advice to care for themselves?
Be sure to clean the skin before going to bed, so she was resting. I recommend the gel Wash off !, it is soft and well removes cosmetics. Then necessarily tonic, eg Stay clear !. I like its flavor, and it does not dry, and moisturizes and tones the skin. It is necessary to moisten the skin before proceeding with make-up. Do a make dry skin - it hurt and provoke inflammation. Line NIVEA Pure Effect - what you need young girl. It contained only mild formula, clear skin, enjoy the care and confidence.

How often do you use special tools: Peeling, mask?
Peeling - 1-2 times a week, masks - not more than 1 time per week. I use exfoliating gel Clean Deeper !. He carefully and at the same time so gently cleanses the skin! After that, it always means a smooth and soft.

 Beauty Secrets from Kira Plastinina

You're not just a fan of NIVEA, but now a leading brand in the new project?
Yes, I was invited to take part in the continuation of the action NIVEA «Perfect Date", and I am very pleased with this proposal. I speak as an expert in the fashion world, telling the girls about fashion trends, give advice on how best to dress to impress bright first date.

And you yourself have become a party in the game?
I never got acquainted on the Internet, but the idea seems quite interesting. The well-known brand organizes on its website the game with a good and fun idea for the girls. You can win cool prizes and get to know the boys. In addition, it is not just a dating site, and exciting adventure.

Did you have pets in the last game?
I would not like to give someone preference ... (smiles enigmatically.)