The expert says: Everything you wanted to know about online shopping
 Read the interview of women's purchases of goods on the Internet.
Responsible expert online hypermarket Zulfiya Dianova.

What most Russians are buying on the internet? What products are increasingly choosing men what women?

Zulfiya Dianov : The most common "female" baskets with orders occur dryers, stylers, foot bath, epilators and other items of small household appliances, the necessary modern woman. Second place goes to the famous perfume brands. Also popular are the bedding and products for children. Our women customers choose brands or tested, or pre "get acquainted" with the goods in the off-line stores. Men prefer to make online purchases more global: they are objects of large home appliances - from washing machines to refrigerators, and audio / video equipment - from the home theater to the giant LCD TV.

Can we, and whether to buy cosmetics, creams, perfumes online?

ZD : Of course, first of all - it is profitable at a price to the same range of major online stores are often much wider and more interesting than the usual stores of perfumes and cosmetics. Of course, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of the seller: a reliable online store that values ​​its reputation, you do not sell expired cream or low-quality perfume.

What you need to consider when buying fancy goods, bags, gloves, shoes online?

ZD : Carefully read the product description: material, color, size, etc. The colors of the digital photographs sometimes leaves much to be desired, and the real size, for example, women's handbags, hard to define, guided only by her image. Footwear better to order from online stores that provide the opportunity to try on several sizes in the delivery of the order. Major online stores often offer their customers the entire collection of fashionable fancy goods from manufacturers - and it's perfect, because in such cases the seller can sell goods at the best price.

 The expert says: Everything you wanted to know about online shopping
In the photo: best sellers, leather bags Palio

Now on the Internet to buy fashionable watches. How to properly choose? What brand popular? What guarantees must provide the seller on this particular item?

ZD : Selection of watches is really huge, besides the now fashionable to have a few hours - and change them depending on the situation .  If you are not a connoisseur and expert in watch movements - safely choose quartz (electronic) clocks that do not require such careful treatment, as mechanical .  More recently, the global market was divided Swiss and Japanese giants such as Bulova, Candino, Epos, Sector, Casio, Citizen, etc. . And is now actively promoted by young brands such Romanson, Chronotech and dozens of other names .  In my opinion, the most promising category of hours in terms of style - Fashion .  For lovers of brand clothes are produced each season fashion collections .  Now Wrist Fashion Watches also produces the famous and proven watch companies .  Fantasy designers are not limited by any framework .  I prefer to watch in the style of "ethnic", but I also have a clock in the sports style, and evening watch, decorated with crystals .  When buying a wristwatch, you must provide a guarantee from authorized distributors and producers for a period of 1 year to 2 years .  Many manufacturers also provide certificates of conformity .

How to choose the goods and on that first of all need to pay attention to a customer?

ZD : It is necessary to focus on three criteria: price, brand, functionality. Take, for example, children's universal pram 2 in 1 - a thing, at some point you need in each family. Are you ready to allocate from the family budget from 9 to 11 thousand. Rubles. The website store has several suitable models in this price category.

 The expert says: Everything you wanted to know about online shopping
 Of course, first of all you pay attention to the manufacturer, with products that have already dealt or heard of it positive reviews, study in detail the description of the model, consider the image, look, if there is additional information about this wheelchair. Good manufacturers bundle their products based on the needs of its customers. Rather, the model is equipped with everything necessary. Consider whether you need the "extra" bells and whistles. It is unlikely that you will walk with the baby in the pouring rain - hence, rain completely optional. But, if you live on the 3rd floor of building without an elevator, you should pay particular attention to the weight and height of the wheelchair, because every day you have to pick it up the stairs.
In the photo on the right: the leader of sales, Stroller Inglesina Zippy 2010

How to choose the right online store?

ZD We live in an age when it is very easy to find all the necessary information without leaving home. Chances are, your friends or acquaintances already used Internet services, ask for their opinion. There are many websites, blogs, forums, communities, where people share their shopping experience. Pay attention to the store's website: if you specify a registered office, there is detailed information about the company, there is information about employees (photos, etc.) are shown working phones - such a seller is trustworthy. Raises suspicions shops, working only on a prepaid basis. Ask whether you can choose different payment options to online store, and if so - it is also a big plus. The best way to check your online store - not very expensive to make a purchase: you will immediately see whether the seller complies with its obligations, whether it is possible to deal with it in the future.

Which is better not to buy online and off-line retailers to turn to?

ZD In my opinion, it is better not to buy products, particularly perishables. In addition, many large grocery stores offer a delivery service products. Raises suspicions numerous pharmaceutical and Semi-Medical websites, besides their activity is questionable in terms of law.

What rights does the customer when accessing the online store? Can I return the goods? What if the size did not fit? How does the law on the rights of consumers when making purchases on the Internet?

ZD Law on consumer protection extends to off-line, as well as to on-line shopping .  Rights customers are protected by law .  And on the Internet and in stores near the house, you can run into problems .  But reliable seller with a good reputation (as opposed to the one-day firms) has always fulfilled its obligations to the buyer .  Product warranty period set by the manufacturer or seller, if the warranty period the manufacturer is not installed .  The package should be based on the warranty card with the round seal of the seller, with the date of sale .  Be sure to keep a check during the warranty period .  Some manufacturers have agreed with the seller that the seller is performing warranty .  The client must be able to contact the seller .  To do this, I advise to choose online shopping, which, as a minimum, have a legal address, and even better - the point of shipment or an offline point of sale .

 The expert says: Everything you wanted to know about online shopping
In the photo: best sellers, leather bag Palio, suede bag Eleganzza

What are the "bestsellers" in women's products for the women's spring-summer 2011?

ZD : Based on the experience with the start of the warm season, women customers choose leather bags in bright colors, from orange to purple and turquoise, well after the recent royal wedding of increased demand for models of classic shapes and colors. I would like to note that we sell only original, certified products, mainly in Italy. Now more and more customers come to the conclusion that it is better to buy the original bag is not very well-known Italian brand than dubious copy of the famous fashion house.

 The expert says: Everything you wanted to know about online shopping
 Stable demand bedroom suites noble colors, especially popular figures "Butterfly" and "cherry blossoms". These bestsellers - baby strollers and car seats. Also women customers actively bought scooters and pedal cars.
On the left: leader of sales, towels TAC Delta