Expert manicure for summer nail care
 Learn everything you need to remember about nail care and nail polish this summer.

Our expert - Fefelova Svetlana, director and lead teacher of the center GranVie program nail modeling, repeated winner of the Grand Prix of Russian and international championships, winner of international competitions and championships of Russia.

How to care for the nails summer
The artificial or natural nails should look healthy: nail plate perfectly flat, smooth, free of burrs cuticle. Only then hands look well groomed.

In the summer under the influence of the sun and dust often dries up your skin, nails start to exfoliate ... To avoid this, it is recommended twice a day to use oil for cuticles. It is desirable that it contains sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E. In the premium segment appeared oils containing extract of wheat germ. It is very useful, strengthens nails and tightens the cuticle. Manicure longer stays perfect.

How to use oil? Twice a day, morning and evening, apply a little oil on the base of the nail and rub massaged into the cuticle. Do this procedure every day, even if the nails are lacquered. While care must be nourished matrix bed and the nail root. This is not big, but important secret of beautiful manicured hands.

Seawater is useful or harmful?
Beauty industry experts point out that sea water - a real fount of health polish. It enriches them with minerals, making strong. In the winter months it is recommended to do the bath with sea salt - at least once a week, and during the holidays enjoy swimming.

But we must remember to be careful. Often you can see how a girl on the beach color nail varnish. It absolutely can not do! Trying to combine business with pleasure, can harm their health. Nail polish is a powerful protective barrier, but if you try to "seal" varnish benefit received while swimming, you can go home and find a nice coating horrible green mold.

 Expert manicure for summer nail care

The fact is that the nails as leather, absorb moisture and evaporate it, but much slower. Damage after bathing lacquer seals the nail surface and thus creates ideal conditions for the growth of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. If mold is found in the initial period, when it is only on the surface, easy to master to cope with it. Just have to go without nail polish and green "beauty" on the nails. In severe cases, it is quite difficult to treat. If you find yourself something like, be sure to consult a specialist.

How to protect your nails from the sun?
The sun and the sea, where they are individually useful for our body. But together they are a powerful risk factor. We are protecting the skin with the help of special creams and how to keep a manicure?

 Expert manicure for summer nail care
 First of all, in the summer recommended coating protection against UV rays. The American company has released a new product INM, Floor Total Eclipse, which protects nails from harmful solar radiation. Along with this light varnish coating not turn yellow in the sun, and your image will always be admired.

And that nails are not dry out and become brittle, before going to the beach put on them oil for cuticles. This care will be enough. The nail bed will get food and your favorite nail polish - a good defense.

Moisturize skin and nails of hands
For extreme moisturizing the nails and skin of hands make manicure cream. Any mixer, beat heavy cream, put on his hands, and on top put on special gloves for manicure (or you can use the usual breakfast packages). Keep the mask for 10 minutes, and then remove the excess tissue.

If your skin is very dry, make a mask with mineral water. You can use any mineral water, but the best effect is achieved with the help of the thermal water. Plain water dries the skin, and the thermal contrast, retains moisture. Therefore, many kinds of manicure is done with it.

Pluses of extension nail in summer
Gel or acrylic coating effectively hides all the flaws of the natural nail. Hands instantly look well-groomed, and you are confident in its appeal.

Around the artificial nails, there are many myths. But all the possible disadvantages appear only if the master does not have the necessary expertise and is working on low-quality materials. The rest of the nails Naroscheny allow you to quickly create a beautiful manicure, underlining the refinement of your image.

Choosing the coating should be aware of some rules.

- Firstly, the length of the free edge length should not exceed the natural nail bed. If you do nails very long, it will take time for you to become accustomed to this length, they coordinated their movements. The nail can cling to the keyboard, you can crash into the surface of a table or a wall (for example, switching off the appliance from the wall socket). When you hit the injury can be quite serious, so in the pursuit of beauty is not necessary fanaticism.

- Secondly, it is important to make time correction. For this you need to carefully monitor, otherwise nails break off, damaging the natural nail. And the restoration of manicure will cost more than planned visit specialists.

During holiday Naroscheny nails perfectly withstand all loads, protect the hands from the withering effects of sea water and the sun. Just do not forget to leave to make a correction. If during the holidays broke a fingernail, visit the salon.

Self repair can lead to infection by Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a common infection associated with marine recreation.

