For each age - the color of lipstick
 Do you agree with the fact that every age has its own palette of makeup? Bright coral lips look good only on the young tanned girl and wine shade, on the contrary, grow old 18-year-old beauty. Then choose a lipstick shade that best suits your age.

20+. Bright and colorful

Twenty girls can safely experiment with color and texture of the product for the lips. Your color: bright, neon, bold. For example, such as fuchsia and tangerine. If you want a more natural hues, then pay attention to the color of fresh, ripe fruits and berries: strawberries, raspberries, grapes. As for texture, it will fit almost any finish: glossy, matt, satin.

Inspiring way that creates the same age as your Rihanna. Any bright color she wears with pleasure. And the brighter the color, the greater the confidence exudes singer. Bright lipstick cosmetic companies create just for women 20+. So use it! You get older - and these products will no longer be "your".

 For each age - the color of lipstick

Featured shades for the 20-year-olds:   Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids in shade Vivid Rose; Lancôme Rouge in Love in the shade Miss Coquelicot; MAC in the shade Show Orchid.

 For each age - the color of lipstick

Council makeup artist: For intensive and vivid colors, try to cover the first layer of the lips with bright pink lipstick, and from above - an orange tint.

30+. All shades of red

Number of red hues can not be accurately transferred, they are really very much. And all of them for girls 30 years. Choose your red: the classical and the colors of scarlet fire engine to cool crimson and brick red. Choose the right shade is simple:

- If the warm skin tone (brown or olive), then fit the colors that are closer to orange;

- If the skin is dark, the red lipstick to be closer to brown;

- For light skin it works best with cool lipstick midtone (closer to blue).

Thirty years can not be afraid of varnish textures and bright luster, because the wrinkles on the lips is not so obvious.

As for the example to follow, it can be almost all style icons from different years, from Elizabeth Taylor to Milla Jovovich in my 30-plus they are properly disposed of red lipstick. Perhaps, therefore, been put in a list of "icons"?

 For each age - the color of lipstick

Featured shades for 30-year-olds: Rimmel London Lipstick in shade Kiss of Life; L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick in shade True Red (Coral Red); MAC in the shade of Russian Red.
 For each age - the color of lipstick

Council makeup artist: For a natural look, try not lip lipstick and tinted balm or lip gloss.

40+. Romance

Women over 40 can move in the romantic shades of lipstick, for example, such as "dusty rose" or any color blush. Texture - a good gloss or satin. Lips with age begin to lose volume, and to create the effect of the lips plump and young, you can choose a pretty bright colors, from pink to naked.

Matte lipstick is better to leave twenty years, she reveals too small wrinkles on the skin of the lips. Shimmering product, as well as a good means shine - that's the best option for women 40+.

Cate Blanchett often demonstrates how bright lipstick helps her preserve the appearance of young and full lips, although she does not have such.

 For each age - the color of lipstick

Featured shades for the 40-year-olds:   Rouge Dior Lipstick in shade Angelique Beige; Mary Kay in the shade of Dusty Rose (dusty rose); Burberry English Rose in shade Nude Rose.

 For each age - the color of lipstick

Council makeup artist:   Before applying lipstick moisturizes lips and lipstick, choose a formula that contains moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients. Well moisturized lips will always look fuller and younger.

50+. Pretty In Pink

You are at an age when you can not pay attention to trends in makeup. Do not be fooled by those lipstick shades that look good at the shows: young models wearing bright neon or deep wine color, but you do not fit these colors. Council for 50 years: think of the classic pink lips, choose any shade of pink or floral, whether coral or crimson.

Too dark shades emphasize the wrinkles around the lips and nude lipstick will look dull and boring. Therefore we need a juicy pink. Beneficial colors look with a cool base and shiny finish. Do not forget about looking after and moisturizing formula of any product for the 50-year-olds.

Look at Julianne Moore! This beauty at the age of 50 does not change the "pink" rule, you'll never see her dark lipstick.

 For each age - the color of lipstick

Featured shades for the 50-year-olds:   Bourjois Paris Sweet Kiss Lipstick in shade Rose Corset; Dior Addict Lipstick in shade Bobo; Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in shade Front Row.

 For each age - the color of lipstick

Council makeup artist:   Makeup for the eyes after 50 should be minimal. But the person should be given the fading brightness. This helps to make blush and pink lipstick.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin