Erase the face of the weariness ...
 How often, going to the mirror in the morning, you are sadly think that would be nice to go back to sleep an hour or two, and, thank God, there are cosmetics. Circles under the eyes, extinct eyes, grayish face. And this is the result of overwork and lack of sleep.

But, as they say, tear pads, the secrets of her friends, and the rest of the smile. You always want to remain attractive regardless of the number of working hours.

With the help of the soul, easy charging and cosmetic products, you can create the illusion of an eight-hour sleep.

1. Scrub.   Soft Scrub removes dead skin cells, skin separation, the result - a more even skin tone and well-groomed appearance.

 Erase the face of the weariness ...

2. Shower. Cool showers will increase blood circulation and the body starts to recover.

3. Moisturize.   Apply to the skin moisturizer. Apply best massage. Massage stimulates the production of collagen, removes swelling, skin becomes noticeably fresher. The same applies to the eye. Most creams for skin around the eyes to help remove molasses, combining them with massage movements, you improve the results from the use of creams.

4. Chill.   Even if you look after a light massage as Chinese beekeeper, then it's time to brew tea bags or climb into the refrigerator for something cold. Put cool bags on your eyes for 3-5 minutes (do not fall asleep). In order to strengthen blood vessels and improve blood circulation, you can wipe the face with ice cubes, which are based concoctions of herbs.

5. Red eyes.   If bags and ice is not removed red eyes, then you should be ready always to the eye drops. None of concealer will not save if you have eyes like a rabbit.

 Erase the face of the weariness ...
 6. Tone.   The biggest mistake, if the skin looks tired - to put a lot of cosmetics, in particular, a tonal framework. It is best to use the funds, which have a creamy texture. And it is not necessary to impose tone in three layers. If you prefer powder, apply it only on the forehead, nose and chin. Great if you have a purse or Shimmer Bronzer. They can be applied to the cheekbones, and you will see the difference.

 Erase the face of the weariness ...
 7. Beige.   Take a beige pencil and move the eye by extension, to conceal redness. And always curls lashes if you look tired. So you visually enlarge the eyes. If you want more expressive, give preference to the gray, brown or black. But be careful, dark colors do not work at all.

8. Concealer.   This is our all. It should be a little lighter than your skin tone, but it should not be much lighter tone means, otherwise you'll look like a ghost. Apply concealer only on problem areas and blend well.

9. Peach mine.   Pink and peach shades give life and radiance. By the way, beige will make you the opposite is even more dull. Therefore, doing make-up give preference to these tones.

 Erase the face of the weariness ...
 10. Blush.   Blush should be properly applied always, but especially in these days. Apply blush on the cheekbones, his nose and just below the chin.

11. Lips.   Haze - your enemy when you are tired. Shine, just shine. No matte lipstick. Only lip gloss. But it is not bright, prefer natural shades. But it is not such as to completely merge with the color of the lips. A little bit brighter.

 Erase the face of the weariness ...
 12. Easy charging.   The slopes, jumping, abdominal exercises. Do not be lazy, the more you sit, the more you want to sleep. And no coffee will not help you. By the way, charging is also a great way to raise their self-esteem.

It's simple as ABC. But it is better to sleep.
Author: Vera Karabutova