Beauty tricks from the experts of world renown: Makeup
 Today we begin a series of articles with tips from the professionals in the beauty world level. Let's start with makeup. Tomorrow read about hair care. The day after tomorrow - about skin care.

• Quick tanning effect
To give the appearance of a natural tan on your face, you should first apply to the entire face tanning, and then another layer or a more intense shade on the forehead, nose and cheeks. Pink-gold bronzer shade suit light skin and golden bronze - for dark skin.
Trevor O'Keefe, Laura Mercier

• Manicure + Pedicure
Despite the fact that the fingernails now do not have to be the same as the toenails, it is better if they are consistent with each other. Always think about this when choosing paints for hands and feet. The most fashionable combination of manicure and pedicure - is on the hands - a more modest tone, and on their feet - a bright and catchy. The brighter and bolder toenails - so fashionable.
Iris Chapple, Mavala

• Dark circles under the eyes
To hide dark circles under the eyes, you need two products. First korretiruem blue under the eyes using pink concealer. Then use the top of a yellow concealer to lighten the skin area.
Hannah Martin, Bobbi Brown

• A brown mascara
Use brown mascara on the lower lashes, even if the upper eyelashes put black. This will not be your eyes sunken and refresh look. Also, try to put a little brown liner on the lash extension, closer to the eyes. This makes it look particularly sexy.
Tom Pesho, creative director at Estée Lauder makeup

 Beauty tricks from the experts of world renown: Makeup
 • Eyebrows form eyes
Do not underestimate the eyebrows, they can sometimes make your eyes less expressive and smaller in size. Eyebrows should not be too wide, it is heavier opinion, reduces eye. Eyebrows should not be too narrow, the eyebrows are older. The width shall be the average, and the color is the same as the natural color of your hair, it looks more natural and beautiful.
Michelle Doan, the company Emani Minerals

• Mascara
To protect your mascara from drying out, picking up mascara brush without Makaay it up and down. It pushes the ink in a bottle with a lot of air. Omitting the brush into the bottle as it would tighten the inside, pulling out a bottle - as well as if the unscrew the cap. Mascara brushes will be sufficient, and the structure will last you much longer.
Sandra Cook, makeup artist

• Apply the cream blush
Cream blush is ideal for spring, giving the skin moist and romantic look. But never apply the cream blush on the bottom of the cheekbone. Properly allocate cream blush like this: apply a little on the apples of your cheeks, then Push the Power blush fingers up and to the center of the face.
Daniel Sandler, makeup artist

• A drop of magic
Add only one drop of oil to your daily face cream every morning, and your complexion will be instantly brighter skin - light up, and the skin will be perfectly prepared for make-up.
Natsumi Watanabe, make-up artist

 Beauty tricks from the experts of world renown: Makeup
 • Clear graphic
If you can be difficult to draw a clear line lips or your eyes with a pencil, then the solution is. Put a pencil for a few minutes in the freezer, and then proceed with the delineation. Now, line the lips and the eyes are clear, color - bright, the line will not be interrupted.
Susan Chu, founder of Jelly Pong Pong

• Uniform application bronzata
When using artificial tanning sometimes accumulates in the pores of many of the product, the pores are blocked, the color becomes nonuniform. To avoid this, before applying wipe the face with ice, it will close the pores and no more dark spots!
James Reid, an expert on body care

 Beauty tricks from the experts of world renown: Makeup
 • Bright Liner
This season is very popular coral, orange, red eye liners. But often they do not look as bright as the planned make-up artists. Sometimes my eyes just look them cry. To avoid this, about such bright shadows, liners, apply white matte shade, it will provide a bright liner, make-up will make the idea clear.
Tom Pesho, Estée Lauder

• Summer mascara
Color ink - absolutely year product. Only in this season is not the bright shades of the 1980s, in 2011, in a fashion plum shades, "plum" and come to the blue, and dark green, and brown eyes.
Thomas de Kluyver, makeup artist

• The real color of lipstick
Why in the bottle of the same color lipstick and lips - another? This is impeding choose the right shade. Indeed, lipstick as it is mixed with the color of the lips and takes on a new hue. To lips have the same color as in the vials before application of lipstick on the lips slightly put tone means. Then, the color will be exactly what you see in the vial.
Wendy Rowe, Burberry

• Bronzer
Avoid orange shades. A good bronzer can also be used in winter, it's great to refresh dull winter skin. For the correct application, draw the number "3" on the one hand and on the other face. Getting the number "3" above the eyebrow, then go around the eye and cheekbone plant for the next curl extends around the cheeks, and complete "three" to the chin. Make two strokes on each side faces a large round brush.
Stella Makeup Artists

• Lip Balm - not just lip
Lip Balm - a handy tool for giving your skin glow, not just the mouth. You can apply the balm under the brow to cheekbone. You can mix balm cream blush, it will make your skin glowing.
Stella Makeup Artists

 Beauty tricks from the experts of world renown: Makeup
 • Correct the brightness of the shadows
Too bright color shades can be remedied, and without makeup remover. Millet apply a layer on top of loose powder. The same advice can be attributed to too intense blush.
Thomas de Kluyver, makeup artist

• Selection of spectacle frames
When choosing glasses, pay attention to your own skin tone and eye color. If you have a warm complexion and hair color - buy bronze, brown and tortoiseshell frame. If you coldish shade eyes and blond hair, fit the frame white, silver, blue and gray.
James Kaliardos, L'Oréal Paris makeup artist

Author: Julia Shestakova