Dangerous Beauty artificial nails
 Any woman would be pleased to become the owner of a beautiful and healthy natural nails. But unfortunately, not all of us can boast of such a natural gift. Therefore, false nails for over thousands of years are so popular. However, the beauty of Surface manicure requires special victims. How can they be minimized?

What just not invented by our ancestors, to achieve a perfect manicure! In China, where the first time the idea of ​​false nails, use a special silver plated fingertips. Medieval lady imposed nail plate, cut from his servants. Closer to our age women were allowed entrance film, paper or linen. Artificial nails are made of such materials can be seen at the Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich.

 Dangerous Beauty artificial nails

In 1954, a dentist from Philadelphia Fred Slack invented a new method of nails. One day, he was very hurt his nail plate and tried to restore the shape of the nail using acrylic. The results of the procedure pleasantly surprised him, and he decided to open a business. So the world has learned about acrylic nail enhancements.

Today, artificial manicure can be obtained by:
- Finished plastic nail plate;
- Acrylic;
- Helium mass treated with ultraviolet rays.

In some stores you can offer artificial nails fiber flax, silk, paper and glass. Although they look very nice and natural, their structure is very fragile.

 Dangerous Beauty artificial nails

Along with numerous advantages, all kinds of artificial nails have drawbacks, chief among them - a health hazard. Damage from Surface manicure can be a little - the loss of the natural nail and is quite significant - cancer. We offer to meet with some real threats, which are fraught with artificial nails:

- Allergies.   Under the influence of gel or acrylic skin around the nail may be red, inflamed nail bed and become much thinner as a result of allergic reactions. Strong allergens and toxic substances are methyl methacrylate (MMA) and dibutyl phthalate. The first one is added to the adhesive for nails, and the second component is part of the nail and nail products increase. They can harm not only the natural nails, destroying their structure, but also cause serious allergy to poison the lungs. Their use is prohibited in many countries.

- Damage to the natural nails.   Artificial nails can eat natural oil natural nails, significantly weakening the structure. As a result of prolonged contact with the natural overhead plates, friction occurs, which may hurt the real nails.

 Dangerous Beauty artificial nails

- Poisoning.   The composition of many drugs to build includes harmful chemicals. In high doses, they cause poisoning, similar to intoxication under the influence of alcohol. This adversely affects the quality of the blood, liver, heart, and the health of the whole body. There are cases when such intoxication lead to mental disorders, to develop asthma, and even lung cancer.

- Eczema.   According to numerous studies, acrylic nails can be a source of occurrence of contact dermatitis, which is characterized by itchy, red rash, skin irritation and blisters. Usually it occurs after 2-4 days on the fingertip, and further extends to other areas of the body next. Often blame nail polishes dangerous for the skin components (formaldehyde, toluene, parabens, etc..).

- Fungal infections.   After removing the acrylic plates, some natural nails are sometimes yellow, brown or green. This is due to a fungus that feeds on keratin. Due to the influence of acrylic, gel nails or glue weaken and lose the ability to resist infection. Onychomycosis is very contagious. It can easily get to other areas of the body and cause desensitization extremities. On the fungus treatment can take anywhere from 4 to 18 months.

 Dangerous Beauty artificial nails

- Bacterial infections.   If you damage the artificial nail plate, it can form a gap between the nail bed and the natural nail. Such a warm, humid place - a good breeding ground for bacteria. Their appearance is characterized by thickening, bundle and change the hue of the natural nail. The longer you wear false nails, it can be more serious infection and its consequences. Sometimes the infection is due to the very long and hard acrylic plates or using master unsterile instruments.

- Cancer.   Though such cases in medical practice are very rare, however, a danger of fatal disease because of the procedure build there. All because of - harmful chemicals that are part of the preparations, reinforcing artificial nails: various resins and formaldehyde. After the procedure the capacity to regularly inspect the hand to detect suspicious skin formations.

Of course, all of the possible health risks reduce provided if:

- Select a trusted salon with qualified professionals;
- During the procedure, the room is well ventilated;
- Nail Master thoroughly wash their hands before handling and well sterilize instruments;
- Before the procedure, Artificial nails to soak in soapy warm water for 2-3 minutes;
- In the wizard uses a new nail file or requests it from the client;
- Cuticle not trimmed before the build-up and retracted;
- Before attaching the acrylic surface of the elements of natural nails are not polished;
- The nail polishes NO parabens, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene;
- Artificial nails are used not more than a week.

If the build-up after the procedure you notice any alarming symptoms (swelling around the nail, redness, pain, etc.), Be sure to visit a dermatologist. Prevent the spread of infection.

 Dangerous Beauty artificial nails

Still, the naturalness and beauty of natural, manicured nails will always be in fashion! They are not comparable with the results of even the most modern technologies of nail extension.
Author: Albina Rogov