A truly practical tips on makeup
 This article is not general advice such as "white liner will make your eyes more," or "foundation must contain sunscreens," that you have read hundreds of times. Let's really new, inspect the boards, and sometimes unexpected, and maybe a little unusual, but it works. Tips from makeup practitioners.

Keep sebum under control
This advice we have found creative head of Gucci Westman Revlon. She always keeps in his pockets and purse blotting paper (napkins), removes excess sebum on the face, on occasion, at any time of the day. And yet this advice from the Westman: "Believe it or not, but I sometimes use makeup ... deodorant. I picked up a little on your finger and put on the T-zone and under the eyes. It helps keep skin matte. "

Improve your foundation
Makeup artist Brett Freedman helped many celebrities look great. Among his clients Vanessa Hudgens, and Leighton Meester. Master reveals the secret of the best tone coating. His advice: "Add to your tonalnik aloe juice before use. For one coat is enough droplets to polgoroshiny. " What gives? Cover slides for better skin, better distributed, immediately becomes a moisturizing, slightly dilutes the basis and cost savings. You can simply wipe the face of aloe juice before applying tonal funds.

 A truly practical tips on makeup
 Black eyeliner - in doubt
Makeup artist stars like Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore, Tina Ternbou breaks stereotypes about black eyeliner. She says that even though black and highlights the eyes, but make them smaller. "Try the new shades of eyeliners: plum, olive green, indigo. They visually "reveal" of the eye. Even an ordinary brown eyeliner does look softer and her eyes - more expressive and more. "

Raises an eyebrow, eyes increase
Doug Howell makeup artist respected worldwide cosmetics brand NARS, shares his trick, how to increase the eyes with eyebrows .... First, put on his forehead, in places where the eyebrow is the highest point (above the arch of the eyebrows), the lightest color (highlighter). This lift the brow, as if to open the eyes. It is important here, what color is very eyebrow. Doug Howell advises to choose the color that matches the color of your hair, then the image will be harmonious and eyebrow - raised. Makeup artist believes that it is not necessary to be afraid of in this case, light eyebrows, if you - blonde. Color eyebrows can match the color of your hair roots.

 A truly practical tips on makeup
 Ideal separated eyelashes sometimes useless
MAC Senior Artist Victor Tsembellin says that there is nothing sexier than a wet eyelashes, as if you just got out of the pool. They should be grouped together and look like little glossy (effect of wet eyelashes). Here's how the artist achieves this: "First, cover the lashes Eyebrow (his advice - MAC Brow Set), and then once the top cover of glossy black ink. The effect of sexual wet cilia guaranteed! ".

Do not give lipstick blurred
The artist of the same brand MAC Louise Zizzo said that the board covering the lips with powder, lipstick to last longer - is outdated. There are more effective and creative ways. Louise advises cover on the edge of the lips with the same means eyebrow MAC Brow Set. And then apply lipstick. The artist promises that the whole day can not worry about rasteksheysya lipstick and blurring. Adhesive texture perfect fix lipstick in place.

 A truly practical tips on makeup
 The secret to a professional manicure
When working on the images of celebrities such as the Joy Bryant and Cheryl Cole, the brand Dior makeup artist Ricky Wilson drew particular attention to a manicure. Here's his little secret, "manicure does not look complete without attention to the cuticle. After the varnish I make the following trick. The following products are mixed: the highlight concealer Dior Skinflash pen and Cuticle Cream Dior Creme Abricot. I was treated with the composition fingers. This not only removes any imperfections, but also gives a beautiful shine fingers around the nails, giving hands luxury appearance. "

You can do without mascara
Makeup artist Mei Quin, who works with Emma Stone and Ashley Greene believes that the absence of mascara is not a tragedy in makeup. On the contrary, sometimes advises to abandon the carcass, if you have not yet found one that suits you. Just pay more attention to eyeliner. Take a pencil waterproof black or brown eyeliner and do, but not the upper edge of the eyelashes, and carefully paint over between the lashes. Then you will not need mascara, you get the illusion of volume and thicker eyelashes.
Author: Julia Shestakova