How to prolong the life of your cosmetics
 The desire to save money on cosmetics - completely normal. After all, when we begin to count how many eventually goes into cans, brushes and bottles, then, to put it mildly, clutching his head.

Of course, we should not continue to use expired cosmetics. But if the expiration date has not yet approached, we can take some small tricks, how to prolong the life of cosmetics.

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1. Store refrigerated sunscreen.   Try not to leave a long time creams with SPF under the open sun. And if you can - keep it in a cool place. After all, everyone has heard that the update should be sunscreen every two hours. Simply because in this time filters SPF completely destroyed and cease to operate. In the same way, these filters lose their activity and their stay in the sun for a long time? Being inside the package. So - take care of your creams from ultraviolet radiation! Put in a cool place (preferably in the refrigerator), but do not freeze!

2. All to the last drop.   Cream from a tube can be squeezed to the last drop, thus saving money to buy a new one. This is true on vacation when you just do not need the new packaging a protective cream or day cream, because at home you will find a more exact same product. And here's a way out - very practical. You as the squeeze toothpaste or mayonnaise out of flexible packaging? Someone uses special devices, someone - folk wisdom. So why not use these techniques to use hand cream or tonalnika? Use what is already invented!

 How to prolong the life of your cosmetics

 How to prolong the life of your cosmetics

3. Lipstick - brush.   This is the most economical method of applying lipstick. Makeup artists say that women tend to eat half of my lipstick. Therefore, the Council is required to use the primers or apply a little foundation on the lips before applying lipstick. Make-up will be more stable and you will not have to endlessly tinted. In addition, do not use sponges lipstick, they are not economically and not exactly put the product only clean brushes!

4. The new containers.   This advice I saw the blog of one stylist and salon owner (Cristophe Salon Newport Beach). He noted that in a glass container shampoos and conditioners maintain their properties better and longer. Therefore, I advise to pour the contents of the big packages of shampoo into glass bottles. I might add that the oil in the plastic as quickly dry and thicken, even frozen. So I buy them when poured into other containers - glass. Or stored in the refrigerator.

 How to prolong the life of your cosmetics
 5. Hands off!   Our hands - a breeding ground for bacteria. But if you never touch a dirty brush, lips or fingers to a cosmetic product - it will remain without bacteria until the end of its shelf life. This rule, of course, exigeant. But you can try to at least touch with clean fingers and clean brush only to cosmetics. If you use organic cosmetics, you should be doubly careful, because these funds without preservatives, and therefore the most exposed to bacterial activity.

6. Smaller amounts - real savings.   If in the case of a detergent package to buy large most advantageous in cosmetics is not working normally wholesale. That is gross - not less. Because large packages are much longer than the shelf life. Thus, once we get the goods released from the application. The actual number, which we have, as a rule, is contained in a small package. And, for example, components such as alfagidrokisloty become stronger over time and this can lead to severe allergies, if the cream to continue to use these acids after its expiration date.

7. Get the most out of the product.   For example, a moisturizer is best used immediately after showering or washing. This allows the use of much smaller product, but to use it more efficiently, because the skin is already a certain amount of moisture. Better not to wipe his face with a towel after washing and immediately apply moisturizer. It will be easier to slide, not shift the skin during application, the water will penetrate into the skin along with the cream. The same can be said of shampoos and hair conditioners. They are better distributed and consumed more sparingly, if applied to wet hair (not wet).

 How to prolong the life of your cosmetics
 8. The dried paint can be saved.   Do not rush to throw thickened nail polish drip a little acetone or nail polish remover, nail polish will again be liquid.

9. Store in a cool, dry place. All liquid texture is stored in the refrigerator, so they better keep their properties. Just not in the bathroom! Humidity, permanent changes in temperature and humidity - not the best place for cosmetics, which is so capricious and changes its properties depending on storage sites.

10. Do not shake ink air.   It is best to screw in as a brush-brush in a tube with mascara. Just plugging a tube with a brush, you go there to pump a lot of air, which leads to the development of bacteria inside the tubes, and to ensure that the product dries quickly. More advice: promakivat in a napkin with mascara brush after use and before you return it to the tube. So you minimize the risk of growth of bacteria on the brush.
Author: Your Tamara