Rules summer colors
 The main requirements for summer make-up - easy, natural and universal. Fits whether these requirements concealer? A few years ago, experts beauticians advised to abandon the hottest period of its use, he says, and it clogs the pores and skin metabolic processes slow down, and just looks sloppy and ugly on the sweaty skin flushed. But now the attitude to the use of tonal resources somewhat outdated - a modern high-quality foundation in the heat does not spread on the skin, has a moisturizing, protective, matting, nourishing properties.

This cream prevents the skin to breathe virtually unnoticeable, but at the same time providing well-groomed appearance, mask defects, protecting the skin from sunlight, dust and exhaust gases.

The main thing is to choose the right foundation for the skin type and needs, and apply it correctly, then the harm from tonalnika will not, and even quite the contrary ...

Choosing the right tone
Selecting tone means a delicate matter and the individual: it is necessary to correctly assess your skin type (dry, normal, combination or oily), its condition, know their tsvetotip. But this summer there is the choice of the general requirements.

Tone Cream is suitable for the warm season, must:
- An easy to have a texture based on an aqueous (non-oil, oil free);
- Contain sunscreens (SPF);
- Be sufficiently water resistant (water - resistant);
- Have good matting properties.

 Rules summer colors
   These qualities combines, for example, a light foundation with sunscreen SPF 30 - lifting «Skin Perfection» from RELOUIS. The cream is designed for women who are over 30. It is well evens skin, matting, without creating the effect of the mask on the face. Included in the cream salt of hyaluronic acid, regulate the water balance of the skin, promote cell regeneration, improve its elasticity and firmness, smoothness and keep fit.

Tone Cream Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation, has excellent moisture resistance, texture it has enough light, excellent matting property to the Sun SPF40, 7 colors. However, to wash it off, you will need a tool to remove stubborn makeup, water or conventional means for make-up remover will make it difficult.

Pay attention to the magnificent water-resistant cream Christian Dior - Diorskin Forever Liquid SPF 25. It envelops the skin invisible mesh, perfectly lining the complexion and protecting it from external adverse effects. The cream contains skin moisture control for maximum comfort during all the time of action.

 Rules summer colors
 If the type of skin you have oily, it is especially important for you to tone cream has a high matting properties. Indeed, in the heat of the sebaceous glands work even more intensively, and will inevitably face begins to shine ugly. With glitter perfectly cope matting foundation-fluid with protection from the sun Mat Lumiere SPF15 by Chanel. This lightweight, resistant cream with reflective particles, provides gentle care for the skin, protects against the sun's rays, dryness and irritation.

A good choice for the summer - foundation Max Factor Colour adapt. It is easy to apply, pleasant texture, perfectly evens out the complexion, quite resistant.

As you can see, the cosmetics market in this area is extremely rich and has no shortage of high-quality foundation intended for use in conditions of summer heat. But if even among this variety you can not choose for themselves the perfect combination in price / performance / result, do not worry, try an alternative.

 Rules summer colors
 A worthy alternative - no tone, but toning!
If you have normal or dryish skin without any defects that require masking, try instead of the usual foundation summer use tinted moisturizer (Tinted Moisturizer).

Light, transparent, tinted moisturizing cream effectively treats and protects the skin from aggressive environmental influences, strengthens and restores its natural protective barrier. Well aligns the surface of the skin, smoothes out rough and uneven. Skin looks fresher and healthier. Do not overload the skin. Natural shades, typical of most brands, optimally adapted to the individual characteristics of the skin, skillfully concealing imperfections.

 Rules summer colors
 Among toning creams can be identified as the best: cream LAURA MERCIER Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15, MAC Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15, Clinique Moisture Sheer Tint SPF 15, Sephora Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15, Estee Lauder DayWear Plus Multi Protection Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 ... .Spisok You can continue. Of all the family toning moisturizers can certainly choose for themselves the cream, which is perfect lie on the skin, taking care of her, aligning its color, protecting from ultraviolet radiation.

But we can go further ... And to look at the new generation of cosmetic products - creams explosives.

 Rules summer colors
 Comprehensive care and a little bit of color
The facility, which is gaining more popularity all over the world - BB cream. BB cream - a hydration, nutrition, intensive rehabilitation and regeneration, sun protection, makeup base and foundation. All in one product! Abbreviation BB stands for Blemish Balm (Balm of defects). It is said that the creation of this wonderful means we are obliged by the German beautician. Initially, BB cream designed specifically for patients of clinics cosmetology and plastic surgery, which for recovery operations and deep peels require special skin care and at the same time masking the healing of scars, redness, etc.

 Rules summer colors
 It turned out that this healing balm, and is well suited as a means's Skin, especially for the summer. The idea picked up by Asian manufacturers of cosmetics, adding more cream and whitening ingredients. Well, and then there were also the European version of BB-creams for the consumer by Garnier, Estee Lauder, Dior, Clinique and others.

Any BB cream has a complicated composition which comprises various plant extracts, hyaluronic acid, collagen, UV filters, special polymers for aligning the skin, silicone, and pigments. The consistency of cream. BB-cream produced in one or two colors (rarely three), but to err in them, in contrast to the color of foundation, practically impossible, since they tend to adapt to your skin pigment, whereby looks very natural.

There are differences in the method of applying the BB cream, foundation. If the foundation we usually applied over the moisturizer, the BB cream is applied only on clean skin, immediately after the tonic or lotion. If skin is oily, it can be directly on a clean face. Distribute the cream on the skin with your fingers, you can, but it should be done as quickly as possible. It is easy to shade, BB-cream consumption is about 2-3 times less than that of foundation.

After applying the BB Cream takes time, 10-15 minutes, to "adapt" to your skin, and oxidation. After this time, you can evaluate the result typically is very impressive.

 Rules summer colors
 Wash BB cream from the face is not so simple. He is not washed off with water, milk and conventional lotions to remove make-up and will not do. Will only oil or special preparations to remove the BB cream. Effective means to remove the BB creams from the skin - the so-called hydrophilic oil (in contact with water, it turns into jelly). To remove from the skin BB cream to put the hydrophilic oil on dry skin, well pomassiruem it for about a minute, during which time a cream can be completely dissolved in the oil, then moisten your hands with water and continue to massage the face, the oil is emulsified in contact with water. Well, now everything is washed off, and then we wash their familiar tools.

Summer - a wonderful and generous time of year when we want to look especially beautiful, compelling, attractive. To minor troubles - sunburn, age spots, irritation, pimples, insect bites - were not in the way of our commitment to excellence, do not neglect the contemporary tonal quality means. They protect the skin, and give her a beauty and grooming, and will correct deficiencies as necessary.
Author: Olga Travleeva