Colored concealers: simple, if you know!
 Yellow, orange, lavender, blue, green ... This is no shade and no shades of nail polish. This corrective tonal resources. You probably have seen more than once such sale. The question remains: why they should be used and how. Let's try to answer.

Concealer skin tones are many. But what to do with color - not always know. And for good reason. After all, they can correct many imperfections: the dark circles under the eyes and age spots to protruding veins (and not just on the face). Let's look at why there is a color in the concealer.

Defects in the skin, which we lament often have their own color: reddish pimples, gray-blue circles under her eyes, yellow spots, red freckles, brown birthmarks, etc. In order to neutralize these colored stains need different color. If you do all of the science, the need so-called "opposite color." This refers to the color wheel, which is a pair of colors. Hues located in the circle opposite each other and are called opposite. For example, opposite to red is green, and purple for - yellow, and so on. Look at the picture.

 Colored concealers: simple, if you know!

This scheme is a kind of hint, you need to choose a concealer. Thus, the wrong those who believe that the colored concealers should choose only the color of their skin. No. They should pick up in the color of the skin defect to be concealed. For example, if bluish veins - that can neutralize their orange concealer if orange freckles - the need purple concealer.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account your own skin tone, and it comes only with experience. It turns out that each of us should be a little colored concealers, not one shade, and different. That is why manufacturers have recently released the whole mosaic concealer to one tool combines multiple shades for all occasions.

 Colored concealers: simple, if you know!

But still, there concealers in separate vials and tubes. We will understand what shades corrective tools exist and why.

 Colored concealers: simple, if you know!
 Lavender, purple concealer
It is used to neutralize the yellow skin imperfections such as sallow complexion, yellow bruises, dark spots. It also helps to hide very dark circles under the eyes and dark brownish spots on the skin of bronze shades. Shades close to blue, will give skin radiance, so they can be added to creams and applied as Shimmer on the inner corner of the eyes, under the eyebrow.

 Colored concealers: simple, if you know!
 Green concealer
It neutralizes red defects: stains, irritation, allergic reactions, acne, acne, rosacea, spots of alcohol, any redness. Use green concealer only on the red areas. Getting on the natural color of the skin, it can illuminate the face of the green, it's useless.

 Colored concealers: simple, if you know!
 Yellow Concealer
It is used to mask the blue-violet drawbacks: black eyes, dark circles, veins. It makes the skin tone a warm, soft. Yellow concealer yield even tattoos. Yellow concealer can be used forever, it will be an excellent primer for the shadows.

 Colored concealers: simple, if you know!
 Orange, apricot, salmon concealer
They are masked blue skin defects: as a rule, under-eye circles. To hide the tattoos mix orange concealer with a conventional, solid, paint and tattoo. Makeup artists warn buy too carrot color, it "works" not all skin tones.

 Colored concealers: simple, if you know!
 Pink concealer
Hides green spots (eg, bruising, or dark circles under the eyes), and sometimes the veins are greenish. But be careful with pink concealer. The fact is that when he reaches the bluish skin, the effect may be unexpected. After Pink + Blue = gives purple. Therefore, use concealer pink with caution, and only on the green areas.

It is necessary to remind, how to apply this saving product - color concealer:
- Always mask the defects before applying the tonal framework and powder.
- Use a brush to apply, place a thin layer. If you use your fingers - how to drive in the means, but not rub, it should remain on the skin with a thin covering layer.
- Apply a downward motion to the hair on the skin is not lifted and did not attract attention to your shortcomings.
- It so happens that the color of the defect is not unique, then mix several concealers. If you need a transparent shade of concealer, then color mix concealer with foundation or concealer to corporal.
- If you do not have a color concealer, but I want to try as color masks skin imperfections add your flesh a little concealer shades desired shade (light green, lavender, apricot, etc.), it will show you graphically how the color concealer - important product makeup.
Author: Olga Larsen