Dry cuticles Nail
 Even very high quality and unparalleled manicure nail art dry cuticles can ruin the polish. This problem is more noticeable in winter, when the hands are exposed to changes in temperature and dehydration. Dry cuticles - the problem is not so rare. The result are uneven and broken nails, burrs, not aesthetic appearance of hands.

Many women prefer to solve the problem of nail scissors and clippers, start doing manicure in spite of the already established trend to secure edging procedure. However, this is a temporary solution, dry cuticles should be treated. Because it may be the result of a fungal nail disease, because the skin around the nails is a barrier against bacteria and viruses.


Exfoliate regularly plays an important role in the treatment of dry nail cuticle. For this purpose, use a specially designed scrub: a product of industrial production and hand-made vehicle. Make a homemade scrub cuticle is very simple. We need three ingredients: olive oil, sugar, water. Mix these ingredients in equal amounts (eg, 1 tablespoon) until smooth. Then massage the cuticle in a circular motion. And rinse with warm water.

You can also try to scrub cuticles industrial production: Essie Disappearing Trick Conditioning Cuticle Remover, Avon Nail Experts - Warming Scrub the cuticle, cuticle scrub "the Clever enamel".

 Dry cuticles Nail


Nourishing and Moisturizing Hand Cream - it is also an effective solution to dry cuticles. Creams instantly moisturize, are composed of glycerin, shea or safflower oil. These ingredients are moistened for a long time. In addition, in some hand creams have a filter SPF, which protects not only from the sun but also from the wind and the external environmental impact.

Use popular tools from reputable brands: Nivea, Velvet hands, Pure Line.

 Dry cuticles Nail

Masks for cuticles

For dry cuticles one cream is not enough. Moisturize and treat help mask. If you apply a layer of fat hand cream - get a good mask, you do not need to rinse. There are homemade alternatives.

A bit of honey, aloe vera juice and 2 teaspoons of olive oil. Mix these ingredients and the mass is applied to the cuticle to 5 minutes. The tool is very good: aloe vera - the best way to prevent possible infection of nails. Repeat this mask 2 times a week, if you want to get real results.

 Dry cuticles Nail

Oil with Vitamin C for cuticles

It is considered the most effective means of dry cuticles. Apply the oil to be directly on the cuticle, then put cellophane gloves on his hands. And let the oil acts for 10 minutes. Then remove the gloves and wash your hands with warm water.

From the recommended oils can be called oil with vitamin C, it is, for example, the essential oil of lemon or fresh lemon juice (it also has a natural oil with vitamin C). Another home recipe for the treatment of cuticle oil - a balm from beeswax, honey and oil. Before use, carefully clean the skin around the nails, then leave the balm to 10 minutes on the cuticle. At the end of warm water to remove.

 Dry cuticles Nail

The oil body wrap can be used every day until the skin condition does not improve the cuticle.

There are new items and industrial oils for cuticle from CND, OPI, Orly, RuNail.

 Dry cuticles Nail

Vitamin E Cuticle

Vitamin E - also another good ingredient to treat dry cuticles. Vitamin E oil can be bought at any pharmacy, it is - an affordable drug. Apply vitamin E oil is simple: it is necessary to massage the cuticles with vitamin E (in oil) for about 1 minute. The effect of this moisture lasts throughout the day, you need to repeat the procedure twice a week to get results.


As in any area of ​​care of a problem is easier to prevent than to treat. So remember a few simple rules for preservation of healthy cuticles.

- Dry cuticles arises for many reasons, but the main - a prolonged exposure to water, chemicals and detergents, as well as the winter season, when the wind, low temperatures and low humidity and moisture destroy the integrity of the cuticle. Make sure to protect your hands from these influences.

- Wash your hands with liquid soap, because the liquid detergent is less dry skin than ordinary solid soap.

- When applying hand cream, pay attention to the skin around the nails, and not just the skin of hands and fingers.

- Do not use harsh exfoliating when exfoliation.

- If you do not accept dry pedicure and manicure, then soaking hands and feet in the tub with warm water, add a few drops of oil to the cuticle.

- Massage with olive oil - a procedure is good, but watch out for the quality of the oil that it was the most natural product without preservatives.

- Wear rubber gloves when washing dishes or cleaning the apartment, it will prevent drying of the cuticle and skin.

- Do not treat the nails and cuticles, nails if the nail polish. First, remove the nail polish.

- If you notice pain or signs of infection - urgently contact a specialist. The faster professional help comes, the easier it is to eliminate the onset of the disease.
Author: Tamara