Makeup removal: an alternative to the purchase of makeup remover
 Most make-up ... I do not like when it is necessary to wash off. I like to flaunt, but the flush - no. But I found an interesting way to do this activity in the same fun as makeup. You just need to try to remove makeup in different ways!

In many, but not necessarily natural and safe for the skin. Some purchased lotions makeup remover does not suit me either too fat or skin tightening. Sometimes you do not like the smell or doubt in the composition (for my sensitive skin does not fit all!). Therefore I'm looking for an alternative.

So 10 ways to make-up remover without makeup remover:

1. Honey and soda

Soak a towel in warm water. Put a wet towel on honey (half a tablespoon). Then, this section towels, sprinkle baking soda. And very carefully so easy scrub wash your face. Just honey is also "works", removes makeup, even very pigmented make-up. Nice to know that all this is done with natural products!

 Makeup removal: an alternative to the purchase of makeup remover
 2. Baby Wipes
This is almost the same as wet wipes for removing makeup, some brands are produced. But baby wipes are at times cheaper, and their composition is much safer. Remember, children's products are always careful dermatological control! If the cloth is large, it can be cut into several parts and additional savings.

3. Steam
This method is as old as the world, I guess. Simply, many forget that the hot air opens the pores, and the procedure for removing make-up becomes easy and efficient. Turn on the hot water tap and fill the tub with hot water, a little heat the skin with steam (not water!), And then proceed as usual means for washing - water + soap or gel.

4. Olive oil
Olive oil is not only vitamin composition. It is known as an emollient, and the success of makeup remover is precisely soften the skin agents. If you have dry skin, olive oil to moisten the same. Similarly helps to remove make-up, any bland vegetable oil, such as almond or jojoba.

 Makeup removal: an alternative to the purchase of makeup remover
 5. Milk
I had never thought that milk can remove the liner from the eye. But I am trying to confirm this. Put some milk on a cotton swab and act! Cleaned and tone, and lipstick and mascara, and pencils.

6. Children's Lotion
If you have a home with small children, be sure to try on their skin their funds. You'd be surprised, but they leave such a pleasant sensation on the skin that give up after them will be difficult. And, of course, very pleased to know that these are safe. So use lotion, lotions, creams for children. And another advantage - a significant savings.

7. Baby Soap
If we talk about the most basic cleanser, this soap. But I do not advise to use eye make-up remover for normal soap, and especially anti-bacterial. Baby soap suit, quietly flush them even waterproof mascara. All advantages of children's products I have described above.

8. Vaseline
Vaseline can be removed with eye make-up and face. The availability of funds. But I warn you: Vaseline hard wax product may clog pores. Therefore, after removing make-up with Vaseline, wash it off with warm water and residues, preferably with warm water and baby soap.

 Makeup removal: an alternative to the purchase of makeup remover
 9. Chapstick
This unexpected move, but it works. Chapstick or lip balm perfectly dissolve mascara and liner. Apply the product on a cotton swab and remove eye make-up. You will see cosmetics easy to wash off! A skin tone and can be degreased with a weak solution of natural apple cider vinegar solution soak a cotton pad and wipe the skin.
Author: Your Tamara