The blush on the cheeks light ...
 "Through your cheeks blush dark
light breaks down. "

Aristocratic pallor now out of favor, more attractive and nice to look well-groomed woman's face light natural color. Not full-cheek, of course, as was the custom at the beauties of the Kievan Rus and Moscow princes and lightweight, translucent, but, nevertheless, giving cheeks a healthy shade of pink, and eyes - shine and expressiveness.

Pink cheeks, and with dimples, look very cute, pert, sexy and cause others only positive emotions. Where does this natural healthy glow? The fact that our skin contains a large number of blood vessels that carry blood, oxygenated, flows to the skin cells. Someone of these vessels more, someone less, but usually in healthy people with normal psychological state their number is enough to free circulation in the blood vessels in the subcutaneous cheeks had a rosy view of testifying about health. And here at the painful, a lot of smokers, the elderly, blood flow slows down, the color fades, and the skin becomes pale and lifeless. Well, what a woman wants to look old and painful? That has to embark on all sorts of tricks!

Of course, to improve the complexion (if it is not associated with any disease), in the first place should review your lifestyle. Walking, biking, or other physical exercise in which the active hands and feet contribute to the formation of red blood cells and improve blood circulation, these activities plus food with enough vitamins and trace elements allow you to restore the pink color in most cases quickly and securely.

For skin hydration can use lotions containing alpha hydroxy acids, which are derived from fruit. These components cause lung inflammation and rejection phenomena old cells, which give way to new cells. The color of the skin improves. Well, for guidance, use blush color cosmetics.

The easiest way to get to play cheeks blush - it maznut near cheekbones lipstick and then shade. Well, and this method has its advantages - firstly, observed perfectly matching rule tones of blush and lipstick, and secondly, minimizes costs. But the more I think, is no advantage to use lipstick as blush does not, in any case, unless it is a special product "two in one". To really qualitatively correct complexion, adjust its shape, emphasize the dignity needed rouge .

Blush as a tool to create an image
Blush along with lipstick, foundation, mascara, - it is one of the main means of decorative cosmetics to create a bright and at the same time harmonious way. Every woman who has mastered the subtleties of this wonderful tool, probably will not be able to refuse to blush! Thanks blush we can look healthier, younger, more attractive.

However, to make up with natural looking blush, you need to be able to use them. Much depends on the correct choice of blush texture: Powder loose, creamy, dry compact, as a fatty lipstick, liquid - the choice is wide enough. Each type requires its own blush tonal framework and compliance with certain rules of application. It is also important to choose the right color blush, because they mimic the natural color and not be alien spots on the face.

The right choice - half the battle
So as not to be mistaken with the texture and color? Consider your skin type, its color, type of tonal framework you are using, as well as hair color, age, and even the colors prevailing in the locker room.

- Crisp blush   perfectly suited to normal, oily or combination skin. Apply blush such a comfortable wide round brush with rounded edges on the powder.

- The gel or cream blush   more suitable for dry skin. These need to apply blush with your fingers and carefully shade.

- Dry compact blush   suitable for almost all skin types and is very comfortable to use.

One of the main rules in the use of rouge - properly selected tone.   Ideal - selected color blush closely matches your natural shade of blush and combined with a healthier complexion. If you have dark skin, look for an option to be among his beige, terracotta and crimson tones. For skin with olive shade of blush of warm colors suit - apricot, coral, copper. For light pinkish skin, the selection is better to stop on the cool blush tones, from pale pink to bright pink hue. But the tone of peach color blush is a universal and suitable for any skin tone. Another caveat - the darker your complexion and hair, the more bright blush can be used.

Industry makeup blush offers a great variety of different brands and different price categories. Qualitative blush of any brand are different in that they are well fall on the skin or tonal basis, easily shaded, do not crumble, not smeared, do not disappear after a couple of hours, contains caring ingredients and in addition, actually, guidance blush allow to use them for correcting the shape of the face.

 The blush on the cheeks light ...
   Blush These include, for example, compact blush Clinique Blushing Blush Powder Blush . The light texture of the blush with careful application provides the effect of soft skin radiant health, though they are kept for a long time. Included is a handy, conical brush.

 The blush on the cheeks light ...
 More notable one blush - Touche Blush , Rouge on Yves Saint Laurent . They are the smallest powder, which is good to go on any type of skin and gives it a translucent natural color. Applied these powdery blush very easily with a sponge applicator. The original packaging design complements the overall positive impression of this quality product.

 The blush on the cheeks light ...
   For dry skin and sensitive skin can try mousse blush Dream mousse blush from Maybelline . Very delicate and airy, they are easy to apply, giving the skin a beautiful and natural glow.

More one quality cream blush - blush from Rouge Bunny Rouge   (Series cheeks Flora) contains a blend of natural oils that give texture tenderness and softness, perfect lie, stay long.
 The blush on the cheeks light ...
 Feathered fingers or are driven merely by moving your fingertips into the skin in a spiral. It looks on the skin color of the Rouge Bunny Rouge fresh and natural. And by the way, this company and there is a wonderful Powder blush "At the behest of roses" . Microgranules give texture of blush extraordinary softness and silkiness, though the pores are not clogged, keep blush long and spent very sparingly. Perfect (in any case, some shades) to adjust the shape of the face.

Blush - a delicate matter
One of the highlights of the successful application of blush - this amount of blush on the skin. A little overdone, and now it is possible to compare their cheeks with schёchkami "girls-beauties" of Russian fairy tales, which are known, rubbed his cheeks beet. To give the skin a fresh face and cheeks blush, blush do not need a lot. Apply blush with small doses, gradually achieving the desired saturation.

Well, if you still overdone, try to remove the excess blush brush or block their light crumbly powder. With liquid blush, things are more complicated, they dry out very quickly and it is difficult washed off. So, if you are not satisfied with the result, it is necessary to wash off all the makeup and apply again. If you do not get the first time beautifully and accurately apply blush on the face, do not worry, skill comes with experience!

So, standing in front of a mirror, smile and apply blush on the cheekbones spoke, if the person oval. If you have a round face, the cheekbones under the most hollow space, and pick a shade soft. Now blend the blush toward the temples. Narrow face, you can visually expand the horizontal position rouge (from the middle of the cheeks toward the ear). Square face can visually make the oval if the line of conduct from the temples of blush to the nose. Well, if you're lucky, and you have a perfect oval face, then of course you can safely follow any fashion trends.

Try, experiment, look for a charming way!
Author: Olga Travleeva