Rejuvenating Makeup
 "It seems to be difficult to keep up with new trends in make-up, however, there are some little secrets that are above fashion, and possession can podbavit confidence every woman" - says Dominique de Vorg, author of "Anti-aging makeup" (published by Solar)

1. The basis for the make-up - it is also the color for the face.

To make successfully "lay down", must not forget to clean the skin cosmetic milk. Even if you feel that your face is absolutely clean, still, on a cotton pad will remain microscopic particles of sebum, which could use makeup to lay down on the skin tight and smooth.

Shake well the foundation, which should be a tone lighter than your kozha.Nanesite her face with a damp sponge, well rubbing the outer sides of the face. (If you're rubbing your fingers, the effect will not be as "smooth" and the foundation will not hold so firmly).

Under the eyes, apply the tone for the eye contour, which should also be lighter than your "natural" color. Do not forget the wings of the nose, weaknesses and any red spots.

Think of a beige-pink shade colors - it gives the face a pleasant expression. Making a cloud around a century, this shade does not apply under the eyes, but the outer edge of the upper eyelid, close to the cheek - this small gesture will make your eyes radiant.

Ispolzuytea puff, which will ngorazdo evenly apply powder. Powdered cheeks, forehead, all the wrinkles. Eyelids - it is imperative that they are well kept shadows. Take the time out to carefully examine himself in the mirror and check whether lay powder.

We recommend:

  Base lumière by Chanel   It gives shine and facilitates the application of colors.

Age Defying Liquid tone from Revlon.   It contained a complex BotafirmTM polishes the skin and rejuvenates it. Tightens pores and masks. There are 5 colors.

Powder Compact Hydra Feel by Yves Saint Laurent.   Saves matte color within a few hours due to micro-sponges empty silicon in absorbent compositions. There are 6 colors.

Loose powder Eclat Naturel Ravivé by Helena Rubinstein.   Thanks to its optical nacre, a combination of waxes and micro-particles of silicon, it makes the skin natural and delicately satin. There are 3 colors.

  Cream Powder Eye Contour Estompe Eclat by Chanel!   It helps to hide small defects. There are 3 colors

  2. High cheekbones

Put a large soft brush on the outside of the cheeks pink or orange blush quietly, rubbing them upwards. This simple gesture gives an interesting effect - it "picks up" visually lifts the cheekbones and face.

We recommend:

Blush Blush Focus on Lancôme:   matte shades in the body that fits easily in your bag

  3. "Hot look"

Start with the basics of make-century natural color, which will enable better "take" one or more of the selected color.

Today's trend - one-color shade and decorative sequins on the eyelids. Choose a color khaki, bronze, purple color, to be as close as possible to fashion. White mother of pearl shade is also very beautiful. If you prefer the classic makeup, choose colors that you like: light (sky blue, beige) or darker (eggplant, green spruce).

On century need to play color to emphasize and enhance the eyes. Want to know a little trick to "refresh" the look? Barcode white pencil - at the inner corner of the eye.

Last chic: thick eyebrows more natural, but more accentuated! Do not forget to touch up their first epilation, and then slide them moistened brush. Thus, you get a beautiful line.

Finally, emphasize your eyes a few times spent on a long curved eyelashes brush.

We recommend:

  Eye shadow:
"Dark Metal" from The Body Shop.   It covers ever slight metallic luster, intense or thin, depending on the shade. It exists in three variants.

Collection makeup by Revlon Scarlette Rose

  Particular preference: eyeshadow Color Stay (collection is presented in panels), which are stored on the eyelids for 12 hours.


  Flextencilsl from Lancôme.   Increases the curvature and length of your lashes, thanks to specially twisted brush. There are 5 colors.

  Lash Queen of Helena Rubinstein.   Mascara - "decoration", which emphasizes the eyes, thickens and lengthens lashes with the new composition of the wax. There are 5 colors.

4.Guby, eye-catching.

Apply Vaseline to the lips clean, which polishes the lips and slightly increases their volume. Vaseline penetrates very quickly, remove it surplus sanitary napkin. Draw the outline of the lips with a pencil, apply lipstick with a brush.

Attention, if you emphasize your mouth, eye makeup should not be too bright. Add shine in the center of the lips. If you prefer a natural and sensual mouth - choose pink glitter!

  We recommend :

Miroir Shine by The Body Shop:   It covers lips metallic luster fresh and transparent colors, which is achieved with special shiny microparticles in its composition. There are 3 colors.

  Super Lustrous Lipstick by Revlon:   a unique combination of vitamins (B, C, and E) will protect your lips external influences; chromosphere, containing color pigments and agents to retain moisture, moisturize lips non-stop. There are 21 colors: matt version ("cream") or pearlescent version ("Pearl").