Six Tips to correct the eyebrows
 With the advent of warm days all the women even more preoccupied state of his hair. Somewhere we are increasing, and where, on the contrary, remove. But a new hairstyle and salon hair removal - this is not all. One of the most important components of our image is the shape of the eyebrows.

Most women prefer to adjust the shape of eyebrows yourself, without the help of professionals. I fully support: the certain experience is a simple procedure, and the money you can save even an entire summer t-shirt, well, or, at least, for a glass of refreshing summer cocktail.

However, as in any business, there are a few rules that will help us create a beautiful and natural brow line.

Before you start to pull out excess hair, apply a bit of a special gel eyebrows eyebrow He smooth the disheveled hair and create a shape - as a result, you will clearly see which hairs are knocked out and require removal. Instead, the gel can simply be water wet eyebrows, but hairs will bond together, due to which the excess can be removed accidentally.

Shape eyebrows - it's one of those things that should depend on fashion to a minimal degree. She selected strictly individually and as a rule, can not vary greatly. Do not chase fashion, and find the form that is right for your face .

remember, that "nedovyschipannye" eyebrows look much more natural "perevyschipannyh" So if in doubt, it is best to leave a couple of hairs in place. Otherwise, you will have to wait until they grow back again. And it can take up to two months!

Ever tweeze hairs just below the eyebrows Do not adjust the top line - it is natural for your face and, as a rule, most of you are. Top can be removed absolutely "prodigal" hairs that grow too far from the eyebrows or very much of it knocked out.

Typically, border eyebrows   are defined as follows: Take a pencil and attach it so that it passes through the edge of the nostrils and the inner corner of the eye - in the place where it intersects the eyebrow should be the beginning. This rule must be carried out accurately! Then "spend" the pencil over the edge of the nostrils and the outer corner of the eye - at the intersection with the eyebrow end to get it. Sometimes it is allowed to leave a long eyebrows if it suits you. However, they should not be shorter!

Eyebrow pencil should be chosen on the darker tone of hair color . If you choose too light, you lose the expressive eyebrows, and if too dark - they will look very unnatural.
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina