Full dossiers: How to choose a mascara?
 Expressive look of women depends on your mascara. Black or colored, tightening up or gives volume, extends or creates the effect of false eyelashes? How to choose a quality product to eyes shining?

Modern beauty industry offers beautiful ladies are hundreds of different types of mascara. Choosing the one that will give expression to your view is not easy. You can rely on the honesty of the brand producing cosmetics, but it is much more profitable to follow their own feelings. Try to choose a mascara with myCharm.Ru!

I want to not cause allergies!

Statistics relentless - more than twenty-five percent of women around the world have increased the sensitivity of the eye. Any component that is part of the carcass is potentially dangerous and can cause an allergic reaction. Pick up the product by experience - a thankless task. Better to play it safe:

- Exclude from the list of mascaras, those that contain lanolin. This component is the strongest allergen;

- Carcasses, which includes natural wax, a synthetic prefer having. The label is designated synthetic wax. He is less likely to cause adverse reactions of the body;

- The tendency to allergy buy black mascara. The bright colors of the product contain additional pigments that can hurt you. The most "dangerous" color ink - purple;

- Pay attention to the brush. If it is bent, ie follows the shape of the eye, it is easier to put a product on the eyelashes. Thus, there is less likelihood that tiny particles fall to the mucosa and cause irritation.

I want to not stick lashes!

Even high-quality ink can glue eyelashes or form them annoying lumps. This happens in cases where the ink was stored incorrectly or improperly use it.

- If you are used to apply mascara in two layers, apply a second before the first dries;

- To prevent sticking, take care of the brush. Regularly rinse it under running warm water or wipe with a damp cloth;

- Choosing ink note as it is distributed on the brush. If constitutes lumps, better to refrain from buying, or the same picture you see on your eyelashes;

- Look closely to the consistency of the product. Ideal mascara - elastic, viscous the resin mixture.

I want to long drying out!

The longest period of time during which you can use open mascara, equal to six months. After this period, due to the constant contact with the oxygen-quality product begins to oxidize, which is manifested in the form of drying ink. Save ink suitable metered during her producer shelf life can be:

- Preferring to not only screwed product, but also one that snapped. The less air will get into the ink, the longer it will have an initial consistency

- If you have offered to buy open up to you ink, refrain from buying. After all, at a time when it was shown by previous buyers have mascara started "the countdown" time. Therefore you can use it not six months, five or less. It is not known how much before you came mascara stood in the window.

 Full dossiers: How to choose a mascara?

I want to not melt!

The most likely cause of spreading the mascara is poorly stabilized composition. Colouring matter of bad dry, not maintaining contact with the liquid, which is normally released from the eye.

The smudges of mascara can be guilty and your cosmetic product for the skin around the eyes. Prefer fat cream light gel. Apply for ever mass the size of a pea, and no more.

Another cause smearing mascara can be your individual characteristics. This is the skin around the eyes is prone to fat. If this is true, do not neglect the dry eye shadow or powder them before applying mascara.

I want to not showered!

Usually she showered mascara, which has dried up. Because within each product has a dry pigment, and a special resin which tend to evaporate. If ink well "worked", and then suddenly "deteriorated" means resin evaporated, and the product can be discarded. As a preventive measure evaporation ink resins do not leave open for a long time and has always firmly tighten the upper part of the tube.

- To ink not showered, choose it based on the characteristics of eyelashes. The thicker your eyelashes, especially a thin brush to be a cosmetic product;

- Be restrained prokrashivaya tips of lashes. They "shall" in the first day. Remove excess product specially acquired for this purpose brush.

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Author: Natalia Bartukova