Preparation of the skin for makeup
 It would seem simple: washed, wiped with a towel, and you can do makeup. But professional makeup artists to disagree. Sometimes the preparation of the skin for make-up takes less time and effort than the meykap.

It depends on make-up and durability and appearance of the skin. Who wants to show shadows or pellets clots foundation. That will not happen if the preparation of the skin for make-up has been overlooked.

Step by Step "Prepare the skin for makeup"

1. Exfoliate.
  Immediately after washing agent, suitable for your skin type - exfoliation. The method can be selected physical (via scrubs with abrasive particles), or chemical (which is usually liquid detergents based on fruit acid or salicylic acid). But the remedy should be very soft to use it daily. Most women generally cost a soft washcloth. The main thing - that the dead cells were removed from the skin surface, the method you choose for yourself, depending on skin type and personal preference.

What gives exfoliation:   the skin surface is smoother, make-up slip on it and fall easily. And as a bonus we get a bright glowing skin.

Council:   Try multi-functional cleaner that will wash and gently exfoliates. This will save time.

 Preparation of the skin for makeup
CLINIQUE Exfoliating Scrub Exfoliating Scrub, a water-soluble cleansing base, suitable for oily skin type before applying makeup. Cleansing Mousse for washing Shu Uemura contains an extract of white water lilies (antioxidant, antibacterial properties), salicylic acid to exfoliate and firm component - deep sea water.

2. Tonic   (optional step). This step is for those with oily or acne-prone skin. It is useful to resort to the root and then, when you feel that on the face traces of detergent or exfoliating agents.

What gives tonic:   this extra cleaning (if necessary). It is also worth noting that, unlike his predecessors strongly astringent, tonic have modern features to soothe and moisturize the skin.

3. Serum   (optional step). Daily serum needed mainly aged skin and skin with some problems (wrinkles, dark spots). Serum - is like extra vitamins for your face. If you do not have age-related problems, feel free to skip this step.

What makes whey:   It gives the skin more firmness and elasticity that make the make-up even more. The skin gets more glow that facilitates makeup. And yet - it evens skin lightens hyperpigmentation, it is also important for the future make-up.

4. Moisturizing Face Cream.   Pick the type of skin. If you feel that in the face of heavy feeling cream in five minutes continues to lay a layer of fat, then use the multifunctional cream with sunscreen SPF (figure 15-30), so you combine this with the next step, and the person will not feel discomfort. The Council is also gel texture and thin, they are easily absorbed, not aggravate the skin.

What makes a moisturizer:   moisturizing the skin throughout the day, some means of decorative cosmetics is very dry skin.

Council:   Pay special attention to the area on the cheeks. Feel for bone cheekbone, ring finger very gently hammer like a moisturizer, it will increase circulation, reduce swelling, help the cream penetrate deeper into the skin.

 Preparation of the skin for makeup
Moisturizing Cream La Roche Posay Hydraphase XL Legere with SPF. Garnier Ambre Solaire, sunscreen spray SPF10 ultrauvlazhnyayuschy

5. Sunscreen.   If your moisturizer does not have a filter SPF, you should use sunscreen. This is done strictly to the make-up!

6. Primer.   If you've never used the primers worth a try. There are primers for eyelid skin, for the skin, lip, and even eyelashes. All of them have as their objective to provide a more thorough grip makeup products with the skin surface. Makeup artists are called primers primer for decorative cosmetics, prepares the skin (similar to canvas) to apply the color. These transparent foundations level the surface of the skin, minimizing pores, fine lines, acne scars.

What gives a primer:   make-up better glide over the skin, make-up lasts a long time, not "floating" tonal resources and groundwater are kept spotless.

Council:   look no synthetic primers and silicones, if you are prone to allergies.

 Preparation of the skin for makeup
A primer for the face with a brush Dior. Base makeup Lumene Beauty Base

You say: Oh, wow! Before you need to put make-up of six layers of different tools! Do not worry. Firstly, all these tools are easily absorbed and leaves no traces. Second, you can use the so-called multi-functional food "2 in 1" or "3 in 1", that is, those which simultaneously moisturize, protect and are the primer or foundation.
Author: Julia Shestakova