Donatella Versace knows what sexuality
 Fashion reacts to economic processes that are taking place in Europe, and all over the world. The crisis speaks aspiration to minimalism in clothing, makeup, a clear and understandable manner. Even staunchly standing on his feet, iconic fashion brands like Dior, Chanel, offer a simple and cost-effective solutions. Just do not tell Donatella Versace! She would never believe that glamor and pretentiousness is not a trend.

Versace - it's still a luxury and even extravagance, it is always the complexity and detail. And even in times of economy brand is not going to change myself.

Versace fans precisely because it is like Versace. Italian cult brand reciprocate. Confirmation of this - the expansion of the empire Versace, despite the economic recession and restrictions on expenditures from its customers. For example, this fall in New York, Donatella Versace has opened another boutique Versace. What here limitations! All the same: unique prints, gold decor, fur and skin - that's what the client buy from Versace.

 Donatella Versace knows what sexuality

 Donatella Versace knows what sexuality
Donatella at the opening of the boutique.

At the presentation of a new boutique in Soho FashionIndie journalists had to ask a few questions Donatella. 15 questions in 15 minutes   - So the printed version of the conversation.

What does it mean for you sexy?
Donatella Versace: When looking at you - then you are sexy. Even if you just look in her eyes - it is sexy. Sexuality - is not only the body curves and tight-fitting dress. This attitude.

How do you manage to be sexy?
DV .: I grew up feeling like a glamorous, I do not know anything else. For me, this is natural.

What are your secrets to health and fitness?
DV .: I do cardio, not because I like it, but I do it 5 times a week /

A beauty secrets?
DV .: What am I doing? I sleep in the cold.

Is there any situation where the flat sole is more appropriate than a heel?
DV .: And what is a flat sole?

 Donatella Versace knows what sexuality
Collection Fall-2012 by Versace

What inspires you?
DV .: This is the city. For example, when I go to London or New York, I feel so much energy around! More music, it inspires me. I love listening to music very loudly. My favorite styles - rap and rock and roll. Now sometimes like pop. This inspires me to work. There are cities that are filled with it, for example, New York.

Trendy gloss circled your photos with Lady Gaga. What do you think about her?
DV .: I can say that it is fantastic. She's fearless. It is solved. It has no boundaries. She is constantly working. It never stops. We spent the day together with her (it was in Milan) and it was very simple - to communicate with her. Lady Gaga gets out of life. It is phenomenal. You have to understand, it is phenomenal!

 Donatella Versace knows what sexuality
At the end of the Milan Fashion Week in October 2012. Lady Gaga visited the Palazzo Versace. She came to Donatella, along with his dog dog Fozzie and the photographer Thierry Richardson, who was the author of the whole world have scattered frames of the meeting of two stars.

 Donatella Versace knows what sexuality

You could have something to advise all of us?
DV .: Always look inside yourself and never lose yourself.

 Donatella Versace knows what sexuality
Lady Gaga recently became a fan of Versace, when there was a vintage dress brand in its video Edge of Glory.

What do you still want to do?
DV .: I want to sing. I want to, I had a group. I was attracted by the image of a rock star, I want to sing. I am not kidding. But I can not sing. I smoke cigarettes all day!

What do you think about fashion and social networks?
DV .: Web sites are important, it is the future of fashion. Everyone wants to watch shows online. I use Twitter. But no one knows my nickname, so I was there no one recognizes, and I can write whatever I want. But I have no time to follow the tweets of others. Just sometimes you want to talk on the network.

 Donatella Versace knows what sexuality
Collection Fall-2012 by Versace

 Donatella Versace knows what sexuality
Collection Fall-2012 by Versace

How was your collaboration with Christopher Kane?
DV .: I think he was afraid of my heels.

But you captured this cooperation?
DV .: It's like an infection or a virus. Working with young, creative designers give a different vision of things. It is very interesting.

Is there any one thing that should be in every woman?
DV .: Black patent leather shoes with high heels. They change the attitude to life and add sensuality.

 Donatella Versace knows what sexuality

Give recommendations on how and what to buy?
DV .: Buy it!

What a moment Versace can be called the most significant in the history of the brand?
DV .: This is the time when there were supermodels. It was the most fabulous time. Christy, Linda - between girls was real competition, it was created many interesting works in a fashion glossy, advertising. It was amazing. And I was a member of it!
Author: Julia Gnedina