How to fix the graft of the nail
You're out of luck, and during the holidays you broke a nail, or even more? Who knew that riding on a yacht, a study of coral or a trip to the mountain waterfall can be so traumatic. Quickly deal with the problem are some tips to help.

If you have acrylic or gel coat, in case of breakage of the nail consult a professional. We can not postpone the correction, especially at a time when you are under unusual climate.

Independently, you can rectify the situation, taking with them on vacation the whole arsenal of high-quality assets: disinfecting, degreasing and tight finish. All of these components are necessary for the safe recovery of manicure. Otherwise it is possible to create conditions for the development of infections, including Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which manifests itself in the form of a greenish mold.

Beautiful manicure on holiday
In order to leave to feel confident and to be the most compelling woman on the beach, before departure it is necessary to visit a beauty salon and make a professional manicure and pedicure. Summer clothes focuses on our body, and bare arms and legs are in the spotlight. Thanks to the professional salon manicure tools keeps long - up to two weeks without losing its appeal.

But if suddenly there was a surprise and an urgent need to upgrade the beauty get from cosmetic products purchased in advance for home care. They can easily be bought in shops for professionals. Such tools - support, they will not replace salon procedures, but will help to keep the resulting effect. Indeed, during the holiday manicured hands and seductive beautiful feet - the main ornament of women.

In the journey you will need a favorite nail polish and top coat, which will give a shine. It can also be used as a base, thanks to modern means of new formulas often combine several functions: base, top coating and drying can fit in one bottle. Day and night cream for hands, cuticle oil must take its place in your purse. This is the usual care, which with regular use gives great results.

How to determine the quality of nail polish?
I do not always try to buy nail polish. But the quality of the varnish will tell its members. If found in the description, such components as formaldehyde or acetone, put back into the vial rack. Manufacturers of high-quality paints a few years ago decided to eliminate these ingredients from the formulas of their products and replace them with other, more natural.

The fact is that formaldehyde, on the one hand, allows the coating to dry faster, making more stable color, and low price. But it is poison, and no one has canceled the effect of prolonged exposure to the poison.

Look on the package references nitrocellulose quality pigment, which is a part of regular varnishes. These products are more difficult to apply and dry for a long time, but natural and not hazardous to health.

It is also an important factor - the presence of the certificate of conformity. Mandatory certification is now canceled, but the companies are respecting it voluntarily.

To protect your nails from pigments, be sure to use the base for a manicure. It is like a double sided tape is attached to the color of the nail plate and at the same time protects it from aggressive components of varnish. Drying or top coat to prolong the beauty manicure. All three components need to be a manufacturer. Each company has their own formula, and the composition of the products is different. Therefore it is desirable to use a series of otherwise uneven varnish can go to stay or bad.

How to get rid of the yellowing nails?
Yellowing nails - a consequence of the use of low-quality coatings, particularly when the coating is not applied to the base, but directly to the nail plate. Emerging yellowing over time - is the reaction of a fatty film which protects the nail.

To restore the natural color of pale pink, you need to gently remove the top layer with the help of a professional polishing sawing. Will also bath of lemon juice, just to keep her fingers should be short-lived, fruit acids are aggressive enough.

To not deformed nails, take it a rule to always apply a base coat.

What are the white spots on the nails
The white spots that sometimes appear on nails - is the result of micro-injuries or symptom of a lack of vitamins, especially zinc, which actively participates in the formation of the nail.

The cells of the nail plate during nucleation - round white and opaque. During their growth and development, they become flat and transparent. Injure cells can pinch the base of the nail - its root. With the growth plate white spot moves to the edge of the nail and then leaves altogether.

For strong healthy nails are advised to take special vitamin complexes and eat enough protein, which is the "cement" for all other components. With a shortage of protein foods (whether plant or animal origin), the nails become weak and break easily.

Nail care during pregnancy
 Expert manicure for summer nail care
 Expectant mothers pay more attention to their health and the health of the future child, and often refuse to use makeup or stop doing manicure, citing the decision of "no chemistry". Experts say: "Keep harmony, not get carried away by extreme ideas. The emotional background also is important for health, such as vitamins and proper nutrition. "

During pregnancy, all the recommendations have individual character. If you feel good, take the vitamins prescribed by the doctor, and you do not have allergies to decorative paints, nothing prevents you to make beautiful manicure. During pregnancy, you can make and design of nails.

You may have to change the usual coverage, but health care salon does not harm, and even helps you keep fit, maintain good mood and feel beautiful.