Latest tips from the style of Evelyn Khromtchenko
 Logically, if you are thinking about how to update the wardrobe with the arrival of the new season. Will fall at an opportune moment, these tips from an expert fashion, leading "Fashionable sentence," the former editor in chief of Russian L'Officiel, Evelyn Khromtchenko.

The basis of the article make appearances Evelina on the program "Fashionable sentence" and in an interview with the publication of "Antenna-Telesem."

The basic wardrobe: what to have and what to buy in the fall?
Well composed base can serve you for years if not decades. Classic English trenchcoat khaki bright silk squares, Camel-colored cardigan, dress in chiffon flower, plaid cowboy shirt and black jockey boots will get more of your granddaughter as a vintage trophy.

And each new season, allow yourself to something that will stain your clothes in individual shades: ballet shoes, clutches, nail polish of fashionable colors, new jewelry and shoes that reflect a major stylistic trend of the season, points relevant forms perfume that will make you feel themselves in a new way ...

To be fashionable, it is not necessary to be very rich, just have to wisely spend the money - solely on the fact that you go.

 Latest tips from the style of Evelyn Khromtchenko
Basic things, the choice Evelina

Good taste need to train every day. When you stop doing it, how much would you not was about 19 or 75, begins aging.

Do the rules of selection of clothes depending on age?
There are no hard and fast rule here does not exist. Fashion appeals to reason and intuition are women. A priori, the situation should be avoided as the "pioneer behind the front pensioner" and the effect of "little grandmother."

Typically, the older the woman, the more the body it covers. The most obvious indicator of age in suit - is the length of the skirt. According to statistics, the mini-skirt increases the interest of men to women is 45%. Some women are afraid to wear a mini-skirt. But there are those who are afraid to put anything other than a mini.

There are certain limits, ethical and social, to cross that in a miniskirt is impossible. This familiarity with the grandmother of your groom, a registry office, hospital, parents' meeting, a solemn family out.

How to dress in different situations?
Let us remember a very simple rule: do not try to be original and to be "like everyone else." On the job - in a suit. The shop - in jeans. At home - in a beautiful gown or dress nice home (not in a tracksuit, not stretched T-shirt, not in a ragged coat, not in your pajamas). At the party - in a smart cocktail dress knee (higher or lower depending on the beauty of the legs). In nature - in shorts and a t-shirt that cover the belly, waist, hips, and do not open the places that cause you the most questions.

A separate request to the corpulent ladies: stop torturing her hair, trying to look "modnenko." Do not paint ten times a year in a tomato eggplant. Pick a hairstyle that suits you, in your natural color, and the color does not change, "feathers", and dresses and shoes. Your size in the stores there. I checked.

And one more important thing: asphalt - it's not a red carpet, not a platform for concert performance, no television program. Sharon Stone and Madonna go to the gym in a sports suit on a parent-teacher meeting at the school are sent to the flowered dress, a concert of classical music go in a little black dress on the knee, and an appointment to the Queen of England and the French president is in a dress-case or English costume classic neutral colors, with a skirt covering the knees.

Should I listen to her man in the choice of clothing?
Choosing clothes, do not buy something that is convenient and comfortable, but the fact that your man asks. If he does not get it from you, he will find it elsewhere. Red mini, stockings and boots in a grid? Yes please! All this is for him the favorite, but only in the bedroom. For a threshold of the house "beauty" can not stand. It's every man understands obscured. And people can be a high heel and closed red dress is not arrogant tone, the benefit of red shades - the sea.

Of course, keep in mind the taste of a loved one, it's the most important audience in the world. But to transform ourselves from a man with a doll in his opinion should not be her husband. And then, man, if you think about it, is very accommodating. Just do not argue with them and say that you have done exactly the way they wanted. They always believe.

You always advise heel. Why is that? And how long should it be?
Researchers at the University of Wroclaw in Poland found out how long should be the woman's legs. The scientists showed pictures of four men of the same women in full growth. In the first pictures lady had "their" feet. The other images were processed on a computer: the legs lengthened by 5, 10 and 15%. Volunteers appreciated the "additive" is only 5 and 10%. A 15% considered excessive. What the researchers concluded: extension of women's feet for 6-8% significantly and consistently inspiring, and 4-5% are perceived with delight.

As soon as she gets on her heel, she immediately happens happiness in his personal life - it's the law. Heel gives the woman some instability, and thus, there is certainly a man who wants to support it.

What is the optimal height? The average length of women's feet - about 55% of the body. So, according to the Polish study, women will have to look good in the eyes of men, if it is lifted to a height of 4-5% growth. Let's say, for the lady in 165-170 centimeters optimal leg lengthening about 7 centimeters, the tiny woman (155-160 cm) can stay for 6 centimeters, and high (175-180 cm) - 8.

 Latest tips from the style of Evelyn Khromtchenko
Shoes from the collection AW-2012

Is it possible to break the fashion rules?
Fashion - this is the area where you need to first memorize the rules and then break them. So my advice: first, create the ideal basic wardrobe - clean and simple, neutral, friendly layout tones of high-quality expensive materials. It will serve as a safe background for any fashion experiments.

With regard to how to be an individual, do not worry: if you - personality, it all at once will notice, even if you're in a simple dress. Even in a completely identical suits, two women will be able to look different, because unlike are accessories and hairstyles, eye color and hair style to wear things, and external data - height, volume - will be different.

Always remember: the extravagant - this is the main enemy of elegance, so be wary of any extreme decisions (complete with dress pants, or exposure of any encirclement with the definition of "too much", the abundance of elements that require sustained attention in the suit).

All seasonal trends is to assess on a scale of "perpetual use". If trendy accent can be used for a long time, be able to lodge a new thing in the locker room for all: for example, orange or emerald - a classic color, they will serve you for a long time. But printing a photo-landscapes or photo portrait - a one-time thing, since one and the same picture is quickly bored and well remembered. Wearing such a new thing two or three times, you need to hang it in the closet, that it was your own vintage fund.
Author: Olga Larsen