Makeup freshness, or how to choose a blush
 It would be nice to travel regularly to the resorts to have year-round fresh and rested appearance! If the realities of life do not allow you to indulge in holiday bliss, hide fatigue and have a radiant skin to help the good old blush. Another thing is that not all have the knowledge how to choose the "color" of the jars, which will face. Therefore, correct knowledge gap and go in search of suitable means.

What species are found on store shelves:

Powder Blush

The most popular way to blush: applied easily, provide the perfect cover, you can fine-tune the degree of application, have an easy structure. Ideal for oily skin, because absorb shine and give it a haze. An important caveat: first applied powder and then blush to the cheeks played on most natural blush.

Cream Blush

Dry skin will appreciate this kind of blush: all thanks to oils, nourishing and moisturizing ingredients. Of the advantages can be noted fast application and the effect of naturalness. Note the following: Apply a cream blush to be only on the liquid foundation. Doing this is most convenient using the fingertips. This means that as quickly as possible to fix make-up, even in the "field".

 Makeup freshness, or how to choose a blush

Gel blush

The most resistant in comparison with other "brothers" because of the lack of oil in the composition. Being a water-resistant, permanently preserve the effect of blush and give a fresh look, do not roll down. Especially aging skin shown, but it is not suitable for dry. Uncover their abilities only as a duet with creams or clean skin, but do not get along with a coating of powder.


Not as widely disseminated, but are found on store shelves. They have the ability to easily connect to the skin and stay for a long time. However, because of the uncomfortable consistency is difficult to determine the correct dosage and adjust the resulting color, drawing skills are required. Is applied over the foundation, because These are similar to the structure that allows long "stick" thereto.

 Makeup freshness, or how to choose a blush

Blush with glitter

Gives the skin a shimmering glow thanks to reflective shiny and pearly particles. Particularly impressive look under artificial light. It is enough to put them in large numbers on the cheeks, on the inner corners of the eyes, forehead. Suitable for parties and celebrations, but out of place in the afternoon.

Blush, Bronzer

Ideal for tanned or dark skin, emphasize its color, masking minor flaws. A great option for a light summer makeup. However, owners of light and untanned skin should abandon their use: bronzer will look too rough on the pristine sun face.

 Makeup freshness, or how to choose a blush

A few tips for choosing a blush:

1) First of all, is to determine the correct consistency. Use creams - take the blush as a cream or foam if the powder - dry "blush".

2) Consider the tone of the skin. If it is bright, choose a blush pink tones, a tanned or dark - crimson and copper shades for ivory is better to choose brown-orange blush. Peach shade to suit everyone.

3) Keep two shades of blush: for the day and the evening. Natural make-up involves the use of blush for a couple of shades darker skin color. For the evening is better to choose a more intense color, or with "special effects" (shine).

Now you know how to choose the appropriate means of ensuring permanent fresh appearance. Having mastered the uncomplicated skills applying blush, you are in a few minutes will turn from "belyanochki 'in" rosettes ". However, do not overdo it and observe the measure is better nedolozhit blush on the face than to become a doll.
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya