Five tests to find out your skin tone
 About how important it is to know your skin tone, not talking. Everyone knows that this is the main problem is not only with the purchase of tonal resources, but also in the choice of all make-up, hair color and even clothing. We offer you five simple tests, passing that you learn a little more about their skin.

Manufacturers of cosmetics and make-up are seven basic colors of skin. Almost like the seven colors of the rainbow! It:

- Very pale (Very Fair)
- Pale (Fair)
- Medium (Medium)
- Olive (Olive)
- Swarthy (Dusky)
- Tanned (Tan)
- The Dark (Dark)

It is equally important to know not only its color but also Anderton (undertone), or undertone. Before we proceed directly to the test, you should decide what is the undertone of the skin.

What is the undertone of the skin?   No matter what color your skin is, it still has podton: warm or cold. In total there are three types podton:

- A warm,
- Cold,
- Neutral (or middle).

Warm skin tone   - It is the skin that is close to the yellow hue. At the same time, whether it's light or dark skin. For example, the warm skin tone include Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Ashley Olsen.

 Five tests to find out your skin tone

Cool   - A bluish or pink skin. Cold skin midtone have celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, the singer Adele, Liv Tyler.

 Five tests to find out your skin tone

The neutral shade   - Not so common, it is the skin, which is difficult to be attributed to the warm or cold undertone that is equally yellow, pink and bluish.

 Five tests to find out your skin tone

Most Asian women have a warm skin tone, but Western women have the skin close to the cold. The Indians have a warm and neutral undertone, South Asians (Japanese, Chinese, Koreans) have yellow skin with a warm midtone, the skin of Africans can be both warm and cold. Americans, Germans, Russian, Norwegians generally have a cool skin tone, but the Greeks, Italians and Spaniards - warm.

The theory is over, move on to the practice, in fact, to the tests.

TEST 1. Check the veins

 Five tests to find out your skin tone

Look carefully at their wrists. Determine their color:
- The blue veins - you have cool skin tone
- Green veins - a warm undertone skin
- And blue, and green veins - you have a rare neutral skin tone.

2. TEST Paper

 Five tests to find out your skin tone

Often difficult to determine your skin tone, because next to the face of bright hair, skin discarded glare jewelry, leather set off by colored clothing. Therefore invented a simple way - you need to compare your skin with pure white.

As a reference we take the white sheet of A4 paper a good pure-white color and without texture (even and smooth). Look at yourself in the mirror, and next to a person holding a piece of paper. Naturally, you have to be without make-up during the test. Against the background of white paper is fairly easy to understand at once, warm or cool skin. Make sure it really works!

TEST 3. Jewelry Test

 Five tests to find out your skin tone

 Five tests to find out your skin tone

  For this test, you need a lot of jewelry - gold (or in gold) and silver. At the same time put on as much as possible all the decorations. And look what you look better. What kind of metal your face better harmony:

- If it is gold jewelry, then you have a warm skin. That is why the largest consumers of gold jewelry are the Indian and Chinese women, but silver jewelry and items made of white gold and platinum are more popular among European women.

- If your skin looks better with decorations made of white metal, then you have cool skin tone.

- If you look equally good, and gold and silver, have a neutral skin. You're lucky with the choice of jewelry - you can safely buy any.

4. TEST cloth

 Five tests to find out your skin tone

Need bleached white cloth and old (it is not a pure white color, slightly yellowish-greyish). Both fabric throw with his shoulders: on each shoulder - different matter. Look in the mirror. What fabric makes your skin brighter? What color allocates more than your skin?
- If it is a snow-white cloth - then you have a cool skin tone
- If you are not better emphasizes the white cloth - then you have a warm undertone skin. White, though it looks good on any skin, but it does warm skin of some faded and colorless.

TEST 5. Ears

 Five tests to find out your skin tone

This test is difficult to do by yourself, you need a good mirror, or an attentive assistant. Because you have to check the color of the skin behind the ears. If the skin behind the ears warm, close to the yellow hue, the whole face can be attributed to the warm type. If the skin behind the ears, and bright pink or bluish, then your type - cold.

Now you can more easily determine your tsvetotip, so - to pick up the lipstick, eye shadow, hair color.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin