Make your professional make-up
 Use the advice of professional make-up artists, their discoveries and secrets. We have collected for you the most useful and interesting.

The tonal secrets

- Always apply cream to powdery products (powder), then you will save yourself from feeling "cake."

- Despite the fact that in all the workshops begin to make-up make-up artists with a tone of products in their daily care can begin with the eye make-up, before the deal a concealer and foundation. Then you can remove the crumbling shadow or liner lubricated much easier without lubricating tonal resources. Just prior to application of the tone, remove imperfections with a cotton swab dipped in a moisturizer.

- To apply concealers under eyes use the ring finger, it is the weakest of all the fingers, and it guarantees that the touch will be the most tender and delicate.

- Do not be afraid to use your fingers to apply any means of decorative cosmetics. The heat warms the hands of the product, and it is easily absorbed into the skin and easier shaded.

- Pay attention to a powder as a translucent, transparent or translucent. This product is able to refresh the face, get rid of excess sebum and shine without changing the shades of makeup.

 Make your professional make-up

- If you do not like multi-layered makeup - mix different products together. For example, if you mix primer-tone cream - had an excellent primer, which will fall on his face translucent light layer. In addition, this method allows the tone to stay longer. You can also mix the concealer and foundation, different shades of tonal resources to find the right color.

- To achieve perfectly smooth tones person can not tone cream and concealer properly applied. Proofreader removed any irregularities skin: blood vessels, redness, circles under the eyes, pigmented spots. It is best to use a color correctors (concealers), then the masking will be complete. Redness hiding green concealer and bluish circles under the eyes - orange.


- Shade shade upwards, it will create the illusion of a more wide-open eyes.

- Use darker shades of shadow in the crease of the upper eyelid to visually remove puffy eyes.

- The lighter the shade will make your eyes visually bigger.

- If you do not have time, then do not use a liquid eyeliner. It is best to use a cream with a pencil. But if you do decide to use a liquid liner, you can soften the angular line of brush and black shadows. Then, some mistakes can neutralize.

- Sometimes the cause lumps on the eyelashes mascara is too thick. Add to it a few drops of water before using - it is better to slide and go to bed. However, please note that when you add water ink will spoil more quickly.

 Make your professional make-up


- To fill in eyebrows, use an eyebrow pencil and paint with short strokes, imitating the hairs of eyebrows in the direction of hair growth.

- Fill in eyebrows and adjust their length can be and with the help of shadows. To do this, use a small brush and resilient shade repeating shade eyebrows.

Brushes, sponges, pencils

- Before you use the newly sharpened pencils for eyes, eyebrows and lips, to alleviate the lead on the skin. The line will be soft, not scratchy.

- A set of brushes professional makeup artist includes 8 main brushes for make-up:
1) brush for tonal framework;
2) Brush concealer;
3) brush for blush;
4) fluffy powder brush;
5) small brush rastushevyvaniya shadows;
6) brush for lipstick;
7) flat brush for shadows;
8) angled liner brush.

 Make your professional make-up

- Applicators that are attached to pallets shadows - not suitable for drawing and shading shadows. It is better not to use these applicators, unless they come to touch up makeup throughout the day. Go to the small flat brush - you will immediately feel the difference: the color will go to more evenly shade lighter, and the brush handle more convenient than short applicator.


- Select "naked" lipstick - one of the toughest. It is best to choose shades with a little shimmer or gloss, matte nude colors look too dull, and even dead. Nude shade of lipstick should not be a pale whitish. Small gold or caramel tone warm lips and face as a whole, but the white and silver colors should be avoided.

- Lip liner is needed only when your own lip contour is blurred or missing. If you are using gloss over lipstick - pencil contour of the lips is not necessary.

- As a basis for lipstick or lip gloss, use lip balm. A lipstick or lip applied with a brush, they most accurately cope even with very complex circuit and will cause lipstick evenly over the entire surface of the lips.

 Make your professional make-up

Konturing persons

- Bronzer - a good product, not only for the effect of tanned skin. Bronzer powder helps to adjust the shape of the face. For example, it is the perfect tool to make a round face look elongated and oval. To do this, select a bronzer to 2 shades darker than your own skin tone face and put the product on the perimeter of the face (cheeks, chin, whiskey). Using bronzer can tweak the nose is too wide or too prominent forehead.

- Adjust the facial features, you can use concealer that is two shades darker than your skin tone. This product can visually narrow the nose, reduce the too prominent chin.

- Do not apply blush too low. The fundamental error - apply blush below the nose, it distorts the shape of the face.

 Make your professional make-up

Author: Vasilisa Cousin