Bobby Brown all the daily make-up - tricks, tips, tricks
 Bobbi Brown, the founder of cosmetics brand Bobbi Brown, is an authority in the field of make-up. She knows all about it. Her makeup is recognized by women in different countries. It is no accident Bobbi Brown products are used at Fashion Week, is the highest recognition in the world of cosmetics.

Collection makeup by Bobbi Brown - they can be used to study the techniques and trends. Shades as much as you need, many products are multi-functional. It is appreciated by women.

Journal of Health has asked Bobby about what excites us. How to make your daily make-up special, how to apply makeup quickly, can be resistant meykap which products to use, etc. The interview turned into an entire modern make-up instructions.

What to take with you to the beautician?
Bobbi Brown:   I am in favor of minimalism. Choose a multi-tasking products. For example, cream bronzer suitable for cheeks and eyelids. Brown eyeliner fit to tint eyes and eyebrows (to tint roots). Lip Gloss advise you to use to make the emission not only lips, but also the eyes. Besides, translucent lip gloss tame unruly hairs on the eyebrows (works like a wax).

The best method of applying the tonal framework?
BB:   It depends on what kind of coverage you want. Brush or sponge gives a heavier coating than the work of your fingers, but the sponge gives a clean result. For the filming, I use a brush first, and then the final distribution of tones with a sponge. I prefer such triangular sponge, they are comfortable.

 Bobby Brown all the daily make-up - tricks, tips, tricks

As for my own daily makeup, I use my fingers. But whatever method you choose, to finish the process of applying tone always advise fingers. When the foundation cover interacts with the natural oils of your hands, it becomes more like his own skin.

What makeup brushes do I need?
BB:   In my purse is always only four brush:
- Brush for eye shadow - rounded, natural shape. It covers the eyelid with one touch.
- Brush for blush, pretty much, to cover the apples of your cheeks, too, with one touch.
- Brush eyeliner. It should be flat, hard, with synthetic bristles (longer it holds its shape).
- Brush eyebrows, cut at an angle. Best Mode - a mixture of natural and synthetic bristles, it allows the brush to be durable and yet more evenly distribute color.

 Bobby Brown all the daily make-up - tricks, tips, tricks

How to avoid streaks and stains on the skin when applied bronzer?
BB:   Indeed, such a bronzer products there. But it is not as bronzer powder. Chances are, you apply bronzer too early, once on a moisturizer, it is the band. Keep in mind that bronze powder should be applied to completely dry the skin surface because they are lighter than the other powder is mixed with liquid and gel base is absorbed quickly, stick to wet surfaces. So let uvladnyayuschemu cream soak first. The second suggestion - use a large fluffy brush to apply, but always brush off excess powder before work. Apply bronzer powder brush in a circular motion to those areas of the face where the sun falls in the first place: the cheeks, nose, forehead.

How to prolong resistance lip gloss?
BB:   Start with a thorough exfoliation of the lips with a damp toothbrush. Then - a pencil to fill in the entire lip skin of the lips or apply lipstick. This will create a base for the light and allow him to stay longer. Note also that the heavier texture luster tend to be more resistant.

 Bobby Brown all the daily make-up - tricks, tips, tricks

How to apply concealer: under the foundation or from the top?
BB:   No way, no way. First apply concealer under the eyes, and the foundation to other areas of the skin. It can be just a little bit to mix them. And remember, concealer should be 2 shades lighter than the foundation.

Can I wear bronzer winter?
BB:   There is nothing wrong to apply bronzer in this time of year. You just need to use the right product. Choose a shade that matches your natural skin tone (check your skin, it has a particular shade of yellow, pink or red). First, apply a moisturizer, then keys (you can combine these two products together), and then apply a bronzer on the areas which are always covered sun: the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.

 Bobby Brown all the daily make-up - tricks, tips, tricks

What kind of makeup do you usually take to travel?
BB:   I like to travel light. Therefore, here in my purse: reticulation shadows in shades of beige and brown (it is used as eye shadow, liner, eye shadow eyebrows), pink lip gloss, scrunchy, wipes for removing makeup and comb.

Before the trip, I usually I go to a beauty boutique and bring out a lot of samplers, and take them with you. It is very convenient, just throw out the packaging, and saves a lot of space in your bag. No shampoo, no air conditioning, I do not take with them, only probes. The same applies to perfume bottles.

I'd like to try false eyelashes for a party. What do you advise?
BB:   I highly recommend using individual lashes, they have a more natural look and easy to use. And buy those for which the adhesive is sold separately. And we must act as follows: move the lash line with a pencil, then apply mascara on the lashes. Now you can see where you need to glue false cilia. Take the tweezers eyelash, dip it in the tip of the glue and glue. For the upper eyelid only four cilia toward the outside corner of the eye. Believe me, no longer need. Remove false eyelashes can be a means for removing makeup, designed for waterproof products, they dissolve any glue.

 Bobby Brown all the daily make-up - tricks, tips, tricks

How to apply concealer to fine lines were not visible?
BB:   The first secret is to make sure that the folds under the eyes were not so noticeable - a thorough wetting the area around the eyes. Before you apply make-up day cream for the eyes. Then the skin will be more fulfilled, concealer does not accumulate in the folds. Apply concealer with a brush under the eyes down to the eyelashes of the lower eyelid, and certainly closer to the inner corner of the eye. Use your fingertips to drive in the skin, then apply a light layer of powder of yellowish hue. Concealer should be 2 shades lighter tone of your money!

How to remove ink from eyelashes?
BB:   Not everyone can do it right. First, determine the means for removing makeup. The product is water-based ink is removed by conventional means and light makeup and liquid makeup remover, oil-based is designed to heavy texture and waterproof mascara. Moisten a cotton swab in the liquid make-up remover, hold the eyelashes a few seconds and wipe mascara. Proceed gently to wash off ink from eyelashes only, not shift the delicate eyelid skin. If the ink remained under the eyes, do not scrape the skin and do not move the ball, gently remove the remains of the carcass with a napkin.

 Bobby Brown all the daily make-up - tricks, tips, tricks

How to paint more resistant?
BB:   If by mid-afternoon glow disappears, I advise you to first apply the cream blush, and on top - Powder. Shade will be brighter, stronger, will last long. I always take a pretty bright blush, but I prefer to put their light touch, you can use bright blush and a thick layer.

How to make a natural eye liner?
BB:   If you feel that the liner on the eyes look a little artificial, try to go with a sharp black on dark brown. Use the shadows, they will give your eyes a softer look than only one clear gel liner. To make a more natural liner after liner take angular brush, soak in water, take shade, similar in color to the color of the liner, and a little smudge eyeliner.

What to do with chapped lips? In winter, it is often!
BB:   One only balm does not help. First, drink more water, because chapped lips - most often the result of dehydration. Second, try to use a little bit of lip cream for your eyes. Moisturizing eye cream helps with dry skin. You can try to add some cream anti-aging ingredient: rosehip oil, hyaluronic acid. Finally, in the afternoon, do not use balms with menthol, they can dry the skin of the lips.

 Bobby Brown all the daily make-up - tricks, tips, tricks

Author: Olga Larsen