A Game of Shadows: choose the "clothing" for the eyes
 It has long been known immutable truth of the mirror of the soul, which is the our eyes. Therefore it is natural desire of every woman to embellish their own "mirror". Do it quickly and effectively with one, even the most advertised mascara fail. So you should pay attention to the shade. If the resident has not yet taken a worthy place in your purse, let's correct the situation. To help - our helpful advice on the selection of the ideal eye shadow.

To select the shade of the case?

According to the "special effects" all the shadows are divided into matte and pearl (flickering). To better understand what you will accept more check out their main characteristics:

Matte shadow

Their goal - the creation of a natural day make-up, emphasizing the natural data eye. Due to the presence of different colored pigments are easy to lie and easily shaded. Applied to the entire eyelid.

 A Game of Shadows: choose the "clothing" for the eyes

Flickering / pearl

Ideal for creating a festive evening and makeup. It look soft glow and sparkle, but not applied to the entire eyelid, and a spot along the lash line on the bright matte foundation. Ladies aged need to know: the flickering shadows tend to gather in the folds of the century, emphasizing wrinkles.

 A Game of Shadows: choose the "clothing" for the eyes

Choose a suitable texture

To make it easier to navigate in a variety of shades, please use our tips:

Dry shade

Classics of the genre - reminiscent of powder, are compact and crisp, matte and pearl. The variety of colors is simply amazing! The most popular type of shadows since they can easily be mixed to obtain new colors, they are easily shaded, it is convenient to take with you.

Fatty shade resembling cream

  In its composition have substances that moisturize the eyelid skin. However, are complex in application, roll, if you overdo it with a thick layer, so it is recommended to mix with dry shadows. Suitable for those who wear lenses.

Liquid shadows

The peculiarity of this species - the presence of a thin brush, with which they are imposed. It stands at the "worn", so often used in the festive makeup. If you wish to be used as a liner, but requires a certain skill for drawing perfectly flat arrows.

 A Game of Shadows: choose the "clothing" for the eyes

Shadow Pencil

Is a color pencil, dressed in plastic or wooden case. It is very convenient to use, even for beginners: it is enough to draw a line on the edge of the eyelid and shade using the applicator or simply the fingertip.

 A Game of Shadows: choose the "clothing" for the eyes

We focus on eye color

The colors of the shadows should be selected so as to emphasize the natural beauty and the depth of the eyes. To select the perfect colors, use the tip of stylists:

1) Blue eyes "appreciate" the whole range of shades of gray, black, brick, purple, light brown, peach and pink shades.

2) green eyes, like any other, fit the copper tones of green foliage color, emerald, beige, brown and golden scales.

3) The gray eyes "sparkle" of the neighborhood with purple, light brown, beige shades. The brighter the color of the eyes, the color saturation can be shadows.

4) For brown eyes, "our everything" - all shades of brown, beige, green, purple, blue, white, beige color.

There is no need to fill a variety of makeup shades, while emptying the wallet. Enough to have a pair of shades that blend together. Many manufacturers of cosmetics facilitate your task, letting each other suitable shade duo so it is worth paying attention to them. Now that you have basic secrets of choice this simple attribute women's cosmetics, it's time to go for a pleasant shopping.
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya