"Lipstick - a secondary product with respect to the colors of the primitive artist."
(Edward Taylor)

A little history
Women began to paint her lips in such ancient times that scientists seriously consider the version that first women of fashion were savage, living in caves. Archaeologists have discovered the primitive and rough female image (More related to the Stone Age), with colored paint lips. And the very first paint for lips was discovered during excavations of the Neolithic.

Lips, their color and shape has always been the center of attention. In ancient Egypt, the fashion was a small, elegant mouth, what we can see, looking at murals and extant portraits of Queen Neffertiti. Paint lip in ancient Egypt were made of beeswax and red lead - iron oxide, which naturally adversely affects health. Safe in the same ancient Egypt was from cochineal dye - female insect as small klopika that inhabits the aerial organs koshenilnogo cactus. Painting called carmine.

Now natural carmine is no longer used in the manufacture of lipstick, alas, the ball is ruled by chemical dyes. And, despite the fact that we are fully convinced of their safety, each at heart understand that the chemistry be totally safe can not ...

But earlier things were much worse, for example, in the Middle Ages and later in the lipstick were lead, sulfur, mercury ... While it is still unknown composition of lipstick, which are made for the court of Catherine de Medici famous prophet Nostradamus.

In Russia, in the ancient lipstick made of dry beet juice from the beets and carrots, mixing them with glycerin.

 Lipstick - day today
Who is advertised resistant lipstick lip, however, if the lips are dry, then use a lipstick on a daily basis is impossible. And those who have normal lips, lipstick need to use this with caution, in the evening after cleansing, apply to the lips lip balm.

In the United States recently tested the quality of lipstick, located in the market. It turned out that more than 50% of lipstick contain lead. At the same time it is no secret that the lipstick is ingested enjoying her kissing a woman and her man. Scientists say that within a year a woman eats more than 1, 5 kg of lipstick in her body gets about 1 mg of lead. The men in my life, in the calculations of scientists, eat 4 to 5 kg of lipstick.

Scientists also say that lipstick destroys tooth enamel. Researchers from Brazil selected the most famous examples of lipstick and found in almost all brands of paraffin wax - a substance harmful to tooth enamel. Despite the fact that the content of wax in lipstick low, over time it leads to dental caries, as literally adheres to the tooth surface, combining with microscopic particles of food-borne pathogens. Gradually, all this leads to cracks in the enamel, and within a year can form large cavities. Completely remove the wax can only regular cleaning of the teeth.

 But even knowing the risks when using lipstick, 90% of women will not abandon her.

However, we must remember that completely remove lipstick necessary not only for the night, before going to bed, and before each new make-up during the day.

In winter and autumn, before the lipstick should first brush them with fat cream.

Protect your lips from the cold, the wind, the sun will help protective lipsticks, glosses.

And the secret of our grandmothers: to regular lipstick for a long time kept on the lips, lip make-up to be a little powder.

Those who fundamentally does not paint her lips, making them more vivid help lubrication honey, coating the lips of lemon, carrot juice and nightly massage lips with a soft brush.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva