Unique Tips Tom Pesho
 Pesho Tom (Tom Pecheux) - King of makeup. He is among those who belong to a very small circle of high-fashion make-up artists.
To better define its status, it is enough to say that he has worked with Madonna and Princess Diana, as well as with the most famous actresses (Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore), top models (Naomi Kempel, Milla Jovovich, Linda Evangelista) and photographers.

Today he runs the catwalk make-up, which can not miss no major glossy magazine. He simply collects its participation in the prestigious fashion campaigns.

6 years Tom Pesho reigns in Shiseido, in the creative department of «The Make-up», every season creating makeup collection that become iconic. Glowing tricolor powder, retouch pencil base, leveling the skin, resistant lipstick moisturizing lip - not a complete list of innovative inventions of Tom Penh for Shiseido.

However, the art director of Shiseido does not belong entirely only of this world famous brand. His vanity ideas recharged luminaries such as high fashion, like Ralph Lauren, Valentine, Prada, Ungaro.

He started as a master chef style, ending at home in France, Burgundy region in the glorious things like our culinary college. He drew designs on cakes, and then went to Paris, and accidentally hit the school make-up artists. Today he said that between the first and second profession is not much difference - the same as in the Burgundian restaurant once, and now - in the creative department of Shiseido and fashion shows - it creates an unstable, fragile beauty, which immediately disappears.

This master of style, the legislator Make-up in the whole world calls the following items, observing that it is impossible not to look chic.
-Good Complexion fresh cheeks.
-effect Slightly floated lipstick on her painted lips after the bite of an apple.
-perfect Shape of the eyebrows.
-Availability Mascara on the eyelashes - black or brown.
-Lak On nails - in the tone of the skin.
  -Beauty Must be alive, like Kate Moss or Romy Schneider in the film "Swimming Pool."

It is said that the top models in shows for arguing to get to make it to Tom Pesho. Why is that? Because his principle: "Make a beautiful woman."

8 professional advice from Tom Pesho

I believe that well-groomed eyebrows are just as important for a woman looks like a manicure. This determines the person.

I have never imposed makeup without making first a short facial massage, even for a minute. By stimulating blood circulation, I heat the epidermis. The basis for the make-up will spread more easily, ensuring a wonderful transparent effect on the skin.

For blemishes I use masking a pencil before applying the background. Otherwise, like the pencil putty spots. For Shiseido, I came up with masking pencil, which has an extremely effective tip.

I always say that you should be considered carefully as a makeup game for your enjoyment.

I often use lipstick as blush. I'm careful and use them in small doses.

Curled lashes create a much more open expression. Way to keep lashes curled - ink, which acts as a fixing agent.

To avoid the "web" in his eyes, which I hate, I simply put ink on the base of the eyelashes without spreading it to the tips. This creates a black spot that highlights the eyes without making them heavy.

I still use my old good waterproof mascara, which remain after the flawless even after swimming. I would also like to highlight cheekbones.