Slimming program by Rimma Moysenko
 Lose weight is not difficult, much more difficult to stay slim for life. Not an easy task, but it is doable. So says Rimma Moysenko - the main television nutritionist country's permanent consultant on the project "Lose excess" in the program "Health" Elena Malysheva on the First Channel, the author of the book "My program of harmony" and the developer of a unique technique of finding beauty and health.

Today, Rima Moysenko shares the secrets of losing weight with readers

- Rima V., the essence of the psychological approach, which is based on your book "My program of harmony"?
- People who come to me for help, have different reasons for being overweight, and to create an individual treatment program, first of all, you must understand what is the main reason for the acquisition of the first weight loss .  People with different psycho they are different .  In some, it is simply the wrong operation and improper eating behavior .  Other food - compensation of negative emotions, others are experiencing stress due to lack of attention from their surroundings .  Fourth in a state of chronic stress, the person experiencing the conflict .  All causes of gaining excess weight are determined by the characteristics of psycho .  Therefore, the psychological approach to work is the leading and most importantly, that helps solve the problem of overweight and identify the characteristics of the process of losing weight .  Even the probability of failure of eating behavior is determined by the peculiarities of psycho-knowing that can help patients avoid these failures .

- Your book is aimed at a specific readership and can help for everybody?
 Slimming program by Rimma Moysenko
   - The book "My program of harmony" - a book for everyone, because it is a labor of love for the people around the world, on the right attitude to life. The book is very good and helps to determine the spiritual component of the meaning of life. A book for those who want to be silent happier, helps to see yourself from the outside, which makes it possible to analyze their own mistakes, to emphasize the dignity of his character.

- Today a lot is said and written about healthy eating by investing in this concept different content. From your perspective, what is a healthy, balanced diet?
- A healthy balanced diet - it's natural fresh food, freshly prepared products containing in its composition all the necessary ingredients, such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates, trace elements, vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, probiotics, etc. in necessary and sufficient to ensure the normal functioning of all systems of the body and maintaining it in a state of health. Meals should be varied and certainly enough in calories, equal to the amount of energy that provides adequate internal needs and external activities of the body.

- How to buy healthy eating habits?
- Healthy eating habits should be formed. It is better to do with my childhood. A child is born with absolutely correct healthy eating habits. And if to form healthy habits this age, there is nothing to "break" is not necessary. If disturbed eating behavior, the eating habits begin to form at any age. It is important to be consistent, rigorous, clearly define for themselves regime meals and unconditionally follow the new regime of eating behavior. Gradually, new habits reflexively move to the level of the subconscious, and the body itself, we will dictate to them.

- Diet - it is a necessity? Or rather there is only when a person is hungry?
- Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, a diet - it is a necessity. There is an axiom: the more you eat, the more you want. And vice versa: the less you eat, the less you want. Those who eat too little, no appetite at all. Therefore, the normal level of metabolism in the case of tendency to increase or decrease in body weight better define the precise mode of nutrition and strictly follow it. The body eventually begins to understand what is required of it the owner.

- What are the ways to reduce appetite can you advise?
- Good appetite - a sign of good health. And a correct diet and strict adherence to its principles will help prevent unauthorized hunger.

- Rima V., can learn to "not jam" their problems?
- You can, if you learn to relate differently to these problems. That is, if you can not change your life, you need to learn how to change the attitude towards life.

- How to deal with a sweet addiction? Is it possible to win?
- Sometimes, the body may lack some trace elements, such as chromium or vanadium, which are involved in the delivery of oxygen to every cell in the body and trigger the desire to eat sweet .  You can just add to the diet of chromium picolinate and the problem will be solved .  Perhaps a person excessive physical activity, inadequate to its possibilities and leads to hypoglycemia, provoking the desire to eat sweet .  Perhaps the body is simply not enough endorphins, especially in winter and spring, which may be accompanied by a slight depressive state .  Sweet can be replaced with pleasant walks in the fresh air or impressions on a good show, movie, etc. . d .  Insufficient sleep again, leading to cravings and morning hypoglycemia in sweets during the day .  This has been proved by scientists all over the world .  And if you are still drawn to the sweet, it is currently offered sweet-functional food without harming the body .

- How to lose weight after pregnancy? After the appetite during pregnancy and breast-feeding "off scale", she eats more familiar, stomach stretches and gets used to the new size of the portions. What do you advise mothers?
- The most banal: in the period of breast-feeding to connect to a healthy diet. Already in this period, it is necessary to control the rate of fluid consumed, the volume of food at each meal, to control the mood during the meal and possibly compensate for the lack of sleep in the daytime.

- Do the Supplements to lose weight? How effective are they?
- Of course, it helps. Supplements containing vitamins and minerals necessary for the normalization of metabolism, as well as plant compositions, such as Garcinia Cambodian, moderately reduces appetite. There phytoextracts accelerating metabolic processes at the cellular level. Or elkarnitin that converts the energy of splitting fat into muscle energy.

- Thank you!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya