Switch to summer makeup
 What is needed in the summer, except for makeup of the latest seasonal collections of makeup? Maybe to know these little tricks that can be very important.

The very beginning
Wash your face with cleanser controlling sebum (for oily skin) or moisturizing cleanser (for dry skin). Sun cream is applied under makeup.

Tonal basis
Summer switch to the foundation without oil, water-based. It is best to use a moisturizing formula.
Before you apply foundation, try to reduce the pores. For this is the simplest advice: rinse with cold running water or wipe with an ice cube. When the pores are tightened, skin is smoother, and the foundation is adapted to smooth the skin, lays down exactly.

First, put a good tone and a brush layer on the cheeks, forehead and chin. Then it is shaded to the edges of the face. The closer to the edge of the face, the tone will be more transparent, it will create a more natural looking make-up, and will make the face look smooth and flat, with effect fotoretushi.

 Switch to summer makeup
   A little powder, if necessary, but in the summer you can get by with only one light tone cream or powder only.

If you need a tanning effect - to replace the powder bronzer. Apply it on the nose, cheeks, chin, forehead and neck.

 Switch to summer makeup
If your mascara you do not like the consistency, for example, are too heavy or thick and falls unevenly, but the shelf life allows her to use it, the next trick will slightly modify the product. Put before the application closed bottle of ink for 1-2 minutes in hot water. After that, the composition will be more amenable to the application.

The thinner the brush, the more volume you can achieve. Get ready to spend a brush to the eyelashes longer. Not as suggested in ads, "only one stroke of the brush and ..." and carefully handle each cilium. So get the required amount.

 Switch to summer makeup
 Eye shadow
The easiest way to fix the shadow on the eyelids - cover them with a very thin layer of powder. Flick soft brush once "walk" through the centuries. Shadows will be less crumble. But do not overdo it! And you will get the opposite effect. Covering really should be invisible and transparent.

Shadows can be used for the lips! Learn to mix colors and textures and create their individual makeup palette. You can put the cream on the lip shade and baked good will be lay down on the basis of a lip gloss. Mix and applicator can be, and fingers, and on a separate panel, and right on the skin. For summer makeup should avoid too dark lipstick. It can help ease the bright shade of lipstick or a dark cover on top of a light translucent luster.

It is better to go to a water-resistant. Hot weather triggers more active sweat and cosmetics may "leak."

Nail polish
You know that the lacquers, as well as the shadow or blush can mix and have a completely new textures and shades? Try it! And then you provide an individual and your manicure will fit perfectly with the complexion, dress and the chosen style.

 Switch to summer makeup
Check that eyebrows were not the darkest part of your makeup. If eyebrows too dark, or if you are by nature a little lighten their powder. Too thin eyebrows, you can not just paint on special pencils and ordinary shadows.

Try to apply liquid liner after mascara. Then the line of eyelash growth will be more dedicated and accurate.

 Switch to summer makeup
For the summer season strongly recommend cream blush instead of crisp. They are difficult to apply uniformly, but in terms of the summer heat and humidity cream blush not "will flow" and does not make the effects of dirty or sweaty face, which is often a powder blusher in hot weather.

During the day
Take in the makeup wipes or special makeup blotting paper to remove excess sebum during the day. In good cosmetic re-apply makeup during the day will be required.
Author: Olga Larsen