Beauty program: a comprehensive foot care
 Beautiful female legs - erotic fetish men. Give her chosen aesthetic pleasure! Comprehensive care will make your moves easy, attractive foot and perfect pedicure!

Daily Beauty program

Come home after work - a pleasant event for you and your family, but also for your feet. Monotonous walking on his heels, forced standing or sitting for long periods of time is not added to the health of the feet, but rather the opposite. Therefore, foot care is better to start with relaxation.

Home spa-procedure.   Fill the tub with warm water, add sea salt, herbal infusions or pine extract. Soak feet ankle-deep in water for 7-15 minutes. Then clean the skin of the feet with the help of scrub and sand nail file its special leg. Your efforts will not go in vain - this procedure will relieve the skin from dead cells, prevent the formation of corns and calluses.

Intensive moisturizing.   The next step on the way to the beauty of the legs will be moisturizing. Use cream for foot care, as part of which are antibacterial components (prevention of fungal infections), fruit acids and oils (Softens rough areas), glycerin and aloe (restore the lipid balance of the skin).

Foot massage.   A good massage will not only increase the degree of your mood, but also helps improve blood circulation, which in turn will make the skin more supple feet. Take a comfortable position sitting. Place your right leg bent at the knee on his left leg so that you feel comfortable foot massage. Relax your muscles and slowly knead the foot, moving up from the fingertips to the knee. Make a massage the other leg.

Weekly beauty treatments

Mitigation.   Masters nail service unanimous - our feet need regular mitigation. The fact that, in view of its nature and functional purpose leather tends to stop the formation of corns and calluses. Excellent prevention of these problems is qualitative easing. Purchase at the pharmacy special oil mask or buy a bottle of oil (any suitable unrefined, cold pressed). In normal skin oily stop procedure should be carried out once every 7-10 days, dry and rough - every three or four days!

How do?   Before going to bed, apply a mask on foot or oiled cotton socks and put on a "steaming" legs, then wrap the foot baking paper on top and put one more socks. Thus, the bedding will remain clean and your feet will get proper care. In the morning is enough to wash the feet with soap and water.

Beauty products.   An alternative to the previous method. Get a foot cream with keratolytic effect. Due to the content of fruit acids and hydroxy product that exfoliates dead skin cells, making the feet soft and smooth. The cream should be applied after the evening bath. After the foot wrap with cling film and put on socks on top. Kept for at least half an hour, remove foil and socks and go to bed.

 Beauty program: a comprehensive foot care

Monthly maintenance

Pedicure.   Ideally, this procedure if you trust the professionals. Within half an hour the master nail service will surround your feet sympathetic care, the result of which would be attractive nails. Depending on your needs, the wizard prompts you to go to steam bath, apply an exfoliating scrub gently remove calluses and corns, will make a stop grinding and provide them with moisture. Then hold cuticle care, hygienic cleaning nails to give them the correct form, and complete the varnishing. All this you can repeat at home!

Top 3 tips from the experts

If the cuticle of the nail and the skin coarsens stop quickly, add to the diet of vitamin A, because it was he who was responsible for the formation of the stratum corneum of the epidermis. Vitamin can be obtained in the form of capsules from the pharmacy or as a dietary salad of grated carrots, seasoned sour cream.

Chronic calluses and corns treated better in the cabin. The most well-known methods - cryosurgery and laser surgery. The first method - a problem area is frozen with nitrogen, after which dead tissue is removed the top cover. Second - rough skin stop "evaporated" laser, so the problem disappears completely.

To facilitate the everyday work of your feet wear shoes made of breathable natural materials with special orthopedic insoles. Recent help properly distribute the load on the foot, eliminating foot fatigue and is the prevention of many problems with their feet.

Regular skin care stop - the credo of the health and beauty of your legs. Be consistent in their actions, and it will bring fruits worthy!
Author: Natalia Bartukova