Cosmetics that did not fit - not in a hurry to throw away!
 Each of us at least once faced with the purchase, which is not suitable. And if in the case of the clothing problem is simple: you return the wrong thing in the shop. That with cosmetics is much more complicated.

Makeup does not belong to the category of goods that can be returned to the store. All the more so to find out that a cream or shampoo is not reached, it is possible only after the product is opened. And then it is not that trade, even give his girlfriend uncomfortable.

Throw a pity, you can not use ... or can you? I give advice on how I use makeup that did not fit.

Face Cream
It often happens that bought the daily moisturizer conflict with skin. It is difficult to determine the cause. Most likely, the intolerance of some component. But tormented face nobody wants. And put up with wasted money difficult. There is an exit. Use moisturizing properties of the product - for the body. The fact that the skin of the body is not as sensitive to irritation and it likely will. Thus, you get a few applications luxurious moisturizing product for the body. Did not like the cream can also be used as a normal hand cream.

 Cosmetics that did not fit - not in a hurry to throw away!
 Too dark tone cream
It is difficult to light at the store to find the right shade. This task is sometimes fail even experienced consultants. Brings home the cream, and he - darker than we would like. What to do? Turn foundation into a lightweight toning moisturizer for face or body. If a person, then proceed as follows: Pour a few drops of foundation on the palm, add a little moisturizing face cream, mix and apply all over the face. And moisture and light tone. In the manufacture of toning for body works the same way, but keep in mind that it will not be tanning agent is dirty clothes and wash off in the shower, apply only in those places where the skin of the body is not in contact with clothing: neck, arms, legs .

Too light foundation
Light or slightly dull. It takes him a little revived. To do this, when applied to the face, add a little pearl peach blush or shadow (powder or cream - it does not matter). But only a shade of blush and shadow should be soft, tint, without sparkles, or unexpected results.

Not the color of lipstick
Make-up artists, of course, will say that a woman's lipstick should be plenty. But if you have only a few colors, and neither is suitable? Shadow will add the necessary color. Thus, the shadow can lighten and color of lipstick, and darken. It is almost universal acceptance. Rate on holiday, when you can not take all stocks of cosmetics.

 Cosmetics that did not fit - not in a hurry to throw away!
 Shampoo does not "work"
Perhaps tired, or not suitable for your hair type, or simply the packaging is too big and does not end, and already want to buy something new. What to do with the remains? In good shampoo to wash delicate clothing of angora wool, knit all the things that they do not lose volume. You can also advise use shampoo residues as liquid hand soap. For the body make better use of shampoo, mix with a small amount of oil for the body to the skin is not dried up.

Hair conditioner
I do not like air conditioning "works"? Sometimes it weigh down your hair, or the smell is not appropriate. Take the time to throw. Use as shaving cream. It is an excellent alternative, even better than the real shaving cream. It softens the hair, making them more supple, smooth skin does, machine slides, without injuring the skin. This technique can save you space in your suitcase when he goes to rest. What to take with you and shaving cream and hair conditioner? Better air conditioning only.

Too hard scrub
I no longer use bought-scrubs, to be honest. The fact that there are not purchased by me. Or too soft or too hard. One day I was given a scrub with apricot seeds. Audio-to-face or the body, these abrasive particles were compassionate. But for rough areas such as elbows, knees and heels, it was a perfect product. Very well I massaged and removes growths. But too soft scrub to improve easier. Add the oatmeal and a little salt.

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And I advise you to throw away makeup only in one case - if it has passed its expiration date.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin