10 Reasons to "wear" cosmetics
 Color or not - almost a rhetorical question for the female. Someone is a supporter of natural beauty and denies the slightest application on the face of any "frills" and the other - can not imagine life without torsion-rotation of the mirror. Do not undertake to share a draw point of view is 100%, but present to you the 10 benefits of using makeup:

1. The decision of skin problems

Composition of cosmetics is so varied that it is not only the strength to hide the visible flaws, but also to eliminate the causes of their appearance in the care of the skin. Moisturizers, matting, leveling redness, black dots, circles under the eyes, giving the skin radiance ... Assortment of makeup today is truly impressive!

2. The presence of UV-filters

What is the worst enemy of our beauty? Of course, the solar radiation, which can not hide even the frosty winter. For this reason, manufacturers are increasingly included in the composition of their cosmetics, this kind of "shield" that combats premature skin aging.

3. Anti-aging effect

It's great to apply concealer or shade to stay longer young and beautiful! It is not a utopia, but a reality. The structure of today's cosmetics include more ingredients that fight free radicals: vitamins, extracts from plants, minerals ...

 10 Reasons to "wear" cosmetics

4. The ability to always be different

Cosmetics - a great opportunity in no time to adjust to any situation. Suffice it to come up with and implement new image. What you today: the fatal temptress cute basque rock diva or a girl from a good family?

5. The chance to have such a person, what you want

Most cosmetics - an alternative to surgical intervention, which will help to find those cheekbones, like Megan Fox, lips - Angelina Jolie, and "eyes fawn" Audrey Hepburn. It is enough to master the technique of correction and sculpting the face with cosmetic jars, tubes and paletok.

6. The ability to look younger than their years,

What sin conceals: the clever use of makeup will look for at least 3-5 years younger than their chronological age. A healthy glow, beautiful and smooth skin color, open look ... these are the characteristics that speak for themselves: "Our winner - young and beautiful woman."

7. The ability to look brilliantly even "on the run"

The frantic pace of life we ​​used to do everything at a rapid pace, including cosmetics applied. That such acts were not to the detriment of our beauty, the market has a lot of tools 2-in-1: Stick for lips and cheeks, face powder + concealer, lipstick, gloss, etc. Such cosmetics not only helps to save time and money.

8. Be a trend

Using makeup according to the latest fashion trends - ekpress-way to make those around you, and Sweet Home Alabama "in the subject." You do not necessarily finish makeup courses, enough to spy periodically beauty-trends that are with us every month generously shares gloss, and play them on their "canvas."

 10 Reasons to "wear" cosmetics

9. Good mood

The beauty of jars, tubes and paletok has a wonderful property: uplift all women who start a priest in front of the mirror. The process of applying makeup to the face, particularly the fingertips, has a calming effect. Add to that the pleasure of their fresh appearance in the reflection of the mirror and it is impossible not to understand the hundreds of millions of women who every day are willing to spend time on makeup.

10. The attractiveness in the eyes of men

Painted girls and women produce much more interested in men than their "clean" girlfriend - a fact proven by numerous experiments and surveys. Of course, we are not talking about the "war paint" and emphasizing on own merits as almost touched cosmetics eyelashes, lips and eyes.

After reading the article, your hand has not reached out towards cosmetic? ..
Author: Anna Hodchenkova