Radiance Skin secrets of the stars and professionals
 To achieve radiance of the skin is not so difficult. Of course, there's nothing like a natural glow. But if the stress, fatigue and age-related changes make the skin dull, deprived of light, it can be corrected. Read tips borrowed from blogs celebrated actresses and makeup artists.

Advice from beauty-blogger
Perhaps the most famous beauty-blogger Michelle Pfann always advises his readers not to forget about highlighting skin. It animates the makeup, making it more natural, gives the face of youth. Doing it recommends using a highlighter or a window, as it is called.

The funds, which give glowing skin, the market enough. But if none come? Or are you simply have never bought such a product? Michel found a great solution: make a tool for the glow itself. Take a little of their liquid foundation and add the flickering shadows. Better shade of golden hue because it will give more heat. If you have a sparkling powder, then it is fine. A large number of products you do not need. For one application is enough to take a drop of tone means the size of a little finger nail.

 Radiance Skin secrets of the stars and professionals

Advice from the manufacturer
Against the mixing of different products for a natural glow, and not against a recognized authority in the cosmetics market as the YSL. YSL brand managed to create a tool that is very few people has surpassed this concealer YSL Touche Eclat. More recently, the French company introduced a novelty - Dare To Glow, which enshrines the company's success to find illuminating skin product. This pearlescent gel-cream in three shades: Tempting Gold (seductive warm bronze), Fatal Red (rose gold plated) and Naughty Pink (mischievous pink, lavender or ice).

 Radiance Skin secrets of the stars and professionals

For the perfect natural glow make-up artists are advised to apply the brand new window to the most prominent point of the cheekbones, on the collarbone, brow arch and hollow at the upper lip. But most importantly, that this window can be mixed with your foundation or moisturizer. We get a great welcome to create your own shade of the product for the skin glow. Good advice from YSL, right? There is no need to worry if you have purchased the right shade a little concealer or highlighter.

Tips from stars
Jennifer Lopez has repeatedly called beauty-editorial boards of various journals "girl glow." And all because her skin glow considered the most luxurious. Maybe that's why she called a series of its flavors «Glow», which means "The Shining"? After Lopez now exactly synonymous with this concept.

Naturally, it is interesting to know, as a singer and actress reaches his famous skin radiance. The publication «Real Beauty» revealed that the star makeup artist says about the most simple, but the methods employed to achieve the natural radiance of the skin: drink plenty of water, there are tons of fruits and vegetables, give up cigarettes and alcohol. And care for the skin. The fewer wrinkles - the smoother the skin. And the smoother the skin - so it shines brighter.

Camila McConaughey has more practical advice. Talking about his recipe skin radiance, she advises necessarily rest on sea resorts. And in between the holidays on the sea makeup artist Camille recommend these techniques: for sensitive skin make a mask of ginseng and green tea, and for dry skin - the mask of honey and olive oil.

Jessica Alba reaches its glow by using a translucent powder-mineralized Shimmer. It gets a little corner of his brush on cheekbones, the frontal bone and inner corners of the eyes.

And Eva Mendes believes that the radiance of the skin is necessary to pay great attention to its moisturizing. In addition, Eva advised to drink hot water with lemon that will make your metabolism faster and more efficient. This immediately get rid of dark circles under the eyes, do whites of the eyes brighter and the skin will glow with youth.

 Radiance Skin secrets of the stars and professionals

Author: Julia Shestakova