Make-up: from the office to a party in 10 minutes
 Before any holiday party or there are problems with the look. How to feel fresh and attractive after a hard day (shopping or business trips). Make-up artist from Los Angeles, Marietta Carter-Narcisse (Marietta Carter-Narcisse), tells us how in less than 10 minutes, put himself shape and look simply stunning. Here are a few of her tips, along with our own.

Take a refreshing dip.   Wipe the face with water extracts of essential oils to freshen up and put himself in a sense. These tools can be purchased at specialty stores or prepare themselves by mixing a bottle of water and a few drops of lavender and roses, which have a calming and relaxing properties.

Touch up irregularities.   Pumps light cream base only on those areas where it is most needed: usually under the eyes and around the nose. Try Neutrogena Healthy Skin Cream Powder Makeup or Vincent Longo Water Canvas.

Accentuate the eyes.   Use a fine brush to draw the outline of half upper and lower eyelids dark smoky-gray shadows and then blend the line with your finger. It is also well suited to the shade of shiny particles. It all depends on your mood.

Red lips . If bright eyes - not your style, try the bright lips. First, align their contour pencil that matches your natural lip color, then use a brush to apply your chosen lipstick (today better than red). We like Almay's Lip Vitality Smoothing Lipcolor number 32 - is a classic red lipstick containing kinetin antivovozrastnoy ingredient, nutritional vitamins and an SPF of 15.

Aroma.   For instant glamor prysnite on the inside of the wrist and neck with a festive flavor. Some of the new products: Calvin Klein Sheer Obsession - a light, spicy fragrance, reminiscent of the East; the new fragrance of the same name Gucci - sensual, modern, flower; and Ralph Lauren Glamourous - romantic fragrance that leaves a little shine on your skin.

Gloss.   Complete a festive image of fast-drying nail polish of some bright color, for example, L'Oreal Jet-Set Quick Dry Nail Enamel, shade Fleeting - rich red color